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Best Ceramic Bakeware You Need in Your Kitchen

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in Cookware

It’s a great day and you’re thinking, oh maybe I should make a nice cake for the family, let me just get my ceramic baking pan.

Yes, you heard it right- or read it right, rather-, ceramic bakeware in the kitchen. The day that I ventured in this product became the day that I didn’t give up on cooking and baking.

It’s when I saw a friend using ceramic bakeware with lids that made me realize that maybe it was time, I ventured into something else in the kitchenware. In the end, it became such a huge lifesaver for me, and I hope it does for you too.

Our Selection of the Best Ceramic Bakeware Sets

Good Cook Ceramic Dish

If you’re a person who has a large family to feed, this might the baking dish you’re looking for.

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Emile Henry Classic Large Baker

If you want a durable and scratch resistant baking dish for everyday use, choose this model.

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Staub Ceramics Baking Dish Set

If you need a small baking dish as well as a bigger one for different occasions, choose this set.

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Krokori Bakeware Set

If you want to get your hands on round bakeware, this may be what you’re looking for.

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* Good Cook 2.5 Quart Rectangle Ceramic Dish

With its red glazed exterior and cream interior, this 13x9x3 ceramic dish just might be the one you need to be added in your kitchen. The oven to table design makes it efficient. At least you wouldn’t have to worry about where you’re going to put the dish so that your guests wouldn’t judge you.

If you’ve been searching for the casserole dish that would be the right one for you, then this might be it. The thing about this dish is that it’s quite large.

That can be a deal-breaker or a deal-sealer but if you’re the kind who has a large family to feed or you’re simply just a fan of making ginormous dishes because you’re simply a fan of giving the extra food to your next-door neighbor- wow I wish I was that next door neighbors, then this might the be one you’re looking for.

This dish is easy to hold and holds to the heat well enough. Which means that you’re not going to have to worry so much about making the transfer from oven to table. Simply slide on a pot holder and taker it out and place the dish on the table and let everyone feast on the dinner you just made.

I’m sure you’ll get compliments out of it too! You can use it during Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving if that’s what you’re celebrating. It’s a sure way to impress your guests too because of c’mon, something that efficient and pretty is something needs to be complimented and people reach to a certain point where we really tend to find kitchenware pretty.

Another great selling point for this dish?

It’s easy to clean! You can’t deny that you’ve been trying to search for a dish that would not only bake evenly, look absolutely pretty on the table and has a large size but one the very key factor that everyone searches for in a dish is if it’s absolutely dishwashing safe and easy.

No one wants to spend too much time in the kitchen scrubbing out the excess and sticky food remaining on the dish when you’ve already spent as much time making it.

So, what are you waiting for? This decorative ceramic bakeware just might be the perfect ceramic casserole that needs to be added to your collection. Besides, if you’re not one to use it, then it sure as heck would make such a great decorative piece in your kitchen but trust me, dear, at some point, you’re going to have to use it and you’ll realize how it was such a worth it spends to make.


  • Easy oven to table transfer.
  • Microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe.
  • Deep and large.
  • Great design and presentable.


  • Breakable
  • May have hairline cracks all over.

* Emile Henry Classic Large Rectangular Baker

Emile Henry is known for using Burgundy Clay and French construction techniques. With that said, the Baker became such an efficient ceramic dish to use and might be the answer to a home-cookers prayer. The fact that it’s also designed to be presentable is already such an added bonus.

This large ceramic bakeware has superior heat retention. Yes, you’ve read it right and I do mean heat retention. Because Burgundy Clay has even-heat diffusion and heat-retention properties, this dish keeps your food hot longer than other ceramics ever could.

This ceramic is also surprisingly very versatile to temperature changes. That means you can put it in the freezer and then pop it in the oven, without having to worry that it might do some damage to your dish. And that also means that you will have the prepping time you’ve always wanted to do in the same container!

The fact that it’s resistant to temperature changes makes it easier for you to use this dish. You can prep a meal and then pop it in the fridge or in the freezer and then pull it out the next day and then pop it in an oven and microwave. With that kind of feature, then that means that it’s safe for even your kids to do.

Just make sure that they’re using oven mitts when they pull it out because I don’t think that anyone’s figured out how to make the exterior part heat resistant so no one could burn their hands when they touch it.

Another great thing about this non-stick ceramic bakeware? It’s durable and scratch resistant. You can use it to make casseroles and desserts without having to worry whether the ingredients that you put inside it would make a scratch or craze on the dish.

The extremely hard glaze that it’s made of protects it from easy scratching which makes this product durable for everyday use. But obviously, the selling point to any ceramic bakeware is if it’s dishwasher safe and this product truly is!

