There is a lot that one needs to know about grill pans for inside/indoors before making an informed purchase.

There are times where I find myself questioning a purchase I made. I often ask myself what made me purchase the product in the first place. Like, for example, a bad grill pan. I honestly think that grill pans whether used indoor or outdoor should last a user for a minimum of 2 years of constant use.

I find myself constantly looking for products reviews online, but I always end up disappointed and undecided. A lot of the reviews I encounter are biased to a certain brand and don’t really give an honest opinion or review of the product.

As most kitchen warriors would say, “One of the secrets to a good meal is the equipment you use.” I can honestly testify that this is indeed an accurate statement. If you are looking for a real review on indoor grill pans, look no further as this best Indoor Grill Pan review will answer your questions.

Best Indoor Grill Pan

Vremi Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

I think the Vremi Grill Pan serves the necessities of an average kitchen person.

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Lodge Square Cast Iron Grill Pan

If you are aiming for a low-fat cooking style, this grill pan will cover your needs.

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Calphalon Anodized Aluminum Grill Pan

If you prefer to just throw your pan in the dishwasher, this is the best option to choose.

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Victoria Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

Pick this one if you want a grill pan that is recommended by professionals all over the world.

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Grill pan for inside the house come in various brands. There are so many brands out there that, oftentimes, the user is not able to decide which one he should get for his personal needs. In this review, the list of indoor grill pans has been narrowed down for your convenience and sanity.

Our Indoor Grill Pan review will aid you in making the right decision. You do not need to worry as these indoor grill skillet pans are made of the highest quality.

After disposing of the grill pans that I currently own and trying out the grill pans mentioned below, the experience that I had just blew me away. Definitely a game-changer.

What is unfortunate is that most indoor grill pans on the market will not give you the functionality and quality that you deserve. You might think that all grill pans are the same and that they all serve a common purpose of cooking food, but it doesn’t end there.

✔️ Vremi Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

Let us start with something that can be both used as an indoor and outdoor grill as you never really know when something like this will come in handy. The Vremi Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan will cater to both your needs of indoor and outdoor grilling. Thinking of staying in for the night and using that grill pan on electric stove?

You need not worry!

The Vremi Grill Pan will do the trick. Are you feeling a little adventurous and want to go on a camping trip? The Vremi Grill Pan has you covered. You can also use this on an outdoor setup.

Whether you’re feeling a bit conservative or a little adventurous, you have one all-around product that is going to cater to your needs. On top of that, this extremely portable grill pan will allow you to carry it everywhere, whether you are storing it in your backpack or in a hand carry bag.

This is a cast iron indoor grill pan that is specially made for your grilling adventures. With the material used in the Vremi Grill Pan, you are guaranteed a top-notch product that is going to grill your food to perfection.

Thinking of cooking some steak with some veggies on the side? Throw it in the Vremi Grill Pan and you will surely get quality taste. Thanks to its pre-seasoned surface, the more often you use it, the better-quality output.

Once you are done with all the cooking, you might think the challenging part is cleaning the grill pan. No need for you to fret, as this grill was designed for easy and fast cleaning. With the pre-seasoned surface of the Vremi Grill Pan, you can clean it as easy as wiping it with a clean cloth or fabric. The Vremi also features a non-stick grill pan that makes cooking and cleaning a breeze.

On rainy days, there might be instances that you crave for that juicy steak or grilled fish with some side veggies. Well, you won’t have to get wet in the rain. With the Vremi Grill Pan, you can ditch those big appliances that typically occupy a lot of space and just grill from your stove inside the house.

It is that easy to grill.

All you have to do is pour some oil, preferably olive oil, into the grill pan, let it heat up for a certain number of minutes, toss that meat in and let it grill to perfection. That’s it! You may also add in some veggies in to the grill.

You might also notice that the Vremi Grill Pan has a silicone handle. A common misconception is that silicone material will easily melt over extreme heat. That is not the case with this one. The silicone handle in the Vremi Grill Pan is made with a heat-resistant material that will prevent it from melting, even in temperatures as hot as 480ºF.

Given all the positive sides of this product, there are a few important key points to keep in mind. I think you should take note that the Vremi Grill Pan only comes in one size. If you are looking for a variety of options when grilling or simply want a bigger grill pan, this product will not work well with you.

