Bialetti Aeternum is one of Bialetti’s best-selling collections. Simply put, this specific line features all-ceramic pieces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Bialetti Aeternum 10-piece cookware set is marketed to both families and individuals who want to level up their kitchen articles without going too professional. In this Bialetti Aeternum Review, we will talk more about the manufacturer and the pieces of equipment themselves.

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Bialetti Cookware – Functional and Stylish

When you think of the word Bialetti, cooking won’t be the first thing to pop into your mind. Instead, it would be coffee. This is assuming you even know the term Bialetti. Bialetti is from Alfonso Bialetti, an Italian engineer. He founded the company Bialetti in 1919. He designed an iconic coffee maker which pushed him and his company to the forefront of the coffee world.

The Bialetti company not only pioneered coffee making; they also spread their proverbial net to baking ware, cooking ware, and other kitchen supplies and accessories. Focusing on their cooking ware, the company has been producing and developing cooking ware for almost a century already.

Aside from the Moka Express coffee maker, the company is also known for the functional and stylish Bialetti pans. All their pieces have a uniting theme to them, a look that’s easy on the eyes. They pride themselves that in Italy, nine households out of ten have pieces made by Bialetti in their homes and kitchens. Another example of a kitchen piece by this company is the Bialetti skillet.

Bialetti Aeternum Cooking Ware – A Successful Cookware Line

With Bialetti pans being kitchen staples worldwide, the company has invested much in research and development. They are always coming up with new pieces that incorporate the latest cooking technology for superior products and results in cooking. One successful line is the Bialetti Aeternum line.

The Aeternum cookware features the latest cooking ware technology. These are the Bialetti ceramic pans and Bialetti non-stick pans. These specific cooking ware pieces are also eco-friendly, with all of them being PFOA-free and PTFE-free.

All the Bialetti pans in the Bialetti Aeternum line have a ceramic surface. The ceramic coatings have all been applied at a low temperature, so the emissions of carbon dioxide are minimized. They were also made to be ceramic so the surfaces can be non-stick. Not to mention, the ceramic surface makes it easier to clean.

The Bialetti pans feature three layers in all pieces. The first layer is silicone that can withstand very high temperatures. Aluminum is the component of the second layer. Finally, they have the non-stick ceramic coating as the third layer. For the looks, all pans look simple but elegant in a solid red outer color and a white inner color. The red looks stylish and puts the whole collection together.

Even the lids have red accents.

The surface of all the pans feature the color white, making them all look clean. Aesthetically, you can even use the pans as the dish holders themselves because they make good style statements when you present them on the dining table.

For the technicalities and construction of all the pieces in the Bialetti Aeternum collection, the material used is heavy-gauge aluminum. The Bialetti company made sure the handles of the pans were soft-touch and heat resistant. The warranty of the set is 5 years.

Unfortunately, these pieces can also be delicate. They are not oven-safe and can only be used on conventional stove tops. These pieces can’t be used on induction stove tops. Also, they can only be washed by hand to preserve the ceramic coating. It is recommended to use warm soapy water when washing the pieces.

Aside from selling from their shop, they also advertise the Bialetti Aeternum cooking ware pieces on online shopping websites.

✔️ Bialetti Aeternum 10 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set, Ceramic Interior, Red

Now, let’s talk about the main attraction of this review: the Bialetti Aeternum 10-piece cookware set. This whole collection is made out of aluminum. First, we’ll discuss its appearance. All the pieces feature a red outer color and a white surface.

The accent color used is solid red, also dubbed Aeternum red. This red is also used in the glass lids included in the set. There are also some bits of silver seen on the pieces. Personally, I like how the pieces look together. Like I said earlier in the article, they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They stand out from other common pots and pans with their silver and gray.

With their white surfaces, they make it easier to observe the food. The only disadvantage is chipping would be more noticeable compared to chips on standard pots and pans.

This cooking set features two sauté pans or Bialetti frying pans that are 8 inches and more than 10 inches in diameter. There are two sauce pans that have 2 quarts and 2 and a half quarts in capacity.  There is a Dutch oven with 5 quarts in capacity. Lastly, there is a deep Bialetti sauté pan that is 11 inches. This cooking set also has a bonus of three glass lid covers, ideally for the two sauce pans and the one deep sauté pan.

The whole set weighs in at 20.6 pounds.

All the pieces are made of aluminized steel that is heavy gauge in construction. This is for durability. Because the red outer coating is non-stick, the company says you can take these pots and pans straight from the stove top to the table.

The company also says the white interior is ceramic and is for better browning and easy release. The whole collection is earth-friendly and is PTFE, Cadmium, and PFOA-free. This means that chemicals from the pan won’t be absorbed into the food.

The non-stick coating that is used for the inner coating makes it easier for the pots and pans to be cleaned. All the users have said that the pans are really non-stick and cooking using this collection has been so easy.

One downside is that the rims of the pots and pans do not flare out. This makes it harder to pour the food and even liquids into other containers. Another is that even though the company is based in Italy, the pots and pans are made in China.

Moving on to the handles. The pieces come with handles that are cool and phenolic. This is so the users can be more comfortable while holding the pots and pans. It’s easier to use them because they stay cool while cooking.

Moving on to the lids. The pieces include three glass lids. Of course, these glass lids trap all the moisture and nutrients inside the pots and pans. Nothing escapes and your food comes out tasting more flavorful. The lids also help cook the food evenly all around.


  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Three layers of high temperature silicone, aluminum, and ceramic coating
  • Glass lids
  • The handles stay cool to touch


  • Not heavy duty
  • Pricey compared to competitors
  • The whole set comes heavy, weighing 20.6 pounds
  • Not everything is scratch-resistant
  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Not oven-safe
  • Not induction cooker safe
  • Most users have commented that the non-stick surfaces fail after six months
  • One user stated that the red coating rubs off, coloring the stove and sink
  • The same user also said that the handles melted off, even while using relatively low cooking temperatures

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That concludes our in-depth Bialetti Aeternum reviews. These red and white pots and pans have been rated 4.0 out of 5 stars, with 53% giving the Bialetti Aeternum pans an excellent 5 out of 5 stars! However, 21% of the users only gave 1 star out of 5. For the other statistics, 9% of the users gave 4 stars, 7% gave 3 stars, and 10% gave 2 stars out of 5.

I hope you learned a lot while reading this review. We made sure to give you as much information as possible so you can make an informed choice regarding cooking ware. Of course, it all comes down to preference. In the end, it all depends if the cooking ware set fits your lifestyle. But if it does, get ready for a bunch of new, eye-catching cooking equipment!


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