The mention of a green tea shot cocktail may have you thinking of a health booster containing tea, owing to the name. However, to a bartender, it points to a favorite cocktail that uses Jameson Irish Whiskey. The resultant drink has a green hue, hence the name.

I will say though that the shot is quite refreshing thanks to its fruity taste and it’s one of my preferred drinks for the summer. If you have had a green tea shot, then you know how great it is. If not, you are set to have the time of your life. But before we get to the ingredients and the preparation, let’s get down to what the drink contains and what makes it, oh, so delicious!

What Is a Green Tea Shot?

People have various ways to make this drink, and they all have great results if you follow the recipe’s instructions. The most preferred method uses two parts of Jameson Irish Whiskey, one part of a sour mix, one part of peach schnapps and a dash of sprite. With these four ingredients, you should be well on your way to hosting a fantastic party.

The thing with the sour mix is that it balances out the sweetness of the peach schnapps and this gives the drink a sweet and sour taste. For people who don’t like drinks that tend to lean heavily on the sweet side, this is a great alternative.

Another great thing about this cocktail is the peachy tones.

While not everyone may enjoy whiskey, people love the peachy tones present in the drink which make it appealing to even those who cannot stand whiskey. I have had friends who swore that they could not taste shots with whiskey until they tried this one out. It works pretty well for anyone; that I will say.

And the preparation is a breeze. All you need to do is to get all the ingredients and place them in a shaker. After one good shake, you can serve the drink in a shot glass before garnishing it with lime and mint. You will love it!

Green tea shot with matcha

If you came here looking for a green tea shot that has green tea in it, here is something that will please you. And the great thing is that the method is as simple as that used when making green tea shots with Jameson.

First off, you need to get matcha powder that is of high quality. Skimping on the grade of the powder means that you get to lose out on flavors and benefits so keep this in mind. You will also need water. Get a bowl that can accommodate the ingredients and place them in it. Begin to whisk them together so that that they can evenly combine.

In this case, the best tool of trade would be a bamboo match-whisk. However, if you cannot get your hands on one, you can always use a regular one. Wait until the mixture becomes frothy before you start making any adjustments.

Suppose the mix is much thicker than what you want, you can add water as you keep mixing. The temperature of the water you use will not affect the results so you can use cold or warm water.

If you intend on enjoying the drink as a shot, then cold water is the best option. You can also choose to have some fun with the mix by adding some alcohol to it. A gin and tonic in play with the shot will give you the boost you need for that night out.

Both versions of green tea shots are light and flavorful so you can enjoy them in the way you like best.

Green Tea Shot Recipe

The ingredients and directions are as per one glass and the total time taken for the recipe amounts to about five minutes. Feel free to make adjustments where necessary.

Green Tea Shot Ingredients

  • Half an ounce of Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • Half an ounce of peach schnapps
  • A dash of sprite
  • Half an ounce of sour mix


You will need a shaker for this recipe. Start by adding half an ounce of whiskey to the shaker before adding the peach schnapps, sprite, and sour mix in that order. Proceed to shake the ingredients thoroughly before pouring the contents into a glass.

The secret to making the perfect green tea shot lies in the percentage of alcohol. For one, there should be about one ounce of liquor in play, half of which should have about 40% alcohol. The rest should have alcohol content between 15-20%. With these two variants in tow, the shot you get should be flavorful and sweet.

All About the Green Tea Shot – Is it That Special?

This drink is quite confusing to people. For one, there is no green tea in the mix, and people often wonder where it gets its name. You see, if you were to mix vodka and green tea, the result would not be a green tea shot.

So, what exactly is this drink?

Many people who have tasted the drink do not think that it has any trace of green tea tastes in it even though it looks like green tea. I feel that it is more of a peach oolong tea which many people can agree to, without the bitterness that comes with green tea.

Considering how much alcohol is in this drink, it is quite surprising to feel how smooth they go down and the secret lies in the ingredients in play. When I am preparing for a night out and am looking for a way to get the party started, I start with some green tea shots before I step out of the house. And I can still make it to the real party feeling quite okay.

