My experiences with traditional cookware have tested my patience beyond belief and all because I’ve been depriving myself of the durability of Red Copper or Copper Chef cookware.

In all my years of learning how to cook for my family, I have been more than acquainted with scorched or chipped pan bottoms that no amount of scrubbing could fix, the ungodly smell of burning synthetic chemicals, and gross unevenly cooked food.

While cooking has been a hobby and a form of relaxation for me, the issues of low-quality cookware have sometimes made me reach for my phone to order take out instead. However, I recently learned that a solution to my problems exists.

There are so many methods of non-stick cooking out there, but one of the safest and healthiest methods is with copper cookware. Our Copper Chef vs. Red Copper cookware review examines the best non-stick copper cookware to reignite the joy of cooking.

An In-depth review of Copper Chef

* Copper Chef 9-piece Cookware Set

The Copper Chef cookware set is a safe and healthy way to incorporate the versatility of non-stick cookware into your life.

Designed by Eric Theiss, a culinary expert, and Tristar, a company that is well known for producing high-quality and efficient kitchenware, this copper cookware set is multifunctional and contains nine non-stick copper pans and pots.

The set includes a 5.8-quart casserole pan with a 10-inch glass lid, a 2.8-quart saucepan with lid, a 1-quart saucepan, a 10-inch round fry pan, an 8-inch round fry pan, a 9 x 3.5 round fry basket, and a 9-inch round steamer tray. With its non-stick, non-toxic Cerami-tech coating, this Copper Chef cookware set can fulfill the cooking needs of any novice or professional chef.

Noteworthy features of Copper Chef Cookware

Non-Stick & Heat-Proof

From stovetop to oven in no time, Copper Chef pots and pans turn out evenly cooked meals because of efficient and even heat distribution and PTFE and PFOA-Free Cerami-Tech Coating. A lot of non-stick cookware utilizes Teflon to create a non-stick surface on their pots and pans. However, Teflon consists of PTFE, a chemical that burns and becomes toxic at 260°F.

Any higher and PTFE breaks down which can cause the coating to seep into your food. PFOA is another non-stick coating that also breaks down at high temperatures and is thought to have negative health effects on people’s health. Luckily, Copper Chef’s pots