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If you enjoy leather bound books, like smoking a pipe, have an interest in pirates or think scotch is the perfect accompaniment to, well; another scotch, and you enjoy wearing a gown with matching slippers – then you are going to love what we have in stall for you here.
 An Italian replica globe bar (sometimes also called a world globe bar) is an essential piece of bar equipment for anyone who takes him or herself seriously.

Having your own 16th century bar globe will take you to the annals of the yesteryear when the influential would enjoy their drinks while discussing world politics or their next major voyage.

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Although the style factor of the Italian replica globe bar cannot be emphasized enough, the functionality cannot be overlooked either. This compact piece of furniture can hold your glassware, bottles, stemware, and other accessories effectively without taking up too much space.

It is a great way to keep everything organized, and easy to handle. So, you get the best of both worlds – functionality as well as style. Can we ask for more from a piece of furniture? In fact calling it a piece of furniture is somewhat of disrespect; it should better be called a piece of art. Ron Burgundy would agree.

A closer look

This bar set comes in the shape of a globe, with the ancient world map intricately printed on it. The finesse and detailing of this art piece is truly impressive. The globe carries within it a functional little bar to stock your drinks and glassware.It has a tray to hold drinks, and compartments to hold your glasses and other accessories. You will find additional shelves that can be used to carry some things like garnishes and an ice bucket.

Once you join together the two parts of the globe, it becomes a piece of furnishing or home décor that can spruce up your dining area, living area or the bar. It can be easily moved around, so you can trolley it around wherever you want.

bar design, drinking accessoryThe Italian replica globe bar is intricately crafted and handmade to perfection. It is an example of craftsmanship of the highest order. It’s a furniture piece that has

attracted admiration of beverage lovers and warm hosts for centuries.

It still retains that old world charm and elegance and whenever you feel like impressing someone or rewarding yourself for a hard day at sea you flip the top and pour a glass of something special.

A Globe bar for your home

If you love to enjoy a drink or two with your friends or loved ones, then this bar set would make an ideal investment for you. It is a piece of furniture, artifact, home décor item and a bar set, all rolled into one. It takes the meaning of high class furnishing to a whole new level.

There are several reasons why this bar set makes a nice mini-bar for any home.

It is a sleek piece of furniture, which can effectively hold your bottles and glassware. The shelves can be used to carry other accessories and accompaniments. This bar set can be conveniently moved from one place to another. So, if you are having a get together in your garden area, your drinks and other accompaniments can be easily be wheeled out to the party.

Fancy some night time moon tanning on your outdoor lounge but hate going inside to top up your beverage… wheel out the globe bar – you really do have the whole world in your hands.

The Italian replica globe bar really does make a great piece of décor. This vintage furniture piece can add elegance and class to any corner of your home. Its aesthetic appeal will attract gazes from all your guests, and earn you ample admiration for your good taste.

Buying the right one

pub design, pub accessoryYou will be amazed at the variety of the world globe bars available in the market, some expensive and some ultra cheap.

While most of these bar sets would look similar at a cursory glance, and you will be tempted to buy the one that saves you a couple of hundred dollars, but you must remember that luxury never comes cheap. On the cheaper versions the maps are not as intricate and the corners are not as well defined.

Quality comes at a price, and a genuine and well-crafted Italian replica globe bar would have a slightly higher price than its meagerly poor quality counterparts.

If you are really looking to invest in an intricately crafted, classy globe bar then be prepared to spend a slightly higher amount. Amazon has a few different versions available but remember what we said … you get what you pay for.

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      If you are interested Sean I also have some Sex Panther by Odion … its illegal in 9 countries and made with bits of real panther .. I can lend you some if you wish …

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