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2020 Review Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

If you are like us here at On The Gas then coffee is a daily necessity. Without coffee the world would literally stop and then start going backwards.

If you are a coffee lover in search of an espresso machine that can deliver the performance and features of a commercial coffee maker, but doesn’t come at the price tag of a commercial machine, then Breville Bes900XL dual boiler makes a perfect choice for you.

Lets checkout some features of this coffee machine, and see what it has in store the coffee connoisseurs amongst us.

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About The Breville Dual Boiler

The dual stainless steel boilers, one each for steaming and brewing allow you to make perfect espresso, cappuccino and lattes every time. This coffee maker combines the strength of the commercial grade coffee makers and the ease of use of domestic coffee makers into a single package. It offers all the features, performance and quality of a commercial coffee maker (which would easily cost you almost thrice the price), and gives you consistent shots of awesome espresso at all times.

This coffee maker allows you to achieve excellence in espresso making, through its myriad of features. The dual stainless steel boilers ensure that you get precise pressure and temperature control every time.

The electronic PID temperature control lets you adjust the temperature for different bean roasts. Your shot gets extracted at the right temperature and correct size, while the steaming your milk frothily smooth with the three-hole steam wand.

It can well be called a coffee maker fit for prosumers, and can conveniently fit into any domestic kitchen. None of the coffee makers available in the same price range can match the precise temperature and control offered by this machine.

Who is it for?

This coffee maker is perfect for domestic use. From the ease of use, to ease of cleaning and maintenance, it offers everything that you can ask from a domestic coffee maker. However, the quality of espresso can give your favorite coffee shop a run for their money. So, whether you are an ardent coffee lover or someone who likes to drink nothing but the best tasting coffee, this Breville espresso machine has pretty much got you covered.

Features and Advantages

coffee maker, coffee maker bestThe most amazing feature of the Breville espresso machine is the dual boiler with proportional integral derivative temperature control. Most coffee makers on the market have single boilers, so they first extract the espresso shot, and then reset to prepare steam, and by the time they do this, the temperature of the shot has already come down.

With the Breville dual boiler, the shot gets extracted and is maintained at a consistent temperature by the PID control, while the milk gets steamed using a separate boiler, basically leaving you with REAL coffee.

Another great feature of Breville Bes900XL dual boiler is the over pressure valve that allows low pressure pre-infusion and limits the pump during the extraction process, which again leaves you with great tasting espresso.

Additionally, this coffee maker offers great control over the initiation process through programmable pre-infusion duration and pre-infusion power. It also has a pressure gauge and shot clock so you can get your grind right and again – make the perfect espresso.

It also comes with an auto turn on feature so you can set it for 20 minutes before you wake up so the machine is ready to go when you need it most.

This Breville espresso machine offers a convenient espresso making solution for any household. You get consistency every time. There are several advantages that it has over other coffee machines.

  • low pressure infusion
  • simultaneous steam and extraction
  • limits maximum extraction pressure
  • consistent extraction temperatures.
  • the PID temperature controls means perfect temperature for perfect extraction.

It is extremely easy to use, and the LED display offers a great way to monitor and control temperature, pressure, shot sizes and duration. It is easy to clean and maintain. The Breville Bes900XL dual boiler looks extremely elegant and can spruce up any kitchen counter and it is more reasonably priced that most other coffee makers of the same genre.

coffee maker breville, coffee machineCons

The only major drawback that we can think of in this espresso maker is that you might have to seek professional help to get this machine descaled. But it would be required only once in 4-5 years, so it is not really a big turn off.

Final verdict

If you want to give your favorite café or coffee shop a run for their money, then the Breville espresso maker is an ultimate choice. You cannot ask for a better dual boiler espresso machine at this price. You may find yourself just going to coffee shops to buy beans.

This Breville bes900xl review is intended to educate our readers and help them make a sound decision. But it is advisable that you check out other reviews as well before making a purchase.

Amazon is a great place to check out reviews and also purchase this amazing coffee maker at a great price.

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  1. Aga Barroso Reply

    Nosotros vendemos máquinaria de hostelería.
    Cuanto vale la Breville?
    Donde se fabrica?
    Un saludo.
    Aga Barroso.

  2. Aga Barroso Reply

    We sell machinery hospitality centers.
    The Breville worth?
    Where is it made?
    A greeting.
    Aga Barroso.

    • The Kitchen Hand Reply

      Hi Aga – Thanks for your comment.

      The Breville sells online for USD$1200 – $1500.
      Breville (the company) is actually from Sydney Australia, but the product is made in China.
      Thanks again !

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