To kickstart your day with a special beverage in the morning, always choose low acidity coffee which has 90% of acid neutralized.

Coffee is the most common beverage used to make your morning fresh and energetic. Do you know what makes coffee such a delectable and vigorous drink? That’s right—it’s the acid in the coffee. But at the same time, this acid can cause heartburn and acid reflux, which is a bit troublesome. What can you do to manage your love for coffee without causing health issues?

Don’t worry! In this article, I will answer all your questions, as today I have come up with a variety of low acid coffee brands that have produced the coffee beans in such a way as to make the consumer’s health a priority.

What is Low Acid Coffee?

Before I start reviewing the best low acid coffee manufacturer brands, I will take an instant to let you understand what “low acid coffee” actually means.

Chlorogenic acid is an acid found in Coffee. When we talk about a coffee that is low in acid, we mean this—chlorogenic acid. This acid is organic in nature, as it comes directly from the coffee plant.

The coffee plant is the king of chlorogenic acid within the plant dynasty. As the seeds of the coffee plant, coffee beans accumulate a major level of this acid, and our consumption of these beans results in a negative impact on our health. Apart from this acid, there are many other acids found in coffee, but they don’t affect our health as much.

This is the reason why people have started switching to low acid coffees. In further sections, I will briefly explain why you should adapt to low acid organic coffees.

The Best Low Acid Coffee for You

Here is the list of least acidic coffee available:

* Lucy Jo’s Coffee, Organic Mellow Belly Low Acid Blend, Ground

This is the most preferred choice of the majority of customers in the United States. The taste of this coffee is so good that you will crave to have more than one coffee at a time. This low acid coffee is good for your health and contains the lowest acidity level possible, saving your stomach.

This is a company located in New York, USA. Run by Lucy Jo’s Coffee, this is a certified organic roaster. This company produces 100% Arabica organic coffee.

The company manufactures low acid organic coffee for the health of their coffee lovers. In this coffee, there are no filler beans. Hence, this organic coffee is preferred by coffee lovers. The low acid content of this organic coffee is certified by its providers, with optimum flavors in the field.

Customers are fully satisfied with this product so far, as well as with the acid content present in it. If you have never tried it, just try once—I am sure you will soon change your coffee brand and become a lover of this low acid blend.


  • Low acid organic coffee
  • 100% certified organic coffee with low acid content.
  • For best result use 1 ½ spoon of coffee powder


  • No statement to treat, cure, or prevent any disease

* Mommee Coffee – Half-Caff, Low Acid Coffee, Organic, Fair Trade

This coffee is widely used by expecting mothers. During pregnancy, drinking coffee frequently isn’t very healthy for the mother and baby. Mommee Coffee is pure, organic, low acid coffee which contains the lowest acid level and is the preferred choice for pregnant women’s needs, specifically.

Mommee Coffee is mainly concerned with the health of women during all months of pregnancy. Women are always advised to consume little to no caffeine when they are trying to conceive or are breastfeeding because the stomach can be more sensitive during this period.

Mommee Coffee is made through a chemical-free process. The manufacturers use the water method during decaffeination. Moreover, this coffee is 100% organic and low in acid, making it favorable among pregnant women.

The manufacturers of this coffee offer various options—full-caf, half-caf, decaf, quarter-caf. Out of these, half-caf is the most liked one in terms of energy and freshness. These beans are properly tested and promised to be five times lower in acid content than the usual coffee.


  • Half-caf gives support to your energy level
  • These beans are available in a great range of caffeine
  • No chemical substance is added
  • Favorable for pregnant women


  • Expensive
  • The dark roast may taste burnt

* Cafe Don Pedro Variety 72 Count K Cup Low-Acid Coffee

Coffee lovers are spread worldwide. More people love coffee than wine or alcohol. Café Don Pedro is a 100% organic low acid coffee from Arabica coffee. This coffee adds flavor to every cup.

There are six varieties available from Café Don Pedro in the form of six different flavors. Many people love to explore the flavors of coffee. Keeping that in mind, Café Don Pedro introduced a variety of coffee flavors to satisfy the needs of the majority of people.

These flavors are differentiated by the color of the box in which they are packed and sold. It is widely used for Keurig and mostly for k-cup brewers. This low acid instant coffee saves your stomach from acidity.

The varieties of flavors available in this pack include Breakfast Blend, French toast, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Southern Pecan, and Colombian Supremo. These are made with propylene glycol to add flavor and taste to the coffee.

How to make and add flavors into the coffee is clearly explained in the directions. Please follow the instructions and read these directions before making coffee.


