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Ona J Bass

Ona J Bass

Ona Jo Bass grew up on a small farm in the middle of the United States. Food and farming are two things that go together. She learned how to harvest food and prepare simple meals from scratch. As a young woman, she discovered that you can’t always walk out the back door and pick a meal. Cooking from scratch helped stretch her budget and, after a few mistakes, she learned how to make tasty food from basic ingredients from the grocery store.

Easy Paleo Side Dish Recipes

Paleo diet side dishes are essential if you plan to be able to stick with your paleo diet plan. The idea behind the paleo diet is that our ancestors, who ate whatever they could find or catch, were not fat. The diet of paleolithic humans would have had minimal processing and have been limited on the types of additives and preservatives that might have been added to the food.

How to Tell if Bacon is Bad & How Long Can You Keep Cooked Bacon

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When you open your refrigerator, looking for a snack, you might wonder how long does cooked bacon last? That is a good question, especially if you are storing cooked bacon in your fridge. Bacon is usually chock full of preservatives, but that still doesn’t mean it will keep forever, so when you ask yourself how long can you keep cooked bacon, you are asking an important question.

Calamari Squid Steaks Recipe

Squid steak might or might not sound like the perfect dish for you, but if someone mentions calamari steak, you might be grabbing your gear to go to the restaurant. They are, of course, nearly the same thing. Or, to put it more correctly, calamari is a particular kind of squid prepared in a special way. 

Versatile and Delicious Short Grain Rice

Short grain rice is the delightful stuff that is the basis for sticky rice, risotto, and sushi. Rice grows around the world and appears in dishes from many different cultures. It comes in three main types: Long, medium and short grain. Long grain rice is the kind you want when the goal is a dish with distinct grains, medium rice is a balance between distinct grains and a soft-textured rice base.

Tasty Home-Baked Low Sodium Biscuits

Making low sodium biscuits is about more than just leaving out the salt. Finding salt-free biscuits or salt-free cookies recipes can be a challenge. One of the tough things about controlling blood pressure with diet is cutting back on sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt. Sodium chloride is a primary ingredient in sea salt, too, so in spite of the trace minerals and other goodies that might be in sea salt, it still has that basic salty flavor and affect going on. 

Who is the Chef de Cuisine?

The chef cuisinier or chef de cuisine is the chef in charge of the entire kitchen. That might not mean a lot in a small establishment where the chef de cuisine might be the owner or a location manager where he or she takes on a lot of different jobs. 

Splenda Simple Syrup: Saving Your Pancakes?

Simple syrup with Splenda can be a way to have your save Sunday morning pancakes when they are threatened by the low-sugar, reducing diet you recently adopted. Sugar has been linked to a number of adverse conditions including diabetes and obesity. But we humans do love our sweet flavors, and if you’ve been missing that special taste, then Splenda might offer a solution to your dilemma.

Making and Serving a 7 Course Meal

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A seven-course meal doesn’t have to be heavy or complex. While it might mean a table groaning with food to some people, in reality, it can be very light and simple. The Italian and the  French both have a simple seven-course menu. The secret of the seven-course dinner is the 7-course meal order. You might have familiar and recognizable foods, but the order in which they are served is important.