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We are fortunate to live in a world where good quality grills and griddles run rampant, which is why we decided to do this blackstone grill vs blue rhino razor review. You have to know both sides of the story so that way you can make a great buying decision.

We think you’d be happy no matter which one you ended up with, but it’s best to simply read everything over and then take it from there. Our grill comparison is unlike any other and will definitely show you the way to getting yourself a grill the whole neighborhood will envy.

Comparison Chart

The Blackstone Grill features the following:

  • 4 Burners
  • 60,000 BTUS
  • Grill Construction of black coated steel, cold rolled cooking surface
  • 720 Sq. Inches of cook space

The Blue Rhino Razor Griddle features the following:

  • 4 Burners
  • 62,000 BTUs
  • Black coated steel, cold rolled cooking surface
  • 730 Sq. inches of cook space

Quick History of Blackstone Grill and Blue Rhino Razor

Blackstone has been an industry standard for a long time when it comes to griddles and grills. They are the first in their field to create the 36-inch griddle in 2005, and they have been a griller’s dream since then. Amateur cooks and pros alike love their Blackstone flat top grills. Everything they create, engineer and design is done in the USA.

Blue Rhino Company made its way onto the scene in 1994. Based out of Winston-Salem, NC, their goal was to create a national brand centered around propane tank exchange.

But with their success and partnerships that came as a result, they began to manufacture other products like grills and griddles. Their Razor griddle is a bestseller and for good reason-it works.

Product Reviews

* Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill

Now we will examine the features of this griddle, before taking an in-depth look at the second one.

This Blackstone griddle features controllable heat zones and four separate burners. They are stainless steel burners that feature 15,000 BTU each. You can cook pretty much anything with these burners-if you need different temps for different foods, consider it done.

The tank needed for this griddle is the standard 20 lb. propane tank that you can buy at virtually any convenience store or even your campground’s store. Just fill it with propane and keep it on the bottom left shelf of the griddle for easy storage.

The griddle is easy to start and features a push button ignition. It takes just seconds to start it. And conveniently enough, you can take this griddle with you when you camp. Just remove the griddle top and put it in the trunk or the back of the truck as you go along.

You will also enjoy the two shelves on either side for easy food and storage of your Blackstone grill accessories. The caster wheels are another nice feature-you can move it around your deck or patio with ease and lock it into place, so it won’t roll around.


This griddle is really durable, too.

If you properly care for this griddle and keep it covered when not in use, your griddle is going to last you for a good long time. The frame of the griddle is also something to admire. The frame is made of stainless steel, powder coated and painted black. It looks great on any deck.  The cold rolled steel is easy to clean and tough.

If you’re tired of the inconveniences surrounding standard BBQ grills, opt for this one. It is easy to assemble, and eliminates the need to have charcoal, lighter fluid, and matches lying around. You can just press a button and enjoy a grill that’s heated up and ready to roll. You can enjoy cooked meats, eggs and veggies for your family, friends and neighbors with ease. The huge cooking space means that there will be plenty of leftovers, too.


  • You can easily fold up the legs of this Blackstone griddle for easy transport. Or, you can keep it in a small space.
  • The ignition button makes it super easy to light up and use. There’s no messing around with this grill-it just lights up and is ready to work.
  • The wheels roll smoothly, and you can put it anywhere.
  • Super easy to clean once you’re done cooking.
  • Wide cooking area-feed the whole neighborhood!


  • Drain is not so great here-grease goes down the side of the griddle if not tended to properly.
  • Customer service is rather hard to reach in case there is a problem regarding your griddle.

* Blue Rhino Razor Griddle

For those of you who have been on the hunt for a good outdoor gas griddle you are in luck. This Blue Rhino griddle might just be a great option for you.

You will like the four controllable burners that, combined, give you 62,000 BTUs. You can make meals-breakfasts, lunches, dinners-with so much ease. Heck, even if you don’t think of yourself as much of a grill master, this thing is going to make you look like you are. After all, it features a sear zone integrated right into the griddle construction-so practice there and prepare to impress everybody!

This has a total cooking area of 730 sq. inches. That means 50 burgers (maybe more depending on size) can be put on here and cooked. You better hope your gang is hungry.

The griddle is manufactured with convenience in mind.

The stainless-steel surface keeps the griddle free of rust as long as it is properly cared for with the right blue rhino griddle accessories. You will also enjoy the storage shelves on the side, and you can fold them up or down depending on the situation.

Folding them down is great for storage, whereas keeping them up is great when you’re cooking or cleaning the griddle. There is even a towel rack nearby, which is super convenient and simple at the same time.

It also features wheels, so you can definitely move it all around your deck or patio with ease. The ignition is a simple push button start, so you get to enjoy the fun of cooking in just minutes-great for hungry, busy groups. Grease removal is a griller’s least favorite job but this one makes it a cinch-just take out the grease cup and dispose of it. It’s concealed too, so no guests have to see it while eating.


  • Assembly is required but is very easy to complete.
  • Height of grill is just perfect for most users.
  • Folding shelves on either side are very handy.
  • Large griddle for big families and groups.


  • Searing section does not seem to get hot fast.
  • Griddle is heavier to move than the Blackstone.
  • Shelves can get hot during use.

Grilling Accessories: Fun for Any Grill

These accessories are fun to have for the care and use of any griddle or grill regardless of brand. They will ensure a fun and safe grilling operation that is also sanitary.

This 7 Piece Grilling Set is great for any new grill owner as a fun accessory. You get some nice spatulas and turners, including the long ones that allow you to flip over multiple burgers or pancakes with ease. Plus, you get a nice grill scraper to keep it clean and get rid of any gristle that gets left over. There are also two bottles that you can fill with water or oil to make your experience easier.

They are all dishwasher safe, too-so don’t worry about cleanup.

Another nice accessory to protect your grill is a Griddle Cover. This one here is black, will not fade, and works on most BBQs like the Blackstone we’ve reviewed here. It’s made of quality PVC, and will protect against sun, scratches, and has a five-year warranty. It’s windproof and even has a reflective white stripe on it.

The product also features a 90-day money back guarantee. It’s waterproof, so if you don’t have the luxury of storing your griddle in the garage, you can be sure it will be okay in the weather with this nice cover.

Wrapping it Up

For buyers, it can be super confusing to choose the right propane griddle for their own purposes because they both seem so good. The only major difference we noted was the fact that the Blue Rhino offered you more cooking space than the Blackstone did.

Aside from this, you really can’t go wrong with either one. That being said, it’s difficult to recommend one over the other if you need that bit of extra cooking space go for the Blue Rhino, if not, just get whichever one you like better. Be sure to do your own searching and read user reviews.

And once you do get your griddle, enjoy using it like so many of your fellow grill masters have. We hope you enjoyed the Blue Rhino Griddle Vs Blackstone review that we’ve put together.

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