If you’re looking to have a fantastic party where people are not blacking out all over the place, this would be a good option. Your guests can enjoy one shot after another because they are not harsh, even on beginners and even non-whiskey lovers can enjoy their peachiness.

Now, here’s the twist. If you don’t like whiskey and you cannot stand peach, you probably shouldn’t be drinking this. But don’t take my word for it. Instead, try making one and see how it goes.

The process

There are four ingredients needed to make this shot, and because of that, people think that hacking the preparation is easy. The fascinating thing is that there are many bartenders out there who still face challenges when trying to get a green tea whiskey shot right. The secret lies in precise measurements and lots of practice.

You will find that most people prefer using Jameson Irish whiskey in their preparation and it is not for naught. You see, Jameson has a class of its own which you can taste under the peachy notes. That richness combined with the overall sweetness makes this shot a favorite.

However, this is not to say that you cannot use other whiskeys in the preparation. Go for what you like best, keeping in mind that the quality of whiskey you choose will affect the result you get.

Another substitution that you can make is using lemonade instead of sprite. Sprite is good, but if you want something that is fresher, you should go for lemonade which you can easily make minutes before the preparation. The good thing with lemonade is that it adds a citrusy taste to the drink which makes it summery.

You should note though that it is quite hard to tell the difference in taste when one uses either of the drinks, owing to the intense peach flavors. However, go ahead and try both to see what you like best.

The tone of the shot will change by a given extent, but not by a variation that is big enough to affect the overall taste of the shooter. I interchange the two based on what I have in the kitchen at the time of preparation.

The thing that people love most about this drink is how easy it is to make.

First, the ingredients are readily available, and secondly, it takes a matter of minutes to get it done. At a bar, it is common to see a bartender make tons of these shots in a row without using up a lot of alcohol. I like it when I don’t have much time on my hands, and I am trying to get my guests pumped for another party.

If you like the peachy notes, you can alter the number of ingredients to get more out of the recipe. In this case, I would advise you to have some ice cubes in the glass so that you can enjoy the chill for longer. You should note that, though I have not indicated so in the recipe, all green tea shots are best when chilled.

That means that you should always chill the shot glass before pouring in the drink. Many bartenders often skip this part to make the work more manageable, but these drinks are not all that good when enjoyed at room temperature. The ice will probably dilute your shot, but you will enjoy it all the same.

The Result

I will be honest. The dominant taste in this drink is the peach schnapps, thanks to its intense flavor. It’s quite hard to make out the other ingredients, and this is what makes the shot drinkable to non-whiskey lovers as they can barely tell that it is present.

However, for people who hate peach, it’s probably not the best shot for you. Sure, you would miss out on how excellent the drink is but again, you would also save yourself from having to down something that you may not enjoy.

I get lots of questions as to the suitability of this drink for both genders. Both men and women can enjoy this shot, thanks to the balance between savory and sweet. The drink is strong enough to get you in the right mood yet gentle such that you can knock back a few before you start to feel the effects.

The only person who cannot enjoy this drink is one who does not like peach schnapps. I know that I have stressed on this point a lot, but I’ve seen it with a couple of people who cannot stand the taste for some reason.

And the thing about its appearance is that it makes for a great shot on occasions such as St. Patrick’s Day! As you down your alcoholic green tea shot, you will be in line with the theme of the day.


Though I do not like admitting it, the Irish green tea shot is somewhat seasonal. To begin with, it does not match what one would order during the winter. It also does not taste like a winter go-to. It’s more of a summer or spring shot.

However, if you’re out clubbing, you can always ask for one as a green tea shot works for parties at any one time. And if you’re drinking it for class, you will be happy to know that it is much better than most shots that you would find in a bar.

It has the buzz effect that most people love and it tastes great. That means that you won’t appear like you’re downing shots to get drunk as fast as possible. Though this may be your aim, anyone watching you will see a person who likes their drinks classy.

As long as you enjoy the taste of peach schnapps, you can enjoy this drink at any time. Whether you are easing your nerves before a fun night out or catching up with friends, this can be your go-to drink. And you can make it as healthy as you want by having green tea in it. I’m just kidding! I hope you enjoyed my green tea shot recipe. Thank you!


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