Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about Cooks Standard and their cookware. I’ve been using Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad Stainless-Steel for a long time and I can say that I have a pretty good idea of what this kind of cookware can do.

Before you say no to stainless-steel cookware, you should first know why this brand is one of the best cookware brands in the market right now. Not convinced? Let me give you some information about Cooks Standard stainless-steel cookware.

Multi-Ply Clad 10-Piece Set

If you prefer pans and pots that are both aesthetic and functional, this is your best option.

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Multi-Ply Clad 12-Piece Set

With this set you won’t have to buy anything else as all your cooking needs are already here.

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Stainless Steel Cookware is Still the Best

Before you go and rampage on the comment section, it is better to read everything first. I think stainless steel is still the best because I’ve been using it for a very long time and I’ve never had any complaints whatsoever.

I’m not saying that cast-iron and non-stick cookware are not better options, but this solely based on my personal opinion. I have a few things to share with you as to why I prefer using stainless steel cookware than cast iron or non-stick cookware.

  1. I learned to Cook in Stainless Steel. I know most of you only found out about non-stick material when the non-stick cookware market started to boom. Before these non-stick cookware items became famous, I was using stainless steel to cook food.
  2. Even Heating! We’ve seen a lot of non-stick pans that claims that it can provide even heating, but are you really sure that it is heating evenly? Stainless-steel cookware is known for its responsiveness when it comes to heat adjustments.
  3. Responsiveness. What does responsiveness mean? This is the ability of the cookware to easily adapt to changes in heat. It means that if you are in high heat while cooking, if you lower down the heat, the cookware will respond immediately and adapt to the changes in temperature.
  4. Good Price. Price is probably one of the reasons why I prefer stainless steel. It is much cheaper, and I can get a whole set for just a couple of bucks.

These are just my personal experience using stainless steel cookware, and don’t get me wrong, I have non-stick pans as well. There are foods that are easier to cook in a non-stick pan or cast iron, but for most of my cooking, stainless-steel cookware is my choice.

Cooks Stainless Steel Cookware

Cooks pots and pans have been very popular in the market lately, especially since many consumers have decided to buy alternative cookware for their house. It makes sense as more and more articles about health issues caused by non-stick pans keep appearing on the Internet. It is pretty alarming if you ask me, even if most of these brands claim that these items are safe.

I believe that you need to be meticulous when it comes to food. Cooks Standard is one of the best brands on the market creating high-quality cookware. This brand has been in circulation since 2012 and it is one of their best products to date.

The Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad Cookware set is the most popular cookware that they have right now. This is actually a mixture of 18/10 stainless steel along a multi-element aluminum core. Through this, the heat will pass through the entire body of the pots and pans to help maximize cooking performance.

If you have already decided to buy this type of cookware set, here are some of the recommendations that we can provide.

✔️ Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

Before you buy this, think it over. This is the set that I bought recently, and I was very happy with it. Although it is not as aesthetic as the other cookware that you can find in the market, the fact that it is made from stainless steel makes it more elegant. For those who are always meticulous when it comes to aesthetics, you won’t be disappointed by this cookware set.

This is a set of stockpots and saucepans, so you won’t find any standard pan in the cookware set. These are some of the items included in the package:

  • 5 Quart Saucepan
  • 3 Quart Saucepan
  • 8 Quart Stockpot
  • 4 Quart/11-inch sauté pan

So, what makes this a good choice?

Basically, you don’t have to buy separate items when you need them. Everything is already in the package, so if you only need one or two items, you should search for other products. This is one of the best in the market because, despite the fact that the handles are made from stainless steel, it doesn’t heat up when you are cooking. Pretty amazing, right?

The whole pan is made from stainless steel, including the handle, but you won’t even need a pot holder because the handle doesn’t heat up.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Extremely Durable (Can last for a long time)
  • Perfect for Any Dish
  • The handle doesn’t heat up
  • Even, Responsive Heating
  • Safe for dishwashers


  • Difficult to Clean
  • Some foods stick to the pot or pan

✔️ Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

The first one is only composed of bigger pans and pots, but this 12-piece cookware set actually includes traditional pans. Through this cookware set, you won’t have to buy anything else as all your cooking needs are already here.

