If you’re looking for some fabulous almond milk tea recipes, this list will keep you busy for a while! Almond milk has so many beneficial health properties and has become one of the preferred plant-based kinds of milk for vegans and people just looking to make a healthy change in their diet. 

Almond milk also gives a lovely subtle nutty flavor to drinks. These recipes are all simple to make and many can be enjoyed hot or cold so there is something for all year round. Enjoy!

Almond Milk Tea (Iced)

This drink is perfect on a summer’s day or when you want a refreshing tea pick-me-up. You can be sipping this luxuriously sweet and nutty flavored tea in just 25 minutes. The almond milk is complemented with almond extract to really boost the natural flavor. This takes away any bitterness that the tea would normally have.

Choose to make it as sweet as you want or try it as is, plus add as much or as little ice at the end. The quantities in the recipe are the perfect blend if you want a more subtly sweet flavor and punchy almond notes…divine!

To bring this recipe to life, you first need to boil ½ cup of water and pour it into a cup. Then add 2 black tea bags and let it steep for 5 minutes. Take out the tea bags and place your cup into the fridge. 

When it’s chilled you can place your tea into a blender along with 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, ½ cup of almond milk, and ¼ teaspoon of almond extract. Blend it and then serve it with ice. 

For such a simple recipe this really is a winner. Not only is it full of flavor but it also contains fiber and protein to keep you going throughout the day. 

Almond Milk Chai Latte

This almond milk chai latte recipe is exotic, full of spices, and one of the best ways to start the day. You’ll be so impressed by this latte and your tea-making skills after this, you’ll never want to visit a cafe again! Even though the recipe calls for honey if you’re vegan just skip this or use your favorite sweetener to taste. 

One of the great things about this recipe is you can really make it your own and tweak it so that it’s perfect for you. The spices in this all complement each other really well though and have been tried and tested over the years to make this ultimate almond milk chai latte. 

Total cook and prep time is 12 minutes and the first thing you need to do is place 1 black tea bag into a mug. Then you add your spices: 2 whole star anise pods, 2 cinnamon sticks, 4 dried cardamom pods, ½ inch knob of fresh ginger). 

Pour almond milk into a separate mug and heat it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes until it’s steaming. Pour your almond milk over your tea bag and spices. Let it all steep for 5 minutes then remove the tea bag. Let the spices continue to steep a further 5 minutes in the almond milk. 

You can choose to scoop out the spices or just drink around them. This velvety, rich almond milk chai latte will become your new best buddy for the mornings in no time. Enjoy playing around with the spices and flavor combinations until you can practically make it in your sleep. 

Thai Almond Milk Bubble Tea

If you haven’t tried bubble tea before you need it in your life. This Thai Almond Milk Bubble Tea is a great place to start because it uses just 5 ingredients and takes 30 minutes. The traditional Thai tea mix in the recipe is actually a combination of teas and flavorings and gives the tea a vibrant orange tinge. 

The great thing about this Thai almond milk bubble tea is you can serve it warm or cold, whatever takes your fancy. Once you make this you will be hooked and it’s a real crowd-pleaser because it’s playful and tasty so a great one to impress friends with. 

To get this show on the road you start by bringing 5 cups of water to a boil in a saucepan. Then add ½ cup of boba (black tapioca pearls) and boil for 5 minutes. Take your saucepan off the heat and let your pearls sit for 10 minutes. 

While the boba is cooking, add ½ cup of water and ½ cup of turbinado sugar (or raw) to a small saucepan and boil for 1-2 minutes until the sugar has dissolved. Take it off the heat and put it in a bowl with ¼ cup of almond syrup. If you can’t find almond syrup you can substitute it for ½ teaspoon of almond extract. 

Now you can strain the boba into the almond syrup mix and let it sit for around 15 minutes. While you wait you can brew your tea by adding ½ cup of Thai tea mix (or 3-4 black tea bags) to 2 cups of boiling water. After 5 minutes, strain your tea. 

Spoon half of the boba into a glass with 1-2 tablespoons of syrup. Add 8 ounces of tea and ¼ cup of almond milk then stir. 

Chamomile Tea Latte

Chamomile Tea Latte may be something you’ve not heard of before. You can’t find it in every cafe but luckily you can always make this gem in the comfort of your own home. Since it’s naturally caffeine-free you can enjoy this any time of the day or night! 

You’re going to love how the fruity aroma of the chamomile is contrasted with complex vanilla, the nutty flavor of the almond milk, and a subtle sweetness to round it off. It’s also got some surprising health benefits to it. Chamomile is known for its calming effects. This is thanks to antioxidants it contains called apigenin. 

As well as improving sleep, it can also help improve depression symptoms and is beneficial for insulin, blood glucose, and blood lipid levels. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. 