  • Low acid coffee
  • Save your stomach from acidity
  • Gentle on teeth
  • Comes with 6 varieties of flavors


  • Read the directions before use
  • Does not prevent any health disease

* Mommee Coffee – Full Caff, Low Acid Coffee – Organic, Fair Trade

Doctors’ advice for pregnant women is not to ingest any coffee or tea during pregnancy. Mommee Coffee – Full Caff, Low Acid Coffee – Organic, Fair Trade is a brand that held concern for expecting mothers. They started to produce coffee with a lower acid content, made especially for pregnant women.

This low acid organic coffee is 100% organic and helps pregnant women to destress and do regular duties in the morning with good energy. Expecting mothers who tried this coffee started to recommend it to other pregnant women during their pregnancy period.

This Mommee Coffee is not only useful during pregnancy; it’s also reliable for pre and post-pregnancy. This coffee is designed for all stages of motherhood like before conception, pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, and beyond. Due to the low acid content, Mommee Coffee helps pregnant women avoid stomach issues while being mindful of the health and development of the fetus.

When you start the day with Mommee Coffee, you’ll feel energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day, ready to start your daily activities. This low acidity coffee saves the health of the mother and child. When the mother feels happy, the entire family feels warm and comfortable.

When a mother feels discomfort or drowsiness, this is cause for concern from the entire family. To avoid all such discomfort, Mommee Coffee has introduced the best low acid coffee, especially for pregnant women. This acid-free coffee contains no chemicals or chemical substances added to it.


  • Low acid organic coffee
  • Acidity level of coffee is very low
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • No chemicals are added
  • Available as full, half, ¼ caffeine as preferred


  • Follow the directions before use
  • Check label and warnings
  • Mostly preferred by pregnant women

* Euromild Low Acid Ground Coffee

This is a coffee manufactured in Canada. Euromild Low Acid Ground Coffee is an excellent coffee, preferred by GERD sufferers. This coffee is 100% organic and has 99% acid removed. This is a 100% Colombian coffee. As the name indicates, it’s a ground coffee with an excellent taste that saves the stomach from acidity and heartburn.

This Euromild coffeesealed comes with a brand new, sealed 14.1 oz. bag. This coffee is used for IC sufferers, as the coffee contains low acid.

This coffee is widely used in Canada and other parts of the U.S.A. The customers who tried this coffee are 100% satisfied. Many coffee lovers preferred this coffee and also recommended others to try this coffee.


  • 100% Colombian Coffee
  • 99.5% of acid removed
  • Good for health
  • Preferred by GRED and IC sufferers
  • Use as a regular coffee
  • 100% guarantee


  • Read the instructions before use

* Kava Acid Neutralized Instant Coffee

Kava is a brand of coffee that is rich in taste. The taste of Kava makes you feel like drinking more and more coffee. Kava Acid Neutralized Instant coffee is rich in taste with 90% acid neutralized. As the makers have neutralized the acid, it won’t give any side effects to the health and body. It is rich in taste and you can enjoy the taste without bitterness.

When compared with other leading brands, Kava is rich in taste and good for your health. This coffee comes with a pack of three jars of 4-ounce glass jars, which saves your money and delivery cost.

This coffee pack helps you to save time. Since we use coffee every day, it runs out quickly. With this in mind, Kava introduces their Instant coffee pack with 3 glass pack of 4-ounce jars.

This product is easy to order and fast to deliver, which saves your time, money, and energy. Kava Acid Neutralized Instant Coffee won’t affect your health, and also, it has an extended expiration period, allowing you to buy 3 packs at a time.


  • 90% of acid neutralized helps save your health
  • Rich in taste
  • Made from premium coffee beans
  • 15 times less acid compared to other brands
  • Preferred by many customers


  • Won’t prevent any health disease
  • Follow instructions before use

* Ground Coffee by Norwegian Woods Coffee

Norwegian Woods Coffee satisfies you with taste, color, and flavor. This is a 100% organic premium Arabica coffee. It brings flavored coffee with high quality and good quantity. This coffee makes you feel like drinking it in the morning, daytime, afternoon, evening, and night.

The taste of this ground coffee by Norwegian Woods Coffee is their Premium Reserve Blend. A great and smooth-tasting medium-dark roast blend coffee, it cannot be explained in words—you simply have to experience it.

When you try it once, you’ll have a mind to drink this organic low acid coffee every day. When you start to drink this coffee, you feel like it’s the best coffee in the world, against which none other can compete for its taste. This coffee is made with a premium reserve blend of medium-dark roasted beans for a smooth and delicious coffee taste.

