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Alessi Cocktail Shaker – How good is it?

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On The Gas Review: Shake it up in style!

(Updated Jan 2021) – A cocktail shaker is not just a tool that will help you concoct a great cocktail it is also piece of décor that adds sophistication and elegance to your bar. So, a cocktail shaker should not just be functionally effective, but it also has to look and feel good.

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making mixed drinks, drink mixerBuying a cocktail shaker does not seem like a tough job until you have made the mistake of buying a piece of crap, or something that gets locked so badly that when you do manage to open it, your drink is all over the place.

In our search for the best cocktail shaker, we came across some pretty snazzy Alessi Cocktail Shakers available in various models.

The ones that we are going to look at are the Alessi Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker and Alessi Mirror Finish. Although both of them fare almost similarly as far as functionality is concerned, but they differ significantly in terms of design and style. Here is a closer look at both the products. Let us see which one of these is the best cocktail shaker:

An Overview

Alessi is the maker of some of the best bar ware in the world. They have several designs of cocktail shakers in their portfolio, and the ones that are extremely popular are the Alessi mirror finish, and Chiringuito cocktail shaker.

The Alessi mirror finish

The Alessi mirro finish has a classic design, and sparkling silver grey surface that gives it an extremely elegant look. This is the kind of shaker that you would find in a vintage and awesome cocktail bar. Designed by Luigi Massoni and Carlo Mazzeri in 1957, this cocktail shaker has the capacity of 17-3/4-ounce, and measures 4 inches in diameter and 6-3/4 inches high. This highly functional cocktail shaker is made of stainless steel, and is dishwasher safe.

best drink mixer, classic drink mixerChiringuito cocktail shaker

The Chiringuito cocktail shaker boasts of a contemporary design that imitates flowing liquid. It looks ultra classy and is fit for any modern bar. Designed by Ron Arad in 2004, this cocktail shaker has a capacity of 18-1/2-ounce, and is 10 inches tall.

Who it’s good for

Alessi cocktail shakers are for anyone who is serious about their booze. Whether you are someone who loves to finish off the day with a great cocktail, or a bartender looking to add some style to what you have already, then these cocktail shakers from alessi make a great choice.

These cocktail shakers are good for both commercial and domestic use. They are so functionally effective, and aesthetically pleasing that they make a great addition to both domestic and commercial bars.

Once you have used an Alessi cocktail shaker you will never want to mix in anything else ever again.

What are the key features ?

bar mixer, bar mixer setWe told you that we liked both Alessi mirror finish, and Alessi Chiringuito, but which one makes a better choice? Both the cocktail shakers possess great features, and for the purpose of comparison let us evaluate both them on following criteria:

Capacity:The Alessi mirror finish has a capacity of 17-3/4-ounce, and the alessi chiringuito has an 18-1/2-ounce capacity. We can say that in this case, alessi chiringuito is a marginal winner.

Size: Alessi chiringuito is 10 inches high, and alessi chiringuito is 6-3/4 inches tall, but has a broader diameter.

Design: Alessi mirror finish has a classic, retro style spherical design, compared to the Alessi Chiringuito which has a contemporary design, which imitates the shape of flowing liquid. Depends what you like.

Drool-proof: According to all the reviews that we have read,

both are drool proof.

Functionality: As far as mixing and shaking cocktails is concerned, they both do a great job.

Dishwasher safe: Both are made of stainless steel, and are dishwasher safe.

Price: Alessi chiringuito carries a heftier price tag compared to alessi mirror finish.

On the whole, we prefer the Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker so we are going to give it the title of the best cocktail shaker.

Are there any limitations ?

Neither alessi chiringuito, nor alessi mirror finish has any clear limitations. However, people used to buying cheap bar ware may find the prices to be on a slightly higher side.

Final verdict

Alessi chiringuito is an amazing choice for anyone seeking to buy a cocktail shaker that will help them make amazing cocktails in style. It has a wonderful, contemporary design that will add sophistication to any bar. If you are looking to add this beautiful piece to your bar, then you can easily buy it online.

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