To make this wonderful tea, add 1 cup of almond milk and 1 tablespoon of loose-leaf chamomile to a small saucepan. On medium heat, bring it to a simmer and then cover it and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Mix in ½ teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 pinch of ground cloves, and your choice of sweetener to taste. 

Strain the mixture twice through a fine-mesh sieve and then pour it into a mug. If you want to make it more frothy you can use a hand-held frother or once you’ve strained it, add it to a French press and plunge it up and down a few times.

There are just 42 calories in this almond milk tea so you can enjoy it a couple of times a day if you like just about guilt-free!

Green Tea And Almond Milk

Green Tea And Almond Milk

This Green Tea And Almond Milk recipe is so simple and comes with a secret power to boot: it can help with weight loss. That’s because green tea and almond milk help to keep you feeling full longer and gives you energy. 

But this drink is for everyone, not just for people on a diet or trying to maintain or lose weight. The nutritional benefits of this drink reach far wider than just trimming down. This drink also helps detox the body and aids with digestion. 

Green tea has long been touted as a superfood with some impressive health benefits. Almond milk also has its fair share of goodness in it too so this drink can truly become your new staple. To make this green tea and almond milk recipe you need just 2 ingredients! The result is going to be a nutty and earthy flavored tea. 

To get started warm some almond milk in a saucepan to 140°F (your milk should be hot but don’t let it get too hot). Add 2 tablespoons of green tea and cover it. Wait for 20 minutes until it infuses. Strain it and you can drink your tea straight away. This drink is a strong diuretic so make sure you drink plenty of water too. 

Rose Tea Latte 

Rose Tea Latte 

This Rose Tea Latte recipe is caffeine, gluten, and dairy-free. Fragrant and floral, this aromatic tea will remind you of being in a rose garden. You’ll find it’s uplifting and comforting so perfect for those fall or winter nights, or just as a general mood-booster. 

You will need to find food-grade dried rose petals. They are readily available online or from certain health shops or tea shops. Make sure you select organic rose petals so you don’t get any nasty pesticides or fungicides and can experience the full benefits of this tea. 

To make this rose tea latte, you need a piece or two of cheesecloth or a small stainless steel tea ball to cradle your rose petals in. Add some almond milk to a small saucepan and add your rose petals (wrapped in your cheesecloth or steel tea ball) and some vanilla extract. Bring the milk to a simmer and then take it off the heat. 

Leave the rose petals to steep in the milk for 5 minutes. Your milk will take on a gorgeous pale pink color after steeping. Add some honey or maple syrup to give it some sweetness and your tea is ready to drink. 

If you make a large batch and don’t drink it all at once you may see it separate and notice oil droplets on the surface. That’s because rose contains natural oils but you can simply stir it all again so it’s blended and reheat your tea or enjoy it with ice. 

Vegan Indian Chai Tea (Masala Chai)

This Vegan Indian Chai Tea recipe will truly bring the flavor and scent of India into your home. So warming, this is the perfect end-of-day drink or when you just want to snuggle up on the couch with a book or good show and relax. You’ll make your own chai spice blend of cardamon, cinnamon, and pepper, and of course the always soothing and great-tasting almond milk. 

This is stronger than your regular chai latte and has more cardamom, less cinnamon, and calls for loose tea. Chai in Hindi means “tea” so this is the real deal! Best of all, each serving will only have 53 calories and you still end up with a delicious and creamy dreamy drink. 

To make this, grab a small deep saucepan and place it on medium heat. Add ¾ cup of water, 1.5 tablespoons of raw sugar (or sweetener of your choice), 2 teaspoons of chai patti (loose tea), chai masala blend (¼ teaspoon of ground cardamom, ⅛ teaspoon of cinnamon, a good pinch of ground clove, black pepper, and ground ginger). 

Add ½ teaspoon of minced/grated fresh ginger and bring to a bubbling boil. Keep it boiling for 7-9 minutes. When this time is up, pour in 1.25 cups of almond milk and bring it to just about a boil and leave for 6-8 minutes. 

When the time is up, strain the mixture into a cup and enjoy it while it’s hot. You can also use your homemade chai/masala spice blend in loads of other recipes such as ice cream, caramel, bread, or donuts. If you make a large batch, just make sure you store it in an airtight container to keep it fresh and delicious. 


Almond milk is a nutritious and flavorsome dairy-free alternative. As you can see from these recipes it’s also versatile and can be used to make some pretty interesting and delicious milk tea recipes. Most of these recipes also contain other ingredients that have health benefits or nutrients.

Best of all, if you buy almond milk with no added sugar, these tea recipes can be enjoyed even if you’re watching your weight. Have them in the morning to get you going, during the day as a pick-me-up, or just before bed to help you relax. Either way, there are plenty of options for you to choose from on this list. 


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