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Best Propane Grills Under $200 – Backyard Barbecue On A Budget

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Last Updated Feb 2021 – When it comes to grilling, it’s not just about the taste. Cooking up some burgers or hotdogs in your backyard with your buddies and a beer is a wonderful experience. You get to enjoy a nice evening outdoors with great company and pretty good food. You can apply the same logic to tailgating, barbecues in the park, and other outdoor eating extravaganzas. It’s not just about the taste.

Pit Boss vs Traeger: Can Budget Backyard Barbecue Brands Beat the Best?

People love saving money. There’s certainly no question about that. Over the years, many companies have attempted to exploit this trend by offering inferior, low-cost alternatives to a popular product. In some cases, these low-cost alternatives offer nearly all of the same features as their more expensive competition at a fraction of the price. In other cases, however, the products are similar in appearance only. Buyers of these cheap knockoffs essentially wind up cheating themselves out of the purchase price. In the case of Traeger vs Pit Boss, things aren’t quite as black and white.

Top 6 Best BBQ Grill Smokers – The perfect combo. Grill it, Smoke it !

best bbq smokers, grill smoker combo, combination grill

What is the best grill smoker combo – Summer 2021

Last Updated Jan 2021 – Its summer time – your kitchen feels cramped and lonely because everyone else is enjoying the open space of the garden with an ice-cold beer. You start to dream of a cooking space near a real fire. Cooking tasty racks of ribs… outside – like a Neanderthal. Well stop your whining and get out there – start a fire, cook some meat, drink a beer and beat your chest.

Napoleon vs Weber – Choosing The Right Grill

napoleon vs weber grills, napoleon bbq, weber review

Last Updated Jan 2021 – The fight of Napoleon Grills vs Weber has been going on quietly in the grill market for many years. Weber’s status as a well-known, respected brand has painted a target on its back, and the Canadian underdog Napoleon is gunning hard to try to overtake the grill giant. As a consumer, this is amazing news, since it means that Napoleon is working extra hard to produce high-quality grills that are better and cheaper than comparable Weber options

Char Broil Tru Infrared Urban Gas Grill Folding Side Shelves: The next generation of gas grills

char broil tru infrared urban gas grill, char broil bbq, infrared grill reviews

The review

In almost every house, somewhere along the perimeter, often tucked away in a corner in the backyard one will find an urban gas grill. It is often a point of pride among men of the house to compare their particular piece of modern technology with that of their friends. And today this technology has been refined to the point of cultivating the perfect grilling experience.