Concord cookware isn’t a well-known brand compared to other branded cookware that’s always being reviewed.

But that doesn’t mean that the brand is a total bummer because it’s actually not. Budget-friendly and durable but not meant for professionals, Concord might take you by surprise.

In this Concord cookware review, you will find out why there’s a surprisingly large number of people purchasing the product. You’ll know what’s so good about this budget-friendly cookware and why it’s actually a good investment and addition to your kitchen.

Concord Cookware Set – Top 4 Reviewed

8-Piece Copper Ceramic Coating Set

If you're looking for copper cookware that can be used on induction stoves, this is a wonderful choice.

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7-Piece Stainless Steel Set

If you’re just starting off living an independent life, this budget set will fit all your basic needs.

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12-Piece 5-Layered Bottom Pot Set

If you need cookware that is not hard to clean and maintain, this dishwasher safe set is for you.

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12-Piece Ceramic Non-stick Set

If you’re looking for a healthier option of cookware from this brand, pick this excellent set.

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From ceramic coated copper cookware to Concord stainless steel cookware, there’s actually a decent selection of cookware to choose from with this brand. Though it’s not as high-quality as most professional cooks prefer, it’s good enough for home-cooks out there looking for a decent cookware to use in their kitchen. It also fits the budget which is a good bonus if you ask me.

✔️ Concord 8-Piece Ceramic-Coated Copper Cookware

Among the cookware that Concord offers, their eight-piece ceramic-coated set is the one that’s highly praised by home-cooks that have purchased from the brand.

It’s also the most highly recommended from all the sets that they have. This is also a solid buy because it can be used in induction ovens and there aren’t that many copper made cookware sets that can do that. The thick ceramic interior is comparable to Teflon or tin-lined cookware in terms of durability. Although, since the interior is made of ceramic, it can easily crack or chip if not handled properly.

Cast aluminum makes up the body of the cookware and a mixture of ceramic and copper is coated on it to make it even more durable, and the added aluminum helps regulate heat. As for the ceramic coating, it’s pretty good when it comes to preventing food from sticking to the surface, but it doesn’t do as good of a job as Teflon does. Using oil or butter would be a good idea because it makes sure that the food won’t stick on the surface of the pan.

But another advantage that it has over Teflon is that you don’t have to think about the interior chipping off and mixing with your food like it does with Teflon. For the features, it comes with polished stainless-steel handles. On the sides are also easy to pour rims that serve as an advantage whenever you want to make soup or there’s any liquid inside the pot that you want to pour out.


  • The surface is non-stick.
  • It has a stylish look and also comes with handles to make it easier to maneuver around the kitchen.
  • It’s not that pricey so it will fit the budget that you have for the cookware.
  • It’s easy to maintain and clean.
  • It’s durable so it can last long.
  • It’s also dishwasher-safe so it won’t be a hassle to clean.


  • The exterior is made of thin layer of copper which can scratch easily.
  • The surface can scratch easily.
  • The ceramic coating of the interior can also chip or crack.
  • The ceramic lining may possibly impact the regulation of the temperature negatively.

✔️ Concord Cookware 7-Piece Stainless Steel Set

Often times, it’s hard to find a copper cookware set that doesn’t include too many pots and pans, especially if you’re living alone or if you’re cooking for just two. The brand offers the seven-piece stainless steel set that fits your budget, perfect for couples or those living alone.

The set comes with Concord cookware stainless steel pot, two saucepans and a frying pan. The stainless steel is fully and highly polished and it includes a tri-ply bottom that has an aluminum center which allows for fast and even heat distribution. The steel pots and pans are meant for easy to use and they are also dishwasher- and oven-safe, which means it’s easy to clean and it can be used in the oven without worry.

The size can be a bit of a downer when it comes to this stainless-steel set but is a definite advantage if you don’t have a big family, you’re living on your own, or it’s just the two of you in your apartment. It can also be an advantage because it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to clean because of the small size. But if you’re looking to buy a set that works for your big family, then I’ll warn you that this isn’t the set for you.

The main advantage of this cookware is the fact that it fits the budget. It’s probably the best set of cookware you can get, especially when you’re just starting off living an independent life and don’t want to settle in having your food delivered every time.


  • It’s affordable. For cookware that benefits you a lot and is also of your preference, the fact that it fits the budget is a major bonus for it. When something fits the budget, it’s always a done deal to most.
  • Heat is evenly distributed, and it heats up fast.
  • It comes with glass lid that allows you to see the food that you’re cooking inside the pot.
  • It’s a small seven-pieces set. There aren’t any extra items included in the package when you order it but only the essentials.


