The great-looking Cuisinart SS-700 makes a decent cup of coffee right in your kitchen. It is a reliable brewing system due to its durable construction and thoughtful design.

This brewer is designed to make single-serve coffees, teas, and hot chocolates within a few seconds. Cuisinart SS 700 coffee maker comes with K-Cup brewer design, which is licensed by Keurig.

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This coffee maker delivers fresh coffee to your mug with its K-Cup system. Learn more about the construction, usability, service, and other aspects of this brewing system in this Cuisinart SS700 review .

Product Review

* Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System

As you know, single-serve coffee makers are easy to use. In fact, single-serve brewers are known mostly for this charm. One such charming coffee maker is this Cuisinart single serve brewing system. It holds lots of coffee cups and makes excellent coffee. Cuisinart SS-700 is fully programmable and quiet, which makes it a perfect kitchen appliance for offices and homes.

The Cuisinart brewing system has a lot to offer when it comes to brewing. It offers fresh gourmet coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and much more to consumers. Its innovative one-touch technology makes it easier for consumers to have a wide range of hot beverages within a minute. Some of its features include the following.


The Cuisinart coffee maker weighs about 16 pounds, which is a really good sign. Its metal pod receptacle lever is well-designed and really sturdy. Generally, you find a plastic lever in light-weight coffee machines. When it comes to design, it acts as a perfect addition to your kitchen. It looks very attractive on any kitchen countertop.

The Cuisinart SS700 brewing system comes with an 80-ounce water reservoir. This ensures you do not have to refill it constantly. One of the best parts about this single-serve coffee machine is that all the parts that come in contact with coffee or water are absolutely BPA-free.

This brewing system even has a blue backlit LCD digital clock. This forward-facing control panel screen allows you to effortlessly see the time. Cuisinart Keurig brewer has a built-in filter from Bunn, which is the only manufacturer that offers a reusable filter to brew loose ground coffee.

In addition to that, the Cuisinart brewing system offers a rinse button. In just one touch, this button helps to flush out any residual flavor or product from the internal system.

There is also a charcoal water filter in this coffee maker. This filter allows you to remove chlorine, unwanted smell, or redundant flavor from the water. This Cuisinart SS 700 filter helps to clean the coffee maker in a simple way.


The Cuisinart coffee maker offers various functions and programs. It is really easy to use these functions to make a great cup of coffee in an instant.

Cuisinart’s big water tank turns blue with illuminated light when you need to refill the water. The digital screen of this coffee maker also displays “Add Water”, so you always know when you need more water. Hence, coffee aficionados will not unnecessarily delay their caffeine fix.

Apart from the digital clock, there are features like automatic switch on or off at specific times. This feature allows you to customize settings to make your coffee the way you want it. In addition, there are adjustable controls available for the brewing temperature. This brewing temperature ranges between 187 degrees Fahrenheit and 192 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Cuisinart Keurig brewer comes with 12 packs of K-cups including assorted coffees like Donut Shop, Emeril’s, and Tully’s. These assorted coffees will help you to pinpoint your preferred flavor. What could be better than this!


Cuisinart suggests Cuisinart SS-700 disassembly after each three-month period. You need to descale it often if you are using water with high mineral content. You need to take the Cuisinart SS-700 disassembly really serious as it is the only way to extend the brewer’s life.

Another option is to rinse frequently, using only filtered water, and clean external parts such as the K-cup holder and reservoir on a daily basis.

The Cuisinart brewer offers a warranty of three years if used normally. It is the only brewer that gives a warranty period that long.

For further services, you can find a comprehensive section on customer care on its official site. For assistance, you can fill an online form or call 1-800-211-9604. For this particular model, you will find various demos and links for accessories and replacement parts on the official site of Cuisinart.


  • Clean Features

Generally, coffee makers get dirty due to calcified water and coffee grounds hanging around. This product is unique for its cleaning features. The Cuisinart brewer offers features to keep impurities and bad taste out of your beverages. To clean the machine, you need to just hit the rinse button.

This rinse cycle distributes 4 ounces of hot water all around to flush any lingering flavor or grounds out. Hence, the Cuisinart SS700 ensures you get only a fresh, clean, and tasty cup of coffee each time. Meanwhile, you even get a charcoal filter to keep impurities out of your beverages.

  • Quiet

Usually, you cannot find a brewer that has this feature. The Cuisinart coffee maker does not disrupt the sleep of others while you prepare your coffee in the early morning. This brewing system runs quietly. If you want to make a cup of coffee for yourself without disturbing others, this is the product for you.

  • Fully Programmable

This brewing system is fully programmable along with an LCD screen. If running out of time, go with the automatic on/off button and digital clock. There are adjustable controls available for temperature and time. This feature helps to make drinks in your own way. It also allows you to make delicate drinks like green or white tea.

  • Makes Iced Beverages

With the Cuisinart single-serve coffee maker, you can make use of ground coffee and K-cups. It allows you to enjoy over 250 varieties of K-cup coffee, tea, or cocoa. However, what makes this brewing system unique compared to products on the market is its option for iced beverages.

This feature comes really handy in summers. You can make iced teas and coffees using this brewer to cool off on hot and humid days.


  • Expensive

The Cuisinart SS-700 is quite expensive as compared to other coffee makers out there. Additionally, you have to spend on expensive K-cups all the time. It definitely makes some people have second thoughts about this brewer. However, other options like tea bags and ground coffee come to the rescue. Keep in mind that it’s hard to find coffee brewers with big tanks for cheap.

How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee Using Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

With the Cuisinart brewing system, you will be delivered with a perfect cup of coffee every time. This coffee maker comes with different settings to make your brewing experience perfect. Let’s learn how to make coffee using this brewing system.

