If you’re on the hunt for a great oversized electric griddle, look no further. These are wonderful kitchen tools on so many levels. If your family enjoys pancakes, French toast, crepes, or scrambled eggs and omelets like mine does, then you are in luck.

This extra-large electric griddle will provide you all you need for making the best breakfast foods you’ve ever imagined. And they are super versatile too. If you love quesadillas, grilled cheese, and other tasty lunch foods, you’ve come to the right place.

The value can’t be stated enough! Just ask my kids and my husband what they think about the griddle, that should tell you all you need to know. It’s a handy cooking tool that will take your lunches, breakfasts and dinners to the next level. There’s no need to feel lost about what to purchase. Just follow our handy guide for an easy decision.

What Should I Look for in a Big Electric Griddle?

Size matters! If you’ve got a big family, or you just like to have friends over for breakfast, look for the biggest griddle you can find. It’s also handy to have if you are active in your church or other organization and do pancake breakfasts/suppers every now and again. I used my large non-stick electric griddle to help with my son’s soccer fundraiser and everything went smoothly.

You should also see if you would prefer a warming tray-some griddles have them which can be helpful. But verify that it is nonstick. All the ones we looked at are non-stick, but you can never be too sure.

The Products

Okay, put on your seatbelts and get ready to check out our top choices of giant electric griddle. This guide will surely narrow the choices and make your buying experience a lot easier.

* BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

Black and Decker is a brand that I love and trust. Oddly enough, my first experience with a Black and Decker product was a wallpaper steamer I used years ago, when my husband and I were redoing our living room in the 90’s. We have since updated that horrendous wallpaper. The point of the story is, Black and Decker products just work.


And this griddle is no exception.

The cooking space is 10” by 20”, so you get a pretty good size cooking space. Our test meal on this particular griddle was none other than some classic grilled cheeses. We like to use thick Texas toast for our grilled cheese sandwiches and serve them up with large bowls of tomato soup. I was able to fit four big sandwiches on this one, and they all cooked evenly and came out like a dream.

Turning on the griddle is a breeze—just turn the dial to the temp you need and watch the light to make sure it’s heated up. No need to flick water drops on it to see if it’s ready! The thermostat also locks in place, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping it with your hand while you cook.

It was very nice to get everybody their grilled cheese at the same time. Dinner was much more efficient this way, and it was a pleasure to use. Cleaning it was just as simple. The instructions say that it is dishwasher safe—however, I just choose to wash it by hand. The instructions also say “do not submerge in water” so I decided to take the safe way out and washed it with a bowl of water and wet cloth, then dried it off.

Another neat little feature I saw in this large table top electric griddle that I did not notice anywhere else was that it featured a warming tray. You can put a few slices of bacon in there or even some chicken breast to keep warm. What a great feature if you’re late riser or coming home late from work!


  • Features a nice warming tray for food storage
  • Good, competitive price to fit any budget
  • Thermostat locks right into place


  • Not as large as some griddles featured today
  • Cord felt rather short—barely reached my outlet, other users also said it was short for them.
  • Grease trap fills up fast when cooking meats.

* Presto 7072, Black Slimline Griddle

I really liked the simplistic look of this griddle. That was the first thing I thought about when I saw this—it looks so simple and the design is so clean, featuring smooth, rounded lines on all sides.

It makes for a nice aesthetic!

But forget appearances, this thing performs like a dream. You can opt for two sizes, and we chose the 22 inches for our test. The 15-inch model is nice for smaller families, I presume.

Features you can look forward to while using this large electric pancake griddle include an extra-large cooking space that whips up enough food for the whole family. It is, of course, a non-stick surface and therefore very easy to clean up. The drip tray slides right out and you can simply clean it in the sink.

The profile is low on this griddle. This makes it easy for responsible, older kiddos to take what they need off the griddle. My ten-year-old is good at using the spatula to take however many slices of French toast he wants to eat, and he knows not to touch the surface. Adults can serve themselves easily.

It’s also a breeze to adjust the temp using the control master thermostat. Simply turn the dial to the temp you need and wait for it to heat up. One thing I noticed about this griddle that drove me a little crazy was that the light for the heat indicator was on the rear of the thermostat. I had to walk around my kitchen island to see if it was ready to go. A minor inconvenience, but annoying.


  • Easy to use.
  • Clean design.
  • 2 size options.
  • Enough space for a big family.


  • Heat indicator is placed the rear of the thermostat, which is not convenient.
  • Heat is not evenly distributed.