  • It’s not very heavy. It doesn’t have much of a solid feel to it like other stainless-steel products from other brands because the pieces are thin. But then again, what would you expect from an affordable stainless-steel set of cookware.
  • The cookware features a handle that can serve for easy maneuvering around the kitchen but the issue about it is that it can easily get hot.

✔️ Concord 12-Piece 5-Layered Bottom Pot Sauté Pan Cookware

Concord offers a 12-piece cookware set and the 5-layered bottom sauté pan is one of them. It’s made of heavy-gauge stainless-steel material and is meant for the long run. It’s durable and boasts a European design that attracts attention.

The exterior is made out of thick stainless steel, but the interior base is made of aluminum which is responsible for the even heat distribution. It also comes with a glass lid that allows the cook to easily look at the food being cooked. The 5-layered bottom is meant to be a thermal bottom that’s responsible for the heat conduction.

It’s oven and dishwasher safe so it won’t be a hassle to maintain and clean. Do note that not all of the pots are non-stick — only the frying pan is.


  • Heat is distributed evenly.
  • The thermal bottom allows for heat conduction.
  • It’s dishwasher-safe so it won’t be too hard to clean and maintain it.
  • It’s safe to be used in an oven.
  • The European design is beautiful, and it also features handles.
  • Durable.


  • Only the frying pan is non-stick, and the non-stick coat has the tendency to come off.
  • The screw on the glass lid can easily loosen.

✔️ Concord 12-Piece Ceramic Healthy Non-stick Cookware

If you’re looking for a healthier option of cookware from this brand, they also have something to offer you. Their 12-Piece Ceramic Healthy Non-stick cookware might be worth to check out. There are no PTFE and PFOA chemicals used in the non-stick coating of this product.

The non-stick coating is a white double layered ceramic coating which not only boasts non-stick ability, but also adds beauty to the product. It has a metallic black exterior that comes alongside with black handles to match.

Ceramic coating has been considered as a healthier option if you’re looking for a non-stick cookware. It’s the healthier alternative compared to Teflon products which have been rumored to contain chemicals in their non-stick coating that may be dangerous to one’s health.


  • It’s a healthier option for non-stick coated cookware.
  • No PTFE and PFOA chemicals used.
  • Features handles that will allow for easy maneuver of product in kitchen.


  • Sides are easily chipped, and the coating can easily be scratched.
  • The bottom of the pan or pot can darken easily over use.

Ceramic Coated Vs Stainless Steel Cookware

While ceramic coated cookware has its advantage over stainless steel cookware, the latter also has its own share of advantages that one should always consider, which is why when you’re looking for the right cookware to add in your kitchen, it’s always important to pit the ones that are considerably good against each other.

Nowadays, it’s also important to know the cookware that you are using because there are chemicals added as coating on the product that renders the product unhealthy because when the coating chips off the surface, it can mix with your food. But other than that, you need to consider the quality of the materials that’s being used.

Ceramic Coated Cookware

Cookware made out of ceramic materials is safe because ceramic is organic. Moreover, ceramic can be a non-stick base, so food won’t stick on the surface of a ceramic cookware and it’s also easy to clean and heat is distributed evenly. Ceramic cookware also great for low cooking.

The disadvantage when it comes to ceramic cookware is that it breaks easily. Although some brands claim its durability, if you don’t take good care of the ceramic cookware, it won’t be as durable as they claim it to be.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Traditional is always the best option to take because it’s the safest bet and it’s also clean and healthy because it doesn’t have any toxins. The metals that it contains don’t contaminate the food as long as the surface coating doesn’t get scratched. This cookware is also durable and isn’t easily corroded, though it doesn’t conduct heat as good as ceramic cookware or others. It’s also better to use stainless steel cookware because of its durability. It can withstand any abuse to it.

The problem with the stainless-steel cookware is that it’s not non-stick, so you would have to use oil and butter to make sure the food doesn’t stick that much on the surface.


Concord cookware is a great brand to use in your kitchen if you’re not looking for cookware that professional chefs use. Their products are highly durable, have great advantages, and aren’t as pricey as other cookware. It’s a great investment if you really think about it because it’s a win-win situation, especially because it comes in sets.

Hopefully, this Concord cookware review has helped give you more information about the products that they have. Thank you for sticking around!


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