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Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans

Caroline lives in Melbourne, Australia and enjoys drinking wine, pretending not to be a lawyer (although she is still, at last check, a lawyer), making pastry, reading murder mysteries, and holidaying in places that are hard to get to. She trained to be a cook in Ireland, worked for a Israeli patissier in London and is currently studying for her Masters in Gastronomic Tourism.
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How Melbourne Found Its Drinking Groove

Written by Caroline Evans on . Posted in drink

“Tell me what you drink, and I shall tell you who you are”

I moved to Melbourne in 1999.  Working as a lawyer in the city I had plenty of time to drink in the myriad of small bars that wove through the urban landscape – they were a respite from work, a lounge room in the city to meet friends, a safe place where you could sit to relax.

I assumed that that was the way the city had always been – bars, along with food and the coffee scene, defining inner Melbourne for me.  It was very different from the city I had grown up in – Canberra – and even from Sydney, where I had just moved from, where the bars were bigger, less personal, flashier.  But this wasn’t the case.  Melbourne, on the bar front, is actually a babe in the woods, albeit a pretty good-looking one that’s grown up very, very fast.