It doesn’t only provide a virtually non-stick cooking surface to use- which is a great feature by the way- but it makes cleaning such an easy task to do. You won’t worry about the arm exercise you usually have when you’re using a traditional non-stick pan.

Another great thing about Emile Henry is the fact that they offer a 10-year guarantee warranty. And do you know what that means? Any manufacturing defect that you’ve noticed in the product when used in a household environment, you can call them right away and ask for their help or service regarding it.

The Baker is a great addition to your kitchen because not only is it durable for everyday usage, but it’s so versatile with the temperature changes that you won’t have to worry about breaking it. And hello, easy clean-up?


  • Superior heat retention.
  • Resistant to temperature changes.
  • Durable and scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean
  • Presentable design.


  • Breakable

* Staub Ceramics Rectangular Baking Dish Set

What makes this ceramic great? It comes as a set! Now you won’t have to worry about the excess food you’ll end up with when you use large ceramic bakeware. You’ll have a smaller version that does the same trick as the bigger one

This ceramic set has a vitreous glass porcelain enamel-finish and is highly scratch resistant. There’s nothing better than having a double feature that makes a product efficient. Because of the beautiful design, it wouldn’t be a bad addition to the dishes that you’ve set in the table and would fit well among China that you’re using.

This stoneware Baker gently retains heat but also doesn’t retain or absorb the moisture that would ruin the taste of the cake that you’ve bake or the casserole that you’ve made. Plus, because it retains heat, that means that the food will still be hot even if you’ve been spending a bit too much time trying to hound the kids to the dining table.

This product also happens to be microwave-freezer-boiler safe and is said to withstand 572°F. From the moment that you take it out of the oven- or the microwave- you can place it right at the table without having to worry on transferring it to another container to make it presentable because of it already it.

Of course, ceramics are always dishwasher friendly and this dish is no exception. Both of them aren’t an exception. They’re both easy to clean and easy to use and presentable. I don’t know about you, but I’m already sold to get a hand on this set!


  • Comes in two. One 5″ x 6″ and one 10.5″ x 7.5″s.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Transitions from oven to table.
  • Withstand high temperature.
  • Microwave, freezer, and boiler
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Breakable.
  • May only be able to withstand up to 300°

* Krokori Bakeware Set

If you want to get your hands-on round ceramic bakeware, then this white ceramic bakeware by Krokori may be what you’re looking for. This set is perfect to make cakes and casseroles and can be of banquet and daily use. What more are you looking for?

This bakeware set features a unique wavy design and the classic white color that makes it a perfect basic container to use when you want that Instagrammable post. The design of this ceramic would make quite a charming addition to your table.

This dish would be put to such great use on Christmas dinners and Thanksgiving and it sure as heck is a product that demands a compliment. The design is meant to fish out a compliment from your guests because who can ignore the great crafted wavy design of this dish?

Trust me, put it in the middle of your table and the room is going to buzz with compliments and they’re going to ask you where you got it. It won’t be the only star in the room, you will be too!

Aside from being beautifully crafted to make a good presentation, it’s also environmentally friendly since it’s made from the high-quality and eco-friendly glaze.

This Poi- and PTFE-free hybrid resists any type of small damage that might make one owner set it aside. It can serve you until the long run and maybe you can even hand it down to your kids to but as long as it’s still with you, you can bake many cakes and bread and pastries and cook for as long as your heart desires.

It’s also made to be durable and withstand any high temperature so that makes it microwave and oven friendly too. It can be used in a microwave, oven, refrigerator, and freezer but do note that it’s not direct fire and induction cooker friendly.

It also has double non-slip handles that make it easier to take out of the oven but do use oven mitts to avoid burning your hands. It’s non-slip but that doesn’t mean that you could use your bare hands picking it up when it’s still hot.

The trays can also nest within one another, so it makes it more convenient for you when you’re not using it and for storing purposes. Simply stack it up and hide it in your cupboard and then pull it out when

Not only is this set great because of the non-slip handles, the classic and beautiful design, the non-stick surface, but it’s also great because it’s budget-friendly! For something that comes in two, the price isn’t something that you have to worry about.

And besides, if you’re going to get something that looks as pretty as this and as multi-functional, I wouldn’t really worry about whether or not I’m making the right deal out of this.

This set is suitable for every food which means it isn’t only meant to bake a cake or bread in but could also be used for vegetables, pizza, lasagna and spaghetti and etc. It could also be used for storing leftovers and for heating it up. It’s multi-functional!


  • Heat resistant.
  • Durable.
  • Non-slip handles and base.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Multi-functional and long-lasting.
  • Microwave, oven, freezer, and refrigerator friendly.


  • Breakable
  • Smaller than the usual ceramic baking set.

