If you are looking to top off a backyard BBQ with a good old-fashioned smoker, charcoal griller combo, look no further.

I prefer the taste of cooking my food slow with the ability to complement the added flavor offered by smoking and grilling, which the Landmann can offer. However, you don’t have to believe me. You can read the article below if you prefer further convincing.

Who Is the Landmann 590135 Black Dog 42xt FOR?

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Whether you’re starting out in the world of barbecue, or a seasoned pro, this is a great combo for you. Not only can you smoke meat to perfection, but you can also throw some hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill to please even the youngest members of the clan.

Being easy to assemble and instructions that even a beginner can use, you can feel confident knowing that you don’t need to be an expert do it yourself to put this combo together and start enjoying summer.

Features of The Landmann 590135 Black Dog 42xt

  • For your primary cooking surface, you have 506 square inches off the cooking surface.
  • You have 255 square inches on the smoking surface for cooking.
  • The charcoal grates adjust to multiple positions with a simple crank lever available.
  • 17-inch front doors allow for easy access to the fire.
  • A side door is also included for easy access to the fire as well.
  • You can use firewood or charcoal.


The high-quality design with steel assures that you won’t have to worry about using high heat when you cook. The barrel design is also conducive to a great cooking environment that allows for even and thorough heating.

The easy to assemble combo also allows for you to be able to put it together without a lot of frustration.

Added Features

With the Landmann 590135 Black Dog 42xt combo, you can accessorize your grill with a custom-made cover and other tools that allow the smoking an grilling process to be as easy as possible.

You can also feel confident that you will have ease of use with the large front doors and the ability to adjust your food with a simple lever.

What People Think About the Product

When I decide to add a new cooking appliance to my arsenal, I always look at how easy it is for the customer to deal with the company. Having done a lot of research, I have found customers satisfied and gushing about this combo.

The porcelain grates make it easy to clean and not having to worry about stuck-on debris. The venting system also ensures grilling and smoking to perfection.

Having a built-in thermometer helps make smoking a breeze. The temperature also stays at a stable even temperature well. This way, the customer doesn’t have to fear that the temperature is not maintained either.

One pro grillers rave about the cooking area on the combo. He loves that he can cook steak, burgers, and hot dogs, while also smoking ribs to perfection.


Whether you prefer charcoal grilling or smoking ribs to perfection, this combo makes a great addition to any family back yard.

You can please all the finicky eaters while also having enough space to accommodate a large gathering. You can have quality time and food with your friends and loved ones while enjoying summer with all its spoils.

?Check Out Current Price and Customer Reviews On Amazon?

Aside from the memories, you can make in the yard with your family while they are still young enough for you to “take care” of them, you can also know that the Landmann is designed to get you through the years and to afford you the ability to make memories until you become an empty nester.

There are not too many combos I would recommend; however, this combo is designed for home use while also being versatile enough to take with you if you like to camp. That is a design I can get behind.

I appreciate a company that also stands behind their product and has representatives on standby to help me with any problems I may have.  My review is you can’t go wrong with this combo from Landmann.


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