Finding a good double burner griddle isn’t hard when you’ve got our handy guide to show you the way. After all, you want to make the very best pancakes, French toast, and more for your beloved family, right? Find the best one for you and don’t think twice about it!

We had the chance to test out four of the best double burner griddles, and every one of them was great in their own way. Check out our reviews so you can decide on the best one for your family’s individual needs.

What Makes a Great Stove Top Griddle?

A few factors go into deciding if a stove top griddle is worth your time or not. You should see, for example, if it can be put inside the dishwasher. This is a huge convenience and time saver. You should also look at the materials that go into it; stainless steel is the best because it is so durable and withstands all kinds of wear and tear.

Another thing to look at is the size of the product. A smaller griddle is fine for a small group. But if you’ve got a family with many hungry mouths, opt for something a little bigger. You will also want to examine how to handle the grease that will result from your cooking adventures. Do you want a trap that catches it at the foot of the griddle, or do you prefer edges that hold it in, so you can use it to keep cooking?

Our advice is to look at what we’ve come up with and then take any one of these great products home. You will be so glad you did!

* All-Clad 3020 Griddle

Here we have a great, extra-large griddle that fits easily over two stovetop burners. It’s pretty big if you ask me, and the surface is super nice. The anodized finish is lovely. Plus, stuff doesn’t stick!

The stainless-steel handles look like a design flaw, like they might get really hot while using them. They don’t; actually it’s quite pleasant to move around! The griddle has three layers of construction, so stuff is cooked but not burnt to a crisp.

I like that I can feed the whole family. I have two kiddos that have friends over nearly every weekend and a husband who’s always hungry. The surface area on this is really big, 20 by 13 inches to be exact. You can whip up a lot of pancakes and bacon with it, not to mention a good number of burgers. The fat and grease just goes into the channel surrounding the edges, making our foods healthier.

I also liked the finish. I have used this a number of times and the finish stays on well. I don’t need to use oils or butter when cooking because the non-stick surface does all the work for me. Sometimes we add olive oil to veggies for flavor, but it’s really not necessary.

Another great thing is that these non stick stovetop griddles are made right there in Canonsburg, PA, handcrafted and made with care and quality. I like it when things are made by hand; it lends a more personal touch to the product.

The quality really shines through.

The cleanup on this stovetop griddle is rather easy. It simply requires some dish soap and a good scrubbing after the meal is complete and the surface has cooled off. I personally would not put this into the dishwasher, though, but that’s just because I like handwashing.

Another thing I would avoid while doing this is cooking chicken or anything else that has a tendency to be too greasy. My burgers turned out fine but not without some grease splattering all over the range top. Not too huge of an inconvenience, just something to keep in mind.

Ultimately, this is a top-quality griddle that will serve everyone and then some. It’s made in the USA, and the quality is unmatched.


  • Three-layer construction for perfect food prep and taste
  • Handcrafted and great quality materials are used
  • Non-stick surface, handles stay cool and are not cheap plastic


  • Grease splatters all over when you use it if the item drips
  • Grease trap cuts down on cooking space, making it feel smaller than it actually is.
  • May be too big for some stoves; measure first and then decide.

* Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

This double burner pancake griddle is a great value for the price. It’s a pretty good size at 13 by 20 inches, and the nice raised sides make it so nothing slides out of the griddle onto your stove top. It’s very durable and easy to use, lightweight but still very strong in its construction.

One thing to note about this griddle is that it is manufactured in China, whereas the other griddle was manufactured right in the United States. Reviews still stand as favorable for this griddle, so don’t feel afraid to take the plunge.

This griddle is hand wash only, so make sure that you are okay with putting this into the sink and hand washing it. If you are gifting it, make sure your recipient is okay with that. The heat distribution is top notch; we noticed during our testing that it heated up well and very evenly.

For our test recipe, we decided to make crepes. We made the dessert crepe mix in a separate bowl and the crepe batter in another bowl. We found that the crepe was easily made on this lovely griddle, and it definitely did not stick.

The handles stayed nice and cool for the whole time we used it, which was great because we had to take it from the long way to the horizontal way to accommodate another pan.  The anodized aluminum construction is just so wonderfully done and really makes it a joy to use.

All in all, this is a great double burner griddle, and the value is great for the price. The raised edges around the sides of this griddle are nice for preventing spills and splashes. If you like to cook with the grease that comes off, you can do that or just let it go to the sides and wipe it up for a healthier experience.