* Kealive Griddle, Electric Grill Griddle

This large indoor electric grill is a pretty nice one and is definitely high in quality. You can expect a lot of power from this one, it’s got 1500 watts to be exact. It is also ergonomic in its design. It’s an ideal indoor grill for chicken and steaks too. I will admit I only ever used to use these things for breakfast foods and grilled cheese, etc. But this one proved a really great tool for grilling up some veggies and chicken breast when my family needed a healthy meal.

This griddle is pretty darn big— 10” by 20” to be exact. You can prepare up to 8 servings of food on it. I was able to fit 3 average-sized chicken breasts and some zucchini, peppers, and onions on the side. They did not mix or come into contact with one another—that’s how big the griddle is.

Food safety is a breeze with this griddle.

I also liked that the surface was non-stick. Granted, that’s a standard feature with almost every family size electric griddle today, but I still found it incredibly convenient. The handles are “cool touch” and they held true to their name—I could adjust the griddle without the use of an oven mitt or worrying about burned fingers. If you remove the cord, you can submerge it for easy washing, although I prefer not to do this.

Our test meal of chicken and veggies was a hit. Users were happy they could finally do grilling indoors during the winter months when it’s simply too cold to go outside. One even said it didn’t produce much smoke, which is a huge plus.

I could definitely see this being used for a big breakfast on Sunday morning or making a whole bunch of grilled cheeses for a cold winter day. One user even indicated that it made a great grill to use when doing at-home Korean BBQ. So, if you’re a fan of that cuisine, consider this purchase to capture that fun at home with half the price of a night out.  It’s not a bad buy at all.


  • Food grade, FDA approved non-stick coating
  • Cool touch handles—easy to adjust and safe, too
  • Great for many purposes like steak, chicken, Korean BBQ and more.


  • Not as large as some griddles we have seen
  • Thermostat made a buzzing sound until the heat was reached.
  • Metal tools cannot be used as they will scratch the non-stick surface.

* Tilt ‘n’ Drain Big Griddle 23”

All I could say was WOW when I first laid eyes upon this beast of a griddle. This was definitely the sort of huge electric griddle I could see myself using to feed my extended family on Christmas morning, or those times when the kids have their friends over from school.

It measures in at 23 inches, that’s nearly TWO FEET of cooking space for eggs, pancakes, bacon, the works! Even the photograph on the product page illustrates for you how easy it is to whip up loads of food, showing 9 pancakes plus three eggs cooking on the griddle.

I tested this one out doing just that—I a huge breakfast for my family one morning. My nephew was also spending the weekend with us, and he is a big eater. It was easy to cook up some eggs and pancakes for the whole family in minutes. And yes, everybody demanded seconds.

It was a joy to just cook and talk to everybody with the griddle plugged in on the kitchen island instead of having my back to the gang while flipping pancakes on the stove. I liked the square shape of the griddle—this allows it to hold more of what you want to cook. The griddle was safe to use thanks to the cool touch base that surrounds the grilling surface on the front and both sides.

The cooking surface on this is enormous—it is at least 50% bigger than other so-called “jumbo” griddles. You will also appreciate the drip tray that simply slides out for easy cleanup. The surface is non-stick so you don’t even need to use PAM or butter to keep things from sticking onto the griddle.

The Control Master heat control makes it a breeze to control the overall griddle temp. Once you remove the heat control, the griddle is fully submersible. I prefer to just hand wash with a bowl of warm soapy water, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Don’t simply take my word for it—go check out other users’ remarks. My favorite is the one about the firefighter who uses it to feed his crew of 10. Those firefighters are probably not light eaters, either!


  • Cooks a TON of food at once.
  • Would be great for churches or organizations hosting pancake dinners.
  • Fully submersible once you detach the heat control.


  • Grease has a hard time draining into the tray as the angle is not enough.
  • Some users reported faulty models with uneven heating spots.
  • The lip around edge could be a little higher to minimize splatter.


Choosing a nice electric griddle isn’t hard in the least! Rather, it is a matter of deciding which one works best for you and your family. If you have a really big group, the Tilt ‘n’ Drain is definitely the best choice, as it is the largest one we’ve seen so far. If you like to keep things warm while you wait, the Black & Decker is the best in that regard as it is the only one that features a warming tray.

Meanwhile, the Kealive is our top contender when it comes to making your meats the best they can be, especially for those of you that love Korean BBQ. And the Presto looks great, performs well, and is an all-around extra-large electric griddle. No matter which road you decide to take, one thing is for sure—great meals made with efficiency are around the corner. Once you get started with one of these, the ease of use will get you addicted, and it will be well worth the price paid. Happy griddling!


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