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Last Updated Jan 2024 – There is nothing quite like having a barbeque.  It is an occasion whether you want to have a barbeque by yourself, with the family or even with the whole community.  The Green Egg Smoker is the latest invention in barbequing, said to give you the tastiest food.

Evidently, it is hugely versatile and can function as well as any other outdoor cooking product, only much better.  You can use it for a traditional barbeque, to create desserts, to cook appetizers and entrees or anything else you like.  Best of all, there are five sizes of the Green Egg Smoker that you can choose from.

The Green Egg Smoker is not cheap, even if you find one second hand, which will obviously be of far lesser quality.  Sometimes, a Big Green Egg sale is on, where you could get a reasonable deal.  The big question is, however, whether the big green egg prices are worth it or not.

In order to help you make an informed decision, the following, independent and honest review may be of benefit.

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The Big Green Egg Smoker – What Is It?

round grill, top round grillOne of the most amazing things about the Big Green Egg is that it is so incredibly versatile.  It can grill, allowing you to make the perfect pork chop, steak or burger.  The temperature can easily go as high as 700 degrees in no time at all.  The machine comes with two dampers, so that you can properly control the temperature, stopping you from totally burning things like seafood or fish.

You can also use it as an oven, particularly if you get the Plate Setter “eggcessory”.  With this, you can make pizzas, bread, casseroles or cobblers and they will taste better than if you had made them in a regular oven.  Your dishes will stay lovely and moist, allowing you to make the perfect meat pie as well.

The Green Egg Smoker is what it is really all about for most people.  Because the system is made with insulating ceramics, you are fully in control of the temperature.  Use between 200 to 350 degrees to create gorgeous meat cuts like ham, turkey, chicken, lamb or ribs.  The best part of it is that it will be infused with real wood smoke flavor.

You can even leave your food on here for 18 hours at a stretch, creating a truly perfect dish if you so choose.

The Eggcessories

top bbq, searing meat on grillSome of the most important parts of the Big Green Egg is found in the eggcessories.  These are what make the Green Egg Smoker so amazing.  The company frequently has a Big Green Egg sale on for their accessories, so you may be able to get these for reasonable prices.

Some of the ones you simply have to get include the different cookware products and charcoal, starters and other wood products.  The right wood is what makes a barbeque, after all.  As a free eggcessory, you will have access to a range of different Big Green Egg recipes to try out on your cooker.

The Pros

charcoal grill, charcoal grill bbqThe company has existed for many decades now and keeps going strong.  This is a real testament to their fantastic products.  Because the Green Egg smoker is made out of a ceramic shell, the heat is held in place which allows you to cook very evenly.  The ventilation system is absolutely perfect, meaning you can control the heat in your cooker.

The smoker itself is absolutely amazing, and you will be able to make your very own, authentic, tasty smoked meats, particularly if you follow and experiment on the Big Green Egg recipes.

There is even a specific green egg charcoal that you should use that is 100% made from American domestic oak and hickory, which doesn’t taint your food and produces very little ash.

Last but not least, if there is any charcoal remaining in the smoker, you can simply shut it down, which will snuff the coals.

The Cons

large charcoal grill, charcoal grill steakWe have to be honest and say the Big Green Egg prices are a massive con.  A standard sized one will start at $700, which is massive for what is essentially a barbeque.  Not just that, you are almost obliged to buy some of the eggcessories, not in the least the stand, which doesn’t automatically come with your product (we think the rolling nest is awesome though).

The financial issue is a big problem for many.  Last but not least, some feel that the amount of recipes that are available online is actually quite limited and they would like to see more. And whilst we are talking online … another con is that you cannot buy the green egg smoker online anywhere – they are only sold by respective dealers.

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The Bottom Line – Should You Get One?

We feel that the Green Egg Smoker is perhaps not suited to those people who are able to have just two or three barbeques each year because they live in less than nice areas of the country.

However, if you barbeque often because you live in a sun-kissed area, or perhaps you don’t mind barbequing in two foot of snow, then this is the barbeque for you.

charcoal grill recipes, charcoal grill use

The smokey flavor that you will get, the perfection at which your food is cooked and the fact that you may just end up not ever using your regular cooker again really make this product worth its hefty price tag.

Added to this that The Big Green Egg as a company has an excellent reputation in terms of quality and service, there really should be nothing stopping you from getting one.

Yes, the recipe book is pretty limited, but it is likely that you already have your own ideas about what does and doesn’t go together in recipes on a barbeque.  Experimenting with the recipes you have been given is also a lot of fun. If you are a true BBQ master then the Master Big Green Egg BBQ is an absolute must have.

You do, however, need to prepare yourself.  Once you invest in a Big Green Egg, you will suddenly become the neighborhood’s favorite person.  If you are someone that much prefers quiet nights in, rather than loud, noisy nights with lots of people, then maybe you will want to skip on it.  There is no hiding the fact that you’ve got one, the fantastic smell that comes from your smoker is so scrumptious, it may just lure the bears back out of hibernation.

Remember – you cannot get the big green egg anywhere online and people selling it online are not legit. Amazon does have other similar products which we will be reviewing in the future.

>>> Check Out Current Price & Customer Reviews Of Similar Products On Amazon <<<


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