When you have decided that you are going to upgrade or replace cookware, look no further. Copper Chef has designed a professional-grade skillet that you can use at home as well as in a five-star restaurant.

Copper is high quality and used by chefs in many restaurants, but you can also feel good in knowing that your skillet is made to withstand the test of time.

Copper Chef Skillet- Unique Design

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Unlike most skillets on the market, the design of this skillet is unique as it makes the most of its 9.5 inches because it is a square design, which allows you to fit more food in your skillet as opposed to a round skillet.

The non-stick design allows you to cook anything from gravy to steaks, and you will not burn anything.

Ergonomically shaped handles allow you to handle the skillet easily as well.

Who Is the Copper Chef Skillet Good For?

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new cook, you will benefit from the copper chef skillet. The surfaces are non-stick and allow for you to cook food perfectly and evenly because of the quality of copper used to design the skillet heats even and maintains the temperature at a lower setting to allow your food to cook evenly.

You can also use this copper chef skillet for baking in the oven as well, being able to withstand heat up to 850 degrees F. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about warping or damaging the skillet. It is because the copper allows your skillet the ability to even bake a cake while also being able to handle cooking steak as well.

Things to Consider

  • This skillet is constructed with Thermal Shock Resistant Technology.
  • You can also feel good in knowing that your skillet will be easy to clean. You can literally melt shredded cheese in this skillet, and you do not have to work about it sticking. The good news as well is it is dishwasher safe.
  • It helps save energy as well by being able to cook on lower settings.
  • If you like eggs, you can prepare them however you want because they will taste amazing and the cleanup is easy.

Is This Skillet Suitable for You?

I always research how customers feel about a product when I consider buying something new. Looking over comments, customers are raving.  There was one customer who used her skillet to help with her diet. She was amazed. She was able to layer her meal in foil—meat on the bottom, potatoes/rice in the middle, and veggies on top.

Put about a half-inch of water in the pan. Put the lid on and set it on medium on the stovetop for about a half-hour. She had a full course meal in one pan, and it was just as tasty as if she cooked it using multiple pans, etc. That is versatility.

Between the customers’ ravings, I also researched how easy the company is to deal with. From questions regarding shipping and other problems that could arise, no customer has had a bad thing to say. They have their questions answered by professionals who know what they’re talking about without having to be on hold for hours.


?Check Out Current Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon?

I am not a huge fan of thinking I know enough about cookware to tell others to what products to buy. That being said, I do my research and review what others say about the product. Having done exactly that, I would actually buy this cookware as a gift for my family and friends.

There is nothing better than having an all in one skillet that you can use over a campfire because of a great design. The versatility and the ability to withstand extreme temperature makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

All in all, getting bang for your buck is what we all look for when we buy cookware. I say that the Copper Chef has nailed all angles when it comes to making a versatile, durable, and long-lasting skillet that will be a fixture in your kitchen.

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