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Get the authentic smokehouse taste at home

Bullet style smokers make a great choice if you need to create authentic smoke house flavour at home.In our search for the best smoker for home use, we explored several options and read hundreds of customer reviews.

One bullet styled smoker that caught our eye was the weber smokey mountain 57cm.

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bbq ideas, egg grillThis Weber Smokey Mountain Review is intended to help you make a sound perchasing decision by outlining the important features, benefits and limitations of this product.

According to most customers, this Smokey Mountain Weber offers the best cooking results, and you get only juiciest cuts of meats with authentic smoky flavour. The best thing about this smoker is that it comes with 2 large cooking grates, which gives you a large enough cooking space to accommodate a full ham and turkey.

Let’s take a closer look at the product to see what it has to offer, and what makes it one of the chosen ones:

What is a Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker?

The Weber Smokey Mountain Grill is a 22-1/2-Inch charcoal smoker that lets you create authentic smokehouse taste at home. The smoking unit comes with 2 large cooking grates offering a total cooking space of 726 square inches. Each of the nickel plated cooking grates measure 22-1/2 square inches. These grates can easily accommodate one full turkey or ham allowing you to cook for large gatherings or leaving you with enough leftovers to pull and keep.

The Smokey Mountain Weber contains a water pan that emits steam to keep the meat moist and juicy and it also features a built-in thermometer and individual vents on the lid and bowl.

The Weber smokey mountain grill has a heat resistant storage cover and nylon handle. It is an elegant looking cooking appliance made of porcelain enamelled steel, and measures almost 24X23X48-1/2 inches. It comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Who should buy one?

grill model, backyard bbqThis unit is great for anyone who wants to buy a grill/ smoker that can make restaurant quality food, and has a large cooking space. If you love tender and juicy meat full of authentic smokehouse flavour, then this grill is an ideal choice for you.

It is a good purchase for large families, or anyone who is really into barbeque. This grilling unit can cater for large quantities of food in a convenient manner.

The Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker has an in built thermometer that helps maintain a precise cooking temperature, so if you seek perfection in your cooking, then this grilling unit is for you.

Most Weber Smokey Mountain reviews come from domestic users, who term it as a unit capable of producing perfect smokehouse flavour, without you having to put in great efforts or expertise.

What are the key features and benefits?

The Weber Smokey Mountain 57cm is a grilling and smoking unit that is full of features to help create absolutely flavourful smoked food.

In-built thermometer: The secret to perfect smoked food is getting the temperatures right. The Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker has an in-built thermometer that helps you monitor temperature.

outdoor grill, outdoor grill kitchenHeavy duty cooking grates: It comes with two cooking grates that are large enough to accommodate one ham and turkey at the same time.

Porcelain enamelled water pan: The large water pan ensures that the food gets perfectly smoked and retains moisture and natural juices.

Easy to clean: There are no tricky edges, or hard-to-reach corners in this unit. So, cleaning it is a breeze.

Aesthetically appealing:the Smokey Mountain Weber has a porcelain-enameled steel body, and looks pretty darn cool.

Individual vents on lid and bowl: It allows the unit to exhaust properly, and helps maintain the right temperature.

Heat resistant handle and cover:Grilling larger cuts for a long time can heat up the unit too much, but checking on the food and removing it is very simple because of the heat resistant handle. The unit can also be kept covered with the heat resistant cover that comes with it.

Are there any limitations ?

This product has a 5 star rating on Amazon, and even after studying several weber smokey mountain reviews it is hard to point out a limitation of this unit.

Final verdict

Overall the Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker is a great purchase for anyone who seeks to create perfect smoked food at home. It’s currently available online at Amazon at a great price.

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