This is ready-to-use coffee which you can make in any automatic coffee maker. It’s very easy to make and fast to serve. The taste of this coffee makes you feel like drinking one more coffee in the morning, and the taste remains on your tongue for a long time. You just need to try it once to experience the delicious taste. It contains low acid and less bitterness, which adds better taste to the flavor.


  • Great taste
  • High in quality
  • 100% low acid coffee
  • Fresh roasted
  • Enjoy any time
  • Preferred for all age groups
  • Extraordinary flavor


  • The extraordinary taste makes you drink more cup

* Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company, Roadhouse Blend

Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee is an organic coffee, specially made with 100% low acid, providing eco-friendly coffee to the world. Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee uses high quality, specially-roasted coffee for coffee lovers.

All the products of Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee are 100% USDA certified. This certificate proves that there is no mixture of any chemical or chemical substance used in the product. There are no man-made preservatives added to the coffee. It proves that there are no GMO ’s, no fake caffeine, and no mold added to the product.

This is considered to be the world’s first 100% organic, Kosher coffee. Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee is fully roasted, with a dark flavor that gives darkness to the coffee color. It is bittersweet yet smooth and tasty. Gourmet coffee is roasted in small batches for a delicious taste.


  • 100% organic with low acidity
  • Specially roasted
  • 100% USDA certified
  • Eco-friendly
  • Direct coffee roaster


  • Bittersweet in taste

* Simpatico Low Acid Coffee

Are you also fond of dark roast coffee? Now, you don’t have to quit, even if you are trying to take it easy on acidic foods. Simpatico has come up with these coffee beans, cultivated in Arabica, which are low in acid and offer rich and dark flavors. This will provide you a full-bodied blend without causing any gastric issues.

You might be thinking about how it is even possible to get this rich coffee taste without the usual acidity. Your answer is hidden in the harvesting method of this coffee. The beans used in Simpatico are shade-grown in  Mexico with a completely chemical-free process.

Then, they are shipped and roasted in small bundles, to preserve the freshness. This results in less acidic coffee which does not produce a bitter or burnt taste.

Simpatico is very mild on your organs and does not cause irritation to your stomach and intestines. If you are a dark roast coffee freak, then this brand is definitely for you. Simpatico is a brand that serves you dark brew without any negative effects on your physique.


  • Low acid coffee
  • Good for health
  • Comes with a pack of a 2-pound bag


  • Does not prevent any disease or health problems.
  • Ingesting this coffee more than 10 times in a short period is not advisable

* Puroast Low Acid Coffee House Blend Drip Grind

Coffee is a popular beverage used in our day to day life. It has been used worldwide. Coffee lovers won’t start their day without having their morning coffee. When they don’t have coffee in the morning, they feel like their day is not fulfilled. Coffee drinking in the morning gives a boost to your day and makes you feel more comfortable.

Coffee infuses energy and enthusiasm into your daily life. Unfortunately, coffee can cause side effects for some people, like stomach problems, vomiting, etc. In order to avoid these problems, coffee with lower acid content is available in the market. Puroast Low Acid Coffee is a coffee that is used for this purpose.

Puroast Coffee contains 70% low acid which is a huge difference when compared to other coffees. When compared to green tea, Puroast Coffee contains 7 times more antioxidants. What’s more, you won’t be left with a bitter taste after you finish this cup of coffee.

Puroast has its own roasting method which is very innovative. Just try this coffee once and you’ll feel like other coffee brands are nothing, because this will be the best coffee of your life. You’ll start to recommend this to others due to its taste and its healthy nature.

This coffee is not infused with any chemicals, so it won’t create any internal problems for your body. This coffee is available in the U.S.A.


  • It contains 70% low acid
  • 100% Pure coffee
  • No chemicals are added into it
  • 7 times more antioxidants than others


  • To make tastier coffee, use 2.5 ounces of coffee with cold water to serve 10 cups
  • Does not prevent any disease

Advantages of Using Low Acid Organic Coffee or Acid-Free Coffee

I have found some amazing benefits that will definitely convince you to go for a lower acid content in your coffee.

  • It’s really gentle on your stomach. This is the best substitute for coffee lovers who are suffering from ulcers. Also, it does not provoke your digestive juices.
  • Lower acidity coffee is great for people affected by IBS and constipation, who can benefit from consuming this kind of coffee.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it suitable for people who are suffering from Chron’s Disease or are Lactose Intolerant.
  • It has tremendous benefits in the long run.
  • It also fights symptoms of insomnia.