As they are made from aluminum, you can expect that the pan itself will not be prone to rust. There is some cookware that usually rusts after a few years. Stainless steel is very durable so it can last for many years as long as you know how to take good care of it.

If you prefer pans and pots that are both aesthetic and functional, this is your best option. You won’t have to spend a lot of time buying different parts of the set as everything is already included. If you are still hesitating, you can check the reviews of the customers. Most of them are positive!

The set includes the following items:

  • 5 Quart Saucepan
  • 3 Quart Saucepan
  • 8 Quart Stockpot
  • 10-inch fry pans
  • 11 in/5-quart sauté pan

There are still a lot of things that you need to buy to complement this cookware set, but all the pans and pots that you need are already here. If you are planning to buy one, make sure that you check the reviews from previous buyers. Don’t hesitate because this set will surely be worth your money.


  • Elegant Design
  • Can last for a long time
  • A complete cooking set for any food
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Even heating


  • Very hard to clean
  • Certain foods stick in the pan or pot

Is It Worth Your Money?

This is one of the questions asked by consumers before they decide to buy an item. I can say that almost any cookware is worth buying, but there are some brands that are too expensive. It is better if you just check what you currently need; if you think that you don’t need a stainless set for your kitchen, you can get a cheaper alternative.

If you want something that is both durable and functional, this is your best bet. It can last for a long time if you know the proper maintenance techniques for this type of cookware.

Stainless Steel Cookware Vs. Non-Stick Cookware

This is the ultimate showdown that you have been waiting for and we will try to be as fair as possible when it comes to their benefits and disadvantages. Actually, there is not much of a difference, but it is better if you know about them. Most of you would choose non-stick pans and pots, but before you do that, let’s check some of the differences that these two cookware have. I will be mentioning some of the features that both items can provide.

Stainless Steel

Material – The material is not only focused on stainless steel because it is made from different metals like carbon, iron, chromium and more. It was called a stainless-steel cookware because majority of the steel used is stainless.

Weight – When it comes to stainless steel cookware, higher weight is better because it can prevent the occurrence of hot spots. The only downside is that heavier cookware is harder to move around so it is not a good choice for those who want to easily move their cookware.

Perfect for Boiling – If you love stews and you love cooking spaghetti sauce, this is the perfect choice for you. Non-stick pans are not actually the best choice when it comes to acidic food because the acid causes the non-stick part to leach into the food and change the taste.

The only problem with stainless steel is the cleaning part. It is much harder to clean compared to non-stick cookware because the food sticks to the pot or pan.

Non-Stick Cookware

Easier to Clean – Although some non-stick pans are not dishwasher safe, they are still easier to clean compared to stainless steel.

Food Doesn’t Stick – As the name implies, food won’t stick on the surface because of the Teflon material on the top.

Elegant Look – Most of you are probably enticed by the elegant look of non-stick cookware. It looks more sophisticated than stainless because it is usually black in color. It has a modern look that can fit any style of kitchen you have.

Actually, non-stick cookware doesn’t have a lot of advantages over stainless-steel cookware and it is just a matter of preference. If you think that this is a better choice, then go for it. If you want to use stainless steel, then buy a set. You can also get both of them at the same time. Most of my cookware is stainless-steel, but I have a few non-stick pans in case I want to cook eggs, pancakes and more.


Choosing cookware doesn’t have to be very hard, but you have to be meticulous because you will cook your food on these items. You always need the best items possible that won’t compromise your health. Most people would love to have these sets of cookware, but the choice is yours. You can get yourself a cookware set, or you can just buy a few pieces and get some non-stick cookware for your house.

What is the cookware that you are currently using? Did you like the Cooks Standard Multi-Ply Clad Stainless-Steel sets mentioned above? Feel free to comment below and share your experience.


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