In the first place, you need to install the filter. But before that, make sure you immerse the filter in tap water. This makes it easier to fit it into the filter holder easily. You can make use of the user manual for further installation instructions. Now just add water into the reservoir. You are all set to make your first cup of coffee.

Next, turn the coffee maker on.

The Cuisinart SS-700 will draw water from the water reservoir to its internal tank automatically. This whole process will take around 4 minutes. It is better to send a brew cycle through without tea or coffee in the basket to wash out the system. Once you are done with this preliminary flush, you can brew your coffee.

The Cuisinart brewing system offers several options for cup sizes ranging from 4 ounces to 12. In order to make an iced drink, put a glass filled with ice on the tray. After that, choose the 4-ounce size from the settings. The coffee maker will concentrate the tea or coffee brew to compensate for the ice. Add more ice if you like and enjoy your iced coffee with convenience like never before.

Factors to Consider While Looking For a Cuisinart Coffee Maker

It is not a difficult task to decide what you want in your would-be Cuisinart coffee maker. Just focus on the features that you would need in a coffee maker to make your perfect morning cup of coffee. Here are some factors that can help you to choose a great Cuisinart coffee maker for your kitchen.


The most important factor for deciding on a Cuisinart coffee maker is quantity. You need to figure out how many people drink coffee in your home and how much, on average. If only you drink coffee in your home, it is better to go for a single-serve coffee maker.

If there are others, a single-serve coffee maker would not work for you. In that situation, it is recommended to go with coffee makers that produce 5-10 coffee cups at a time.

So, you need to focus on the quantity before you go out to buy a Cuisinart coffee maker. A single-serve Cuisinart coffee maker will be perfect to deliver one cup of coffee at a time. Hence, make your choice with this factor in mind.

Coffee Type

This is another significant factor to look for. Your Cuisinart coffee maker should be able to deliver the coffee that you like. Otherwise, why would you need a coffee maker! If you like lattes or cappuccinos, you would not use a coffee brewer.

Even if you end up using it, you would not take joy in your coffee.  So, take into consideration your coffee type and its taste. Always go for a coffee that will deliver the kind of coffee that you actually like and enjoy.


Cost plays a vital role while shopping for a Cuisinart coffee brewer. If you like espresso, you need to spend a few extra bucks on your coffee machine. There will be a problem if you do not have lot to throw around. In that case, you need to make a few compromises. You can look for Cuisinart coffee makers that fall into your budget.

In addition to this, always look for upfront versus long-term costs of any coffee brewer. It’s better to spend extra today if the product is going to save you money over a few years. For instance, Cuisinart offers a 3-year warranty.

Consumers should not hesitate to give a little extra for their optimal brewing system. It’s better than settling for something that you do not actually want.


For morning people, a coffee maker should be really easy to use. Nobody wants coffee makers that have too many complicated functions or programs.

Just pressing a button is the most satisfying way to enjoy a great morning cup of coffee before stepping out of the house for work. Also, there are coffee machines in the market that will brew coffee automatically at specific times. Only you can decide on this factor.


Only you know how many appliances you can fit on your kitchen countertops. Space is another thing to consider while buying a coffee maker. Coffee makers come in all sizes. Some coffee makers take up more counter space than others. Hence, you need to decide how much space you are willing to give up to a coffee maker.

Once you decide, you will have a clearer idea of which to choose and where it will go. Make a decent choice as it would not be a good option to keep it in another room or a cabinet. Obviously, you would not prefer to carry it all the way to your kitchen for every brew. So, choose a model that will fit well into your kitchen space.

Other Additional Features

Coffee makers have become so common these days. Everyone seems to know exactly what they want in their coffee brewers. Meanwhile, modern coffee makers come with a lot of advanced features. These features are what keep different models of coffee makers apart. Have a look at some of the different features of a coffee maker below!

  • Auto Shut-off

This feature is important for people who always step out of the house in a rush. The feature auto shut-off turns the coffee maker off when no longer in use. So you do not need to worry if you have left the coffee pot on.

  • Water Filter

In premium coffee makers, you get a water filter. This filter ensures that you get the right flavor all the time. It is one of the important features that people look for while buying coffee makers. In Cuisinart brewing system, you get this feature.

  • In-Built Grinder

As you know, freshly ground beans offer a better cup of coffee. If you like freshly ground beans, you need to look for a coffee brewer with a grinder. This way, you will enjoy fresh coffee every time.

However, you can opt for a separate grinder but it is better to have a built-in grinder in your coffee brewer. It will help to save counter space while adding more convenience.

  • Programmable Settings

Nowadays, coffee brewers come with advanced settings. Using these programmable settings, you can customize the way you want your coffee to be. You can even save these settings for future use in these kinds of coffee makers. So, decide on whether you just want to push a button to brew coffee or make use of some advanced settings to have a  reliable cup of coffee in your own way.

  • Frother/Steamer

There are some coffee makers that come with a steamer. These machines deliver coffees the way you get them in coffee shops. You can enjoy this feature in espresso machines also. On the other hand, if you like your coffee to be black, you do not require this feature in your coffee maker. So ponder all these factors before you stepping out to buy a coffee brewer.

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After reading this Cuisinart SS700 review, we are sure you are better equipped on whether to go for Cuisinart SS-700 single-serve brewing system or not. We have discussed the benefits and downsides of this specific coffee brewer. Undoubtedly, the Cuisinart brewing system is a great option due to its various features.

There is not a more versatile single-serve coffee brewer than this one. With Cuisinart coffee brewer, one can enjoy unique beverages such as iced drinks. In addition, it can prepare tea from loose leaves or tea bags. So, make a choice for Cuisinart SS-700 while keeping the pros and cons in mind!


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