I hope these reasons are enough to help you opt for an organic coffee that is low in acid.

Importance of Acidity Level of Coffee

The taste of coffee gives quite an experience to the tongue. Coffee contains acid, which adds good taste to the flavor. The acidity is usually measured in terms of a pH scale in which the number 7 is the neutral indicator. If the number on the scale is above 7 it is considered to be lower in acidity while numbers below 7 are considered to be highly acidic.

It’s advised to have low acid coffee, which contains a pH value above 7. Usually, people who drink more coffee acids suffer from stomach pain and discomfort to their bodies.

It affects their daily activities.

Lemon juice contains a pH value of 7, for reference. Nowadays, people have started to search for coffee with a lower acid content, which is good for the stomach and body. Doctors highly recommend low acid coffee for daily routines. Now we have come to know that these types of coffees are good for health and are highly recommended by doctors.

Now, the next question that arises is: how do I find this coffee? Or: where do I get this coffee? Don’t worry; in this article, I will suggest to you the best coffee without acid for your health.

All the acids in coffee burn off when it is roasted. The acidity of coffee can be measured with the help of the pH scale. A brief explanation of the acidity scale has already been discussed above. When the coffee has been roasted to a certain degree, the coffee becomes sweeter.

From there, we can conclude that coffee with low acid content contains a high pH level, which is preferred to drink as per the doctor’s advice. It’s recommended for coffee lovers not to use acidic coffee which can burn your heart and hurt your stomach. It may cause teeth problems also. It’s highly recommended to switch to a coffee with less acidity for better health.

The Least Acidic Coffee

Coffee manufacturers are aware of acid levels in coffee, and they will start to segregate these variations. Coffee manufacturers also care about their consumers and their health conditions. So, they start to produce different types of coffee to satisfy customers who require a lower acid content.

These coffees are good in taste and sweetness, last in your tongue for several hours, and encourage us to taste more coffee. In reduced acid coffee, there is a minimum content of acid present.

Here, we have listed for you a few low acidity coffees for better health and a better drinking experience. I am sure you’ll like all the flavors, and if anything, you’ll have a dilemma of trying to choose which one is the best.

Coffees with low acid are 100% organic, and 99% of the acid is neutralized. In the least acidic coffee on the market, there are no chemical substances added. This highly reduces the acidity problem, while still helping you to be fresh and energetic in the morning.

This reduced coffee can be used at any time, though.

In low acid organic coffee, the bean of flavors are more refined. The taste of nuts, fruits, and chocolates can easily be identified in this type of coffee. Most of these coffees are 100% premium roasted and 100% organic kosher, not to mention they’re less bitter in taste. This type of coffee comes in different flavors for the different tastes of people.

All the flavors are popular so far. The reduced acidity makes this type of coffee more beneficial than ordinary coffee. Review the list above to choose your favorite non-acidic coffee or low acidic coffee for your taste and preferences.

How To Choose A Low Acid Coffee

These coffees can be categorized in two ways :

  • Treated
  • Inadvertent

The options tend to create some confusion. So, I am clarifying the terms that will help you sort out your choice.

Treated Low Acid Coffee

This coffee is manufactured using a particular processing technique to remove the excessive acids from the coffee. For instance, to produce Brazilian coffee, the beans need to be roasted by applying a very passive roasting process which results in lower acid content.

Inadvertent Low Acid Coffee

This coffee does not have to pass through any process to make it low in acid. It’s low in acid naturally. It is a result of cultivating coffee at low elevations. Countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Peru—which are known for their coffee—have soil types that naturally produce low acid-content coffee.


Forget falling in love—fall into some coffee with these low acid coffee flavors. A cup of coffee changes everything. If you never try any other beverages, just for once try this low acid organic coffee, which can bring change into your life. If you take away one thing from this article, let it be this: low acid coffee is full of advantages and benefits when compared to normal coffee.

It is highly recommended to try low acidity coffee, which gives energy to the body and serves as a tasty beverage. Coffee lovers all over the world are using less-acidic coffee for better health, and it helps them feel very comfortable throughout the day. There is a wide variety of low acid coffees, with more flavors available every day in accordance with customers’ requests.

Low acid coffee is 100% organic low acid coffee, which helps people avoid acidity problems, heartburn problems, and stomach problems. When we take more time out of our day to make the right choice, we don’t have to worry about the side effects. There are no side effects that occur due to less acid being in this coffee.

Coffees are made with caffeine, which gives more energy to the body and mind. Have a cup of coffee in the morning and start your day with more energy. Add some enthusiasm to your life every day.


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