I think you should also take note that if you are a dishwasher type of person, you can’t really throw this product in there as it is going to get damaged. Lastly, for users who prefer to have an optional lid for times you need to cover the grill, this does not come with that, either. Overall, though, I think the Vremi Grill Pan serves the necessities of the average kitchen.


  • Silicone handle is heat-resistant
  • It gets better when used often
  • Works for indoor and outdoor grilling
  • Safe for oven use up to 480ºF


  • Only comes with 1 size
  • Small grill pan
  • Can’t be cleaned with a dishwasher
  • Cold foods tend to stick on it
  • Does not have a lid

✔️ Lodge 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan

Our next featured grill pan in this best Indoor Grill Pan review is the cast iron grill pan by Lodge . The surface on this grill pan is seasoned with a proprietary Lodge coating that is made of 100% vegetable oil. The surface of this grill pan does not have any form of chemicals or coatings in it that could possibly harm you or make the food taste different. Lodge claims that the more you cook in the pan, the better it becomes.

In terms of quality of this product, you surely can’t go wrong with it as it is made in the United States. Lodge is known for being one of the pioneering manufacturers of cookware, having been in the industry for more than 120 years. With experience this long, you are surely guaranteed with satisfaction and quality outcome. The Lodge grill pan is also known for being highly durable; it could last a lifetime.

I honestly think this is something worth trying.

Moreover, this brand is family-owned. Everyone knows that family-owned products are always of guaranteed quality.

With the Lodge Square Cast-Iron Grill Pan, you can do all sorts of things with it, from searing, sautéing, baking, broiling, braising, and even frying. Imagine the variety of options with just one product!

Because this product is made of only the finest materials, heating it up and retaining heat is not an issue at all. You can also take on this product wherever you go, whether it be outside on a camping trip or just at home for a nice dinner for two. You also need not worry about sticks as the non-stick grill pan surface prevents your food from sticking in the grill pan.

If you are aiming for a low-fat cooking style, the Lodge Grill Pan will certainly be able to cater with this need. Due to its ribbed bottom pan feature, the food is kept away from simmering in a pool of oil or fats. It is sort of a drain mechanism to the food so that it won’t get soaked in oil.

The cast iron material prevents food from getting scorched whether you are cooking it on a stove top, campfire, or oven. You may also use this grill pan whenever you want to slow cook a certain dish, as it will not burn your food or leave bitter residues on the grill pan.

Another great feature of this product is how easy it is to clean it. You can either wash the surface with mild soap or even no soap at all. It is that easy to clean! After washing it up, just get a nice, dry cloth and wipe the surface gently.

It is advisable to apply a thin layer of vegetable oil in to the surface to preserve its quality. Afterwards, just hang it and let it dry. Next time you want to use it, immediately get the grill pan and throw in whatever food you wish to cook. Probably add a few pumps of cooking oil or butter and you are good to go.


  • Proven brand and made in the U.S.A.
  • Compact size makes it portable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy cleaning


  • Silicone grip sold separately
  • Could be too small for an average family size
  • Does not come with a lid

✔️ Calphalon Hard-Anodized Aluminum Square Grill Pan

Next on this Best Indoor Grill Pan review is the hard-anodized Aluminum square grill pan brought to us by Calphalon. This product might be quite different from the first two that were discussed in this review.

The first two pans are made of iron while this Calphalon one is made of aluminum. What is also nice about this is that it comes in a variety of sizes and shapes that can fit your various needs at the kitchen.

The durable, heavy-duty Aluminum material used to construct this grill pan is hard-anodized and ensures even heating throughout the surface of the pan. This means heat is evenly distributed to every spot of the pan, which will result in a perfectly-cooked meal. The material is made with stainless-steel aluminum which prevents rust build up all throughout the grill pan.

Due to the material used in this grill pan, being able to throw it in a dishwasher is not a problem at all. I think this is a great advantage over the first two products that were discussed in this review as those do not allow cleaning with a dishwasher.

This is something that Calphalon has an edge on. But if you don’t mind cleaning your grill pan via the traditional wash and wipe way, this won’t really be an issue to you. But to those users who prefer to just throw it in the dishwasher, then probably this is the best option for you.

