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Sanaë Lemoine

Sanaë Lemoine

Sanaë Lemoine was born in Paris to a French father and a Japanese mother, and was raised in Australia and France. She is completing an MFA in Fiction Writing at Columbia University and is at work on a novel. She loves to concoct new dishes in her Brooklyn kitchen. You can read more of her food writing at The Walkin Kitchen.
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Galettes – A Family Tradition (My Recipe inside)

Written by Sanaë Lemoine on . Posted in food

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In 1998 when we were living in Australia there was a gas shortage resulting from a terrible explosion at the Esso natural gas plant in Victoria. It was September, the end of winter, and not that winters in Melbourne are particularly virulent, but at the time I recall gloomy grey skies, chilling winds, and a sense that the world was nearing catastrophe.

I was eight, my brother had moved to America, so it was the three of us, my mother, father and I, in our drafty house with its floor to ceiling windows and cold tiled surfaces. Our stove was gas, as was our heating.