Why Choose Ceramic Bakeware Sets Over Traditional Non-Stick Pans?

Switching to ceramic bakeware wasn’t much of an easy task for me. I was so used to non-stick pans that I didn’t see the reason why I should venture into other kitchenware supplies. Sometimes we can get so blindsided with what we think will work and what we think won’t.

At first glance, ceramic bakewares are easy on the eyes because of the wide variety of colors to choose from. After all, sometimes we buy things because we think they’re pretty but never really know what they’re fully capable of. It turned out that ceramic bakeware is just about capable of way too many things that I did not even expect.

When I finally got my hands on my own ceramic bakeware, I didn’t really think that it would work. I thought my friend was simply bluffing but I was trying to make myself feel better because at least I had a cute container I could put freshly baked bread or my casserole in.

In the end, I realized why ceramic bakeware is giving traditional non-stick pans a run for their money. The smooth non-stick surface is one thing but scratch resistant and extra sturdy? That’s something that those traditional non-stick pans don’t have.

Ceramic Baking Pans vs Regular Non-Stick

I do my research very well- because trust me, I wasn’t simply going to buy something and spend money on it if it wasn’t half as decent as I thought it would and besides, you’re probably guilty of that too because you’re reading this review- and I’ve stumbled upon this video review on YouTube.

It was a fairly simple review. Two people baking a cake but one of them used a ceramic baking pan and the other used a regular non-stick pan. There wasn’t much difference in the process of baking the cake, but it all changed once it was time to take it out of the pan.

We’re all familiar with the process of removing the cake. Once the pan is cool, you can flip the pan and let the cake drop on the plate. With the ceramic pan, it plopped out smoothly and required only one wiggle, but I can’t say the same thing about the non-stick one since it required one go-around with the knife before it settled on the plate.

Aside from that, there were chunks of cake found at the bottom of the non-stick fans- which means those chunks stuck so I’m not really sure if we’re supposed to still call them non-stick- so that made me lean more on getting myself a ceramic bakeware set.

Easier to Clean

Here’s the thing about the ceramic kitchenware- or even that covered ceramic bakeware you’ve been eyeing- they’re really easy to clean. I feel like that was the main selling point that had me sold on this product because well, I like cooking and baking but please don’t assign me to dishwashing.

If it means that I wouldn’t stay in the kitchen all night trying to scrub pans or bakeware or any other cooking ware that I’ve used that day back to a gleaming clean look, then here, take my money and give me one.

So, if you’re like me and you’re not a fan of dishwashing and scrubbing that pan until you can see your reflection- or just until it’s clean enough again- then do yourself a favor and get yourself ceramic kitchenware.


So, you may have encountered this while you’ve done your research on ceramic bakewares or you may have not. Either way, I want to enlighten you on what a hybrid ceramic bakeware is and whether or not purchasing one would be a good choice.

A hybrid ceramic bakeware is a term used by two brands, Silverstone and Farberware which are both owned by Meyer. A non-stick ceramic coating is applied to their bakeware hence the term hybrid. It comprises of a coating of ceramic blended with silicone base to ensure that no chip or cracks ensue.

This is almost the same as traditional non-stick pan and also involves silicone polyester with the ceramic coating and since it’s ceramic, it’s also PFOA and PTFE free. So, if you’re considering this option of bakeware, then it’s almost just as good as buying yourself a good old ceramic bakeware.

How to Look After Your Ceramic Bakeware

As easily cleaned as these dishes are, sometimes something bad just happens to them and you’re unsure how you’re supposed to get rid of the mess that had happened when you forgot to check and got too engrossed on your phone or left it cooking longer than it should.

But don’t worry, there’s an easy way to clean the mess that you accidentally made.

Baking Soda for Ceramic Cookware

Baking soda has always been such a lifesaver and not everyone had realized this. Simply add two tablespoons of baking soda for each quart of water and allow baking soda to do its cleaning miracle. Simply add the two together, heat it up a little bit and stir slowly until it simmers and then remove it from the heat. Clean it up the normal way and you’re good to go.

Cast Iron Spots for Ceramic Interior

Distilled clear vinegar and baking soda has always such a saving grace for home-cookers. Add a quart of water, a fourth cup of vinegar and two teaspoons of baking soda into the damaged cookware and heat it up until it simmers. Let it cool and then wash it and do this several times until it’s clean again.


If you’re looking for the right cookware or bakeware to add in your kitchen, then ceramics might be just what you’re looking for. It sure was mine. After all the struggles I had with the usual and traditional kitchenware that I’ve been using for the majority of my home-cooking life, ceramics bakeware became my saving grace.

Hopefully, I’ve helped you with your dilemma. Always remember that us home-cookers are going to stick together, traditional non-stick fan or ceramic bakeware user.

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