Cuisinart DBM-8 Review: Get the Best Coffee Grinder for Your Kitchen

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What can be best than Cuisinart DBM-8 when we talk about the high-end coffee grinders.

The Cuisinart offers various top quality kitchen appliances, which most people appreciate. This company helps consumers to save time in the kitchen while performing repetitive tasks every now and then.

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The Cuisinart encompasses a wide range of excellent products such as food processors, mixers, juicers, coffee grinders, and much more. This company is known for its very own words “innovation culinary tools” with a mission for helping their consumers to “savor the good life”.

Today, we have come up with the Cuisinart DBM-8 review. In this review, you will get to know about the most popular product from their excellent range of coffee grinders.

It is known as the Cuisinart automatic burr mill, which is a coffee grinder. This Cuisinart has a lot to offer despite its low price. Generally, you do not get much to enjoy under this price range. Before you step out to purchase a coffee grinder, take a look at the specifications of the Cuisinart supreme grinder.

Due to its interesting features, the Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder ensures you get only a tasteful and fresh cup of coffee every morning. Let’s have a look at its features, uses, benefits, and drawbacks right below!

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

The Cuisinart supreme grinder is highly praised online for being the most powerful, attractive, and affordable burr grinder for coffee aficionados or home brewers. This coffee grinder comes at a reasonable price. Usually, you do not have many options for a coffee grinder under this price range.

The Cuisinart coffee grinder includes a ground chamber, chamber lid, removable bean hopper, coffee scoops, and Cuisinart DBM 8 cleaning brush.

There are around 18 settings for grind ranging from coarse to ultrafine. So, you can grind your coffee the way you want to. This coffee grinder assists you in enjoying your perfect cup of coffee. Let’s get into details regarding this product!

What is an Automatic Burr Mill?

After reading its name, you may be struggling over what actually automatic burr mill suggests here. No worries as home brewers do not get this term straightway. It does not come as a shock to us if you are thinking about whether it is a grinder or burr mill. To clear airs, this Cuisinart coffee bean grinder is both!

A burr mill is also a grinder that includes grinding disks made of stainless steel. These disks can be of any shape like flat disks or conical burr.

Here, you get flat disks in the Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder. In this grinder, hard particles pass through these flat plates to produce freshly ground coffee. As stated earlier, the coarseness of coffee depends on the settings set by users.

For instance, if you like to have a coarser grind for brewing coffee using the pour-over method, the flat plates would be wide apart. On the other hand, if you want coffee grind for espresso, you need to go for ultra-fine grind setting. During this setting, plates would be really close to producing a powder-like surface.

Features of Cuisinart DBM-8 Grinder

So, what features make this Cuisinart grinder so great? Actually, Cuisinart coffee grinder offers lots of interesting features.

It happens to offer a lot at such a low price.

It provides decent features that you would not even get in other grinders under this price range. This Cuisinart certainly offers more than what people expect from a decent coffee grinder. Some of its attractive features are listed as follows:

Elegant Look

When it comes to looks, no other product can beat this coffee grinder. The Cuisinart grinder has great looks and personality as compared to other grinders out there. What can be best than a good-looking grinder who even works perfectly for your kitchen!

Cuisinart burr grinder creates no mess with protruding bits or further hanging particles. The chamber of this Cuisinart coffee maker is quite wide and solid. It holds a great number of coffee beans. The grind chamber gives out a symmetrical or sleek line, which pleases eyes a lot. In addition to looks, it is really simple and convenient to use.

BPA Free

In the Cuisinart coffee bean grinder, all the components that come in direct contact with coffee are BPA free. The chemical Bisphenol A can be found in tough plastics.

One can find BPA in lots of plastic products including household appliances. The compound BPA has disruptive effects on the human body. It obstructs the elimination, function, production, and secretion of the natural hormones from the body.

This chemical is really harmful and hence, most companies do not use it. The Cuisinart is one such company who identifies the conscientiousness of a healthy production. Hence, you can make use of Cuisinart BPA-free coffee grinder without worrying much.

