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Breville Barista Express Review

breville barista express review, breville coffee maker, breville espresso machine

A couple of shots of espresso makes Jack a happy lad. Who doesn’t love one (or 3 – 4) freshly ground, aromatic and mind-zapping espresso shots to kick-start a day or invigorate one’s mind and body when one needs to go that extra mile (or 3 -4)!

The Best Japanese Cast Iron Teapot: Fine Nanbu Tetsubins For Your Tea

best japanese cast iron teapot, japanese tea kettle, cast iron kettle

Last Updated Feb 2021 – Tea is different all around the world. The plant is the same, of course: all tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, but the method of preparation and the equipment used varies by quite a bit. The strong black tea with milk that the English drink is incredibly different from the sweet iced tea of the southern United States or the delicate green tea that’s enjoyed in Japan.