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Last Updated Nov 2019 – Couple of shots of espresso makes Jack a happy lad. Who doesn’t love one (or 3 – 4) freshly ground, aromatic and mind-zapping espresso shots to kick-start a day or invigorate one’s mind and body when one needs to go that extra mile (or 3 -4)!

Nurturing this love for espresso in the hearts of millions is the Breville Barista Espresso Machine.With a heavyweight name such as Breville,a world leader in culinary appliances, it does have all the “kitchen cred” that you look in a coffee maker but isthe Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker really worth yourcash?

Let’s find out

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What is the Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker?

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The Breville Barista Espresso Machine is a state-of-the-art appliance that gives you an unbridled rein to indulge in the art of espresso making. Housed in a svelte steel casing, this coffee maker ensures that your craving for fresh coffee is addressed in the best possible way.

From espressos to lattes and cappuccinos, the Breville Espresso Machine lets seasoned coffee makers or the amateur crew make and lap up cups of coffee to their hearts content.

For novices, this machine has two dual-wall, pressurized filters to keep a tab on pressure and make sure you get the maximum extraction from the coffee beans.

For the other class of coffee-strained hands, the Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker comes with single-wall, non-pressurized filters to let you do your “crazy-coffee-scientisthat” thanks to its different grind sizes, tamping pressure and grind amounts.

Is it the right choice for you?

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This espresso machine is perfect for anyone who loves great coffee and wants to save money by making it at home.

It is a coffee junkies caffeine dream come true.

Yes, there are plenty of machines on the market harping on the fact how perfect a cup of coffee they can deliver. But this espresso machine renders all of them bootless.

People who like the comfort of convenience and yet like to go rogue every once in a while and put their own twist in a cup, this machine is the perfect partner in any coffee caper.

What are the key features and benefits?

stainless steel coffee maker, top rated coffee makerThe Breville barista espresso machine is loaded with tons of unrivalled features to give you a cup of coffee that can seduce your senses and put you in a culinary trance! Check out some of the features that makes this machine standout.

  • The Breville barista express espresso maker comes with stainless steel conical burrs to squeeze out even the most minuscule amount of flavour from the coffee beans and its half-pound bean hopper saves your time otherwise whiled away in removal, storage and transfer of coffee beans.
  • 54mm tamper helps this machine to graduate to a professionals’ choice.
  • Grind setting of fine to coarse and its filter setting ensure that your palate gets what it wants.
  • Espresso pressure gauge and Thermo coil heating system keepcheck on the entire functioning of the machine.
  • It also comes with 54mm stainless steel port filter and 67 fl. oz. removable water tank to reduce impurities.
  • For the final bit, get a perfect milk texture in your coffee thanks tothe Breville espresso machine’s 360-degree swivel action steam wand.


best coffee maker rated, large coffee maker Going through a deluge of Breville barista express reviews online, its pros outweighs its cons by a huge margin.

Still, some users complained of complications faced during certain bits of espresso/coffee preparation. Some trial and error is required before one can get usedto the functioning of this machine.

Bottom line

A true-blue culinary brand name backing this espresso machine along with cutting edge technology empowering this little beast on your kitchen top not to forget great rating on Amazon, the Breville barista espresso machine comes highly recommended. Shut up and take our money Breville!!

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