  • Great price to fit all budgets
  • Plenty of favorable reviews from other happy users
  • Heats up evenly, is non-stick, very durable and lightweight


  • Hand-wash only can be inconvenient
  • Griddle has been known to warp on certain heat levels
  • Surface scratches easily, even when using wooden or plastic kitchen utensils.

* Emeril Lagasse Griddle

On first glance, this is a really great griddle and the appearance is not deceiving. With a name like Emeril Lagasse, you know you’re getting some top-quality stuff! After all, we wish we could have the skill of Lagasse, but in the meantime, we will just have to use his products and hope some of that talent rubs off on us.

The triple layer nonstick coating is a point of admiration for this cool product. It is super easy to clean and is just fine for metal utensils. You will enjoy the heavy-gauged aluminum construction that allows for heat distribution that is fast, even and effective.

The stainless-steel handles are great.

Like the other reversible double burner griddles, the handles are not cheaply made, nor do they get hot. You can move this thing around with ease.

Best of all, this goes right into the dishwasher. Don’t even think twice about putting this into your dishwasher for an easy and safe cleanup.

We tested this griddle out doing mostly run-of-the-mill stuff. For our first meal, we made pancakes and eggs for breakfast one Saturday morning. Everything went very well. I was able to make six good-size pancakes for my whole family. Afterward, I was able to put eggs on there and scramble them up with ease. It went off without a hitch, and I even threw a few onions on there to mix with my husband’s eggs and it went just fine.

The next day, we used the griddle to cook up some grilled cheese sandwiches and that worked out very well, also. The bread toasted evenly and oh so deliciously, and the cheese was melted the whole way through. We even used thick bread to do this, and it was delicious.

The key is to use just enough heat to cook what you need. In this manner, you will not warp the griddle, and your food will turn out just as you expect it to.

We mostly used ours indoors on top of the stove. However, you can absolutely take this outdoors and use it on your gas grill as some customers have done. It makes a nice alternative to the standard electric griddle, as you cannot properly clean the electric griddles as closely as you might like. It’s overall a big winner.


  • Great quality brand, lightweight and easy to hold
  • Nonstick surface and will not warp
  • Dishwasher safe; just put it into the dishwasher and go once you’re done eating.


  • Nonstick coating may chip off, say some users
  • Some users reported the handles getting hot, although we did not experience this
  • Instructions indicate hand washing recommended, yet says it is dishwasher safe.

* T-Fal Double Burner Griddle

WOW. That is all I have to say about this particular griddle. The quality is really sturdy, and you can tell it is built to last for a good long while. The handles are stainless steel but also feature a silicone gripper on each of the handles. You really don’t have to think twice about using this and touching the handles even if it has been on the stove for a while.

The construction is that of heavy-gauge aluminum, and the heat conduction is excellent. The coating is nonstick and therefore super convenient for cooking up everything you can think of. This one is dishwasher safe for sure, and safe in the oven for up to 350 degrees.

It fits easily on two burners and is comfortable to use. The price is wonderful for the money and will fit mostly all budgets. You can get two of them, one for yourself and one as a gift.

Anybody would be glad to have this griddle.

I noticed that the depth on this particular griddle was deeper than the other ones we reviewed today. Everything stays a lot cleaner in this respect. Nothing sticks to this, not even pancakes with chocolate chips, which was our test recipe for this particular griddle. It is recommended to use non-metal cooking tools. For example, users reported using silicone tools to prevent the surface from scratching and extending the life of the product.

I did use a silicone spatula to whip up the pancakes and everything turned out fine. I did notice a slight bit of warping after using it a few times, as did other users. Despite owning a dishwasher, I do not actually wash this one in it — only by hand after it has cooled off.


  • Non-stick surface makes for an easy cooking experience
  • The price is definitely suitable for all budgets
  • Can be cleaned inside the dishwasher and has silicone handles


  • Warping occurred after only a few uses
  • No easy way to drain the grease from the pan
  • May be too large to fit inside a standard dishwasher.


Altogether, there is nothing better than getting one of the best cast iron double burner griddles for your kitchen. You can have the convenience of making tons of pancakes, burgers, chicken breasts or even veggies to serve the whole family.

The best thing to do is decide how much your family needs as far as a burner goes, and what features you have to have. Take a look at our reviews and those of other popular retail sites, and then choose your best double burner griddle from there. No matter what you end up with, you and your family will be enjoying tons of great foods prepared quickly and easily with these lovely burners. Happy eating!


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