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Paris Hollywood

Paris Hollywood

Based at the end of the earth in Tasmania, Australia, Paris Hollywood - yes that is his real name - is a cook, traveller and explorer of food. Paris is passionate about how food and drink are made in their simplest, most traditional way. He has smoked fish in Mongolian forests, rolled pasta on an Italian farm, boiled his own pierozki in Poland, and can often be found picking mussels from the rocks with his wife and daughter in Hobart.

Hobart Moules Mariniere Recipe

Written by Paris Hollywood on . Posted in food

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I believe at heart we’re all cavemen. Or cavewomen.

We’re driven much of the time by our unconscious desire to hunt, gather and reproduce. And once I’ve collected the chook eggs and cornered my wife in the bedroom the only thing left is to hunt an unsuspecting animal and feed it to my family.