The grill pan itself is made up of three layers of coating. The first two layers of it provide durability to the grill pan itself. The third layer allows the pan to easily release any food from it, allowing it to have a non-stick grill pan surface. What this means is that Calphalon really does offer its users with high standard and quality products.

On top of the three-layer surface, the handle of the grill pan is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to stay cool even if the grill is in contact with heat. The handle is also ergonomically-designed for good grip. The pan itself is also safe for use in the oven which makes it even more flexible.

With just one pan, you can cook food in a variety of ways. If you’re likely in need of a grill pan with lid, you can opt to purchase a separate lid which fits perfectly in this pan. There is no need for you to purchase third-party lids that might not fit perfectly with your indoor grill skillet.

This grill pan for inside of the house is the perfect pan for that authentic grilled-looking meat with the browns evenly spread throughout the surface. Thanks to its deep ridges, the meat can retain juice and flavor to make a delicious dish. You might assume that since it is made of aluminum, food will likely stick to the surface of the grill pan.

That is not the case with the Calphalon Aluminum Grill pan. This is made with a non-stick surface that enables you to eat healthier by using less fat. Food residue after cooking is also minimal due to the non-stick surface. This makes it easier for the user to clean the grill pan. What is even better is that Calphalon is offering a full lifetime warranty to all its aluminum grill pans. That is customer service right there.

Although this aluminum grill pan can offer a lot of benefits to its user, it is unfortunate that you can’t use it outdoors. However, I do not think that’s a deal breaker considering the other features this grill pan is able to offer its users.


  • Aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable
  • Big surface area
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Non-stick pan surface


  • Grill pan with lid needs to be purchased separately
  • Unable to use outdoors

✔️ Victoria Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

The Victoria Cast Iron Indoor Grill Pan is the last but not the least on this best indoor grill pan review. This grill pan has a longer, curved handle that makes it easier for users to handle the grill pan.

The handle on this one is slightly bigger than the traditional one, which makes it easier to hold. The grill on this one is also seasoned with non-GMO flaxseed oil which makes it easier for the seasoning to be released through time. This iron grill pan is great for grilling various food products such as meat, veggies, and sandwiches. You can use this grill pan on electric stove to grill whatever food you like.

In fact, this Victoria Cast Iron Grill Pan can be used on electric, gas, induction, camping, grill, oven, and a whole lot more ways of cooking. This makes it extremely flexible and easy to use. The best part is that your purchase of a Victoria Indoor Grill Pan entitles your product to a lifetime warranty.

Since the Victoria Grill Pan does not come with a silicone grip handle, you can purchase this separately and easily slide it in to the handle of the grill pan. With regards to the design of the grill pan, the Victoria one has good grip in the handle area. It is a little bit curved which allows the user to be able to hold the handle comfortably.

If you are not contented with one Victoria Grill Pan, you can choose other Victoria Grill Pans as they come in all sorts of sizes. Users can easily choose which size best fits their lifestyle and maybe throw in an extra pan or two just in case they need a grill pan that is slightly bigger or slightly smaller.

With the Victoria Grill Pan, there are a wide range of accessories that can be purchased separately. You may opt to buy a rectangular grill press to press down those meat. If you don’t like a red silicone handle cover, you may opt to choose a Black silicone handle cover.

What is great about the Victoria Grill Pan is that it is recommended by chefs and professionals all over the world. It has been tested by these people and have recommended it to the average consumer. For some users, after cooking food from the stove or any surface, they just want to put the grill pan straight to the dining table and serve it as it is. With the Victoria Grill Pan, you can absolutely do that thanks to its elegant yet functional design.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Coated with non-GMO flaxseed oil
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not advisable for outdoor due to its size
  • Does not come with a silicone handle cover


Everyday, more and more products are being introduced to the market by different manufacturers. It is without a doubt what makes competition among these brands challenging. Pans have evolved from the classic looking pan up to a pan that functions like a grill at the same time.

Now that I have been able to discuss the top grill pans on my list, it is time for me to hear your thoughts on this Indoor Grill Pan review. We have covered so much in this article despite only discussing four products.

Each product has its own pros and cons. If your needs include being able to use the grill pan outdoors and indoors, then go for the option that allows you to do so. Ultimately, the purchasing decision is with the user. Reviews are just here to aid the user on which product to purchase or which products to consider. Happy hunting!


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