Durable & Strong

This coffee maker from the Cuisinart is really strong. It is made of stainless steel and metal. Not just that, but the plastic parts of this Burr grinder are also sturdy. The Cuisinart coffee grinder sits determinedly on the kitchen countertop while making sure to work hard.

Cuisinart supreme grinder includes a hardwearing motor, which grinds coffee very quickly and easily. You can use this machine every now and then with any amount of coffee ranging from 2 cups to 18. It takes the workload effectively. Also, all the materials used in this coffee grinder complement its outlook with no useless appendixes.

Undoubtedly, Cuisinart DBM-8 coffee grinder is going to last for several years. It would not hurt much to spend a few bucks on this durable and strong coffee grinder. Go for this powerful motor that will calm your cravings for the exceptionally rich savor of freshly ground coffee.


The Cuisinart coffee grinder comes with great capacity at such an attractive price. This grinder delivers about 18 cups of coffee at one go. This much amount of coffee will be sufficient to brew 32 cups of coffee. One can even remove its grind chamber for higher efficiency.


This grinder from Cuisinart comes with a burr as opposed to a blade grinder. This burr mill helps to grind coffee beans uniformly throughout. It even makes sure that you get smooth and even ground coffee. Evenly ground coffee helps to deliver a rich and better taste of coffee.

Additionally, this grinding process does not involve overheating of coffee beans. It is really a significant factor when it comes to the coffee flavor and aroma. This grinder keeps the original flavor and aroma of the coffee beans intact. The motor of the Cuisinart grinder works at a slow speed to enhance its longevity and preservation.


  •  Affordable

The best thing about the Cuisinart automatic burr mill is its affordability. Anyone having a low budget can go for this coffee grinder without compromising on the quality. If you are a beginner in this field of grinding coffee, nothing can be best than this product. It really produces better than expected results under this price range.

So, there is no doubt that this Cuisinart coffee grinder is better than other coffee grinders in the market. You can go with this burr mill if you like a standard grind. It works perfectly for people who are fresh to home brewing.

  • Easy & Simple to Operate

The other thing that we like about this Cuisinart supreme grinder is its user-friendly functionality. You do not have to go through complex programs to operate this easy-to-use device.

To grind coffee, you need to just pour in coffee beans in the hopper, choose a cup and grind size, and hit the start button. Within a few seconds, your coffee beans will be transformed into freshly ground coffee.

  • Lots of Grind Options

The Cuisinart burr grinder is perfect for coffee aficionados who like diverse varieties of coffee. It works perfectly to deliver a standard to medium grind, which requires for pour-over or automatic brewing methods.

With this Cuisinart grinder, you get three main settings like coarse, medium, and fine. Under these three main categories, you get six choices for every setting. Hence, you get 18 options for grinding coffee beans in total. All of these settings enhance the coffee experience that anyone who loves coffee will deeply appreciate.

  • 3-Year Warranty

Another thing that makes this Cuisinart coffee grinder unique is its great durability. Most consumers appreciate the shelf-life of the grinder. The Cuisinart provides a 3-year warranty for this product. However, this kitchen appliance lasts longer than that. Please note that this warranty is applicable to products purchased for household, personal, or family use.


  • Loud

Undoubtedly, the Cuisinart automatic burr mill creates a loud noise while grinding coffees. It is not something new with coffee grinders. Every coffee grinder is loud unless you are willing to pay more. There are some expensive grinders in the market, which are engineered to create less noise. If you can do away with the loud noise, go for this affordable grinder.

  • Inconsistent Grind

Unfortunately, some people say that the Cuisinart coffee grinder produces an inconsistent ultra-fine grind. However, it is great for beginners who use a French press or drip brewer methods. It would not stand up to the expectations of skilled coffee drinkers who appreciate ultrafine or powder-like texture.

The Cuisinart burr grinder is not for you if you are looking for a grinder to brew perfect espresso. Meanwhile, nothing can be better than the Cuisinart supreme for beginners who just started to grind coffee at home. Keep the price in mind while focusing on its grind quality!

