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Weber Spirit E 210 Review

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Weber Portable Propane Grill – Perfect grill for a family of barbeque lovers

Gas grills have a few things over the good old charcoal grills – they are easier to light, have good heat control and much easier to clean. Weber have been making some of the best gas grills around so we decided it was time to take a look at one of their propane options the Weber Spirit E 210.

Kalamazoo Grill Prices Rival New Vehicles for Good Reasons

kalamazoo grill, kalamazoo bbq, kalamazoo smoker

My first impression upon reading about the Kalamazoo BBQ was, are you serious? I scoffed at the notion that Kalamazoo grills are worth their price. Names like Gaucho Grills or Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grills do not sound expensive. In fact, during my first glance at the prices, I overlooked a zero. I thought, you know, $2,800 is reasonable for a heavy-duty grill powered with wood or gas. 

Our Comprehensive Blackstone Grill Reviews

You will absolutely adore your Blackstone grill if you decide to get one. I know I did. I’m not quite sure what the heck I was doing in my kitchen before I finally took the plunge — why stand around indoors when you can go outside into the fresh air and feed your family in a much more fun way? Using a griddle to get food made quickly is a dream come true.

Alfa Forno Pizza Ovens – The Italian Secret

alfa forno pizza oven, alfa forno pizza oven, italian pizza oven

Let’s face it – nothing tastes as great as traditional, authentic Italian pizza straight out of the oven. Ever wondered why the pizza you order from those pizza chains does not taste half as good as the ones you get in Italian restaurants or take outs? Do the Italians have a special recipe that they don’t want to reveal, or do they use some kind of secret ingredient?