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Weber Portable Propane Grill – Perfect grill for a family of barbeque lovers

Gas grills have a few things over the good old charcoal grills – they are easier to light, have good heat control and much easier to clean. Weber have been making some of the best gas grills around so we decided it was time to take a look at one of their propane options the Weber Spirit E 210.


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What is the Weber Spirit E 210?

grill for home, best grill for homeThe Weber Spirit E 210 is a portable propane grill that lets you grill to your hearts content using good old propane. This grill has a control panel at the front, and two stainless steel side tables that can be folded down for easy manoeuvrability and storage.

This makes it an ideal grill for homes with space constraints.

Although the grill is compact, and does not occupy too much space, it is large enough to accommodate a reasonable amount of food in one go.

You can easily grill a 20 pound turkey on this, or you can grill a variety of meat and vegetables at the same time.



The cooking grates of this grill are porcelain enamelled, and made of cast iron. This offers dual benefits of being easy to clean, and better heat retention. This shroud does not easily peel, fade, or rust.

The Weber Portable Propane Grill features an electronic cross over ignition system that ensures super-quick and reliable start-ups. It offers good heat control, and consistent cooking temperatures.

An in-built thermometer makes temperature control easy. It also comes with a fuel gauge that tells you the level of fuel so that you don’t run out of fuel in the middle of cooking something.

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Who it’s good for

If you are looking for a better alternative to a charcoal grill then this one is just perfect for you.

The Weber Spirit E 210 is ideal for singles/ couples &small families who want to BBQ but don’t have the time and patience for charcoal. It is easy to clean and keep clean and perfect for backyards and balconies. Being portable means you can easily move it around to where it suits you best and also keep it in storage when not in use.

What are the features and benefits ?

portable gas bbq, portable propane bbqLarge cooking area: 450 sq. inches of total space, which includes 360 sq. inches of primary cooking area and 90 sq. inches of reheating area allows you to cook large quantities of food.

Performance: Two stainless steel burners with 26,500 total BTU-per-hour input deliver high performance.

Even and flavourful cooking: The porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grates allow for even cooking, and angled flavouriser bars sizzle and smoke as drippings burn adding flavour to the food.

Consistent temperatures:The Weber Portable Propane Grill features a front center-mounted thermometer that always ensures consistent cooking temperature.

Easy to store: It comes with two heavy duty front locking swivel casters, and two back swivel casters for easy manoeuvrability. The side tables can be folded down for easy storage.

Fuel gauge: It tells you how much fuel you have left, so you can plan ahead.

small gas grill, small gas grill portableWhat are the limitations ?

It was hard to find a negative Weber Spirit E 210 review on Amazon. However, one limitation that some reviewers have cited is that it comes with just 2 burners, which makes it suitable only for smaller get togethers.

Bottom line

The Weber E 210 Gas Grill is definitely one of the best small gas grills available on the market, and it is reasonably priced considering all of its features. Amazon has more customer reviews for this grill.

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