  • Cleaning Issues

When it comes to Cuisinart DBM 8 cleaning, you need to do the hard work here. The Cuisinart supreme grinder is really difficult to clean. This is so because you cannot dissemble its parts effortlessly. To clean this, you need to brush off the coffee dust with the cleaning brush once in a while.

How to Grind Coffee Using the Cuisinart Coffee Grinder?

It is really easy to grind coffee beans with the help of this Cuisinart supreme grinder. If you want to know how this coffee grinder works to deliver a perfect cup of coffee, stay tuned.

The Cuisinart coffee grinder is quite simple and easy to operate.

The chamber of this electric grinder can hold sufficient coffee beans as well as ground coffee. So, it is not an errand to use this grinder every time you need coffee. Here, how this Cuisinart grinder works!

Step 1: Load coffee beans

Initially, you need to put coffee beans in the hopper. For this, just remove the lid and place beans. The grinder can hold about 8 oz. of coffee beans. Now, put back the lid in place.

Step 2: Set coffee cups

Next, you have to set how many cups of coffee you like to brew by sliding the bar. Here, you get options for a maximum of 18 cups.

Step 3: Choose the texture

After setting up the number of cups, you need to choose the preferred texture for your coffee. For this, you need to rotate the hopper. Here, you are given with about 18 different options for the grind setting. There are six options for every ground type like coarse, fine, and ultrafine.

Step 4: Turn the grinder ON

Once everything set, you are all set to hit the start button. The Cuisinart grinder will begin to work to deliver your specified amount of coffee. Now, you can put this freshly ground coffee in any Cuisinart coffee maker to have a fresh cup of coffee all to yourself.

How to Clean the Cuisinart Coffee Bean Grinder?

To clean this Cuisinart supreme grinder, you can refer to cleaning instructions mentioned on the user manual. It is not much difficult to clean this grinder. In order to begin, you need to safely remove the plug from the outlet. If you want to remove coffee beans from the hopper, you can lift off the hopper lid and pour out excess beans from there.

One can wash the hopper lid, hopper, grind chamber, and chamber lid with warm soapy water. Also, all of these components are dishwasher-safe. For this, just hop them in the dishwasher’s top shelf. It is really easy to remove the chamber and the bean hopper.

For the chamber, you need to pull the chamber toward you while for the bean hopper; you need to rotate it anti-clockwise while carrying the selector towards the setting 18. Now, align both the arrows and try to lift the hopper up.

After removing the hopper, you can remove the burr grinder. To do so, you need to take hold of the metal handle and lift it up. To clean the inner parts, you can use a cleaning brush provided with the Cuisinart grinder.

You can even use your hands for cleaning these parts.

Once you are done with the cleaning process, it is time to assemble all the parts to their place. Firstly, insert the burr grinder into its unit. You have to keep on rotating until the part gets fully attached. Now, press down the handle and put back the hopper. Please note here that the hopper would not fix until you have fully inserted the grinder.

To clean the outermost body, just wipe the grinder with a moist cloth every now and then. Let all the parts dry thoroughly before starting your grinder again for use. Last but not the main point; do not ever immerse this grind unit in water!


Overall, the Cuisinart automatic burr mill is a great option as a grinder. One gets this coffee grinder at relatively a lower price range. Meanwhile, it even helps to deliver a decent coffee cup. If you have just stepped into the grind coffee word, it is a perfect grinder to begin with.

The Cuisinart coffee bean grinder is a burr mill, which is a lot better than a blade grinder. It seems perfect for coarse-ground and French Press coffees. In addition to this, it looks great on the kitchen countertop due to its sleek design.

Anyone can use this Cuisinart coffee grinder due to its easy and simple operations. The Cuisinart grinder comes with automatic shut off, which helps the burr to stop on finishing off the grinding process.

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Meanwhile, we recommend forming your own opinions after reading this Cuisinart DBM-8 review. Here, you can read all the pros and cons related to this appliance to come to the final verdict.

You need to consider all factors like price range while shopping out to buy a coffee grinder. So, make a decision based on your needs and requirements. Once done, you will be on your way to experience a perfect cup of coffee.

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