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Learn How to Make Hush Puppies with Jiffy Mix

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

Before introducing the delicious Jiffy Hush Puppy Recipe let us discuss the origin of the Hush Puppies. Having a crispy twist to the ordinary meal is always a delight. A light fried snack is always loved in every household and at every dinner table. From snacks to side dishes and party meal, certain food items have become an integral part of our daily cuisine. Hush puppies are one such example. The taste and flavor of these cornmeal bites are twice as inspiring and inviting than their name.

Tasty Home-Baked Low Sodium Biscuits

Written by Ona J Bass on . Posted in food

Making low sodium biscuits is about more than just leaving out the salt. Finding salt-free biscuits or salt-free cookies recipes can be a challenge. One of the tough things about controlling blood pressure with diet is cutting back on sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt. Sodium chloride is a primary ingredient in sea salt, too, so in spite of the trace minerals and other goodies that might be in sea salt, it still has that basic salty flavor and affect going on. 

Love watermelons? Find out how to tell if a watermelon is ripe

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in food

When is a watermelon ripe? Truthfully, this is something that I struggle with, and I often find that I choose watermelons from the market that are not quite as ripe as I’d like them to be. Recently, I wanted to make a fruit salad, so I needed to know how to tell if a watermelon is ripe so that I could pick a nice juicy watermelon for my salad. I learned quite a bit about watermelons during my search, and I even found some new recipes that I’d like to share with you.

Asian Jelly Fig Seed Dishes and Grass Jelly

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

A unique dish found in East Asian cuisine, is jelly dishes and drinks made from the gel substance harvested from the seeds, leaves, and stems of certain plants. One such dish found most commonly in Taiwan, is ai yu jelly. The common name for the delicacy in Taiwan is Ogio and also known as ice jelly. Although this dish is not commonly found in other parts of the world, it can sometimes be found in areas where there is a large China town or areas where specific Asian cuisine is found.

Carne Picada: Equal Parts Versatility and Taste

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in food

I have become a big fan of using the carne picada sold in our local butcher shop for taco night. Marinated, thinly sliced beef, ready to cook that makes extraordinarily tasty tacos. Buying this product is convenient and gets a weeknight dinner on the table in a jiffy. However, I got to thinking. What exactly is this carne picada? Why can’t I make my own? And what other delicious dinners can I create using it? 

Delightful Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie Recipes

Written by Luisa Davis on . Posted in food

Growing up, one of my favorite things to eat at my grandparent’s house when I would visit was butterscotch pudding. Of course, I could eat it any time, but the flavor reminded me of my grandparents because they were always offering me butterscotch candies to suck on. When I got older, I wanted to recreate that taste, so I started searching for a butterscotch cinnamon pie recipe that I could make into my own. I found several variations of this type of pie over the years, so I thought that I’d share a few of my favorite ones with you.

Cthurkey: Turkey Cthulhu and Cthulhu Turducken

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in food

Living in California while the rest of my family lives in Texas is hard, so I always look forward to going home for Thanksgiving. This year was no different, but when I arrived, I was greeted by strange smells from inside my home. I always looked forward to helping my mother make the last minute preparations, but this year she firmly refused to let me anywhere near the kitchen. At a loss, I wandered into the computer room. Sitting down, what to my wondering eyes would appear but a page with a turkey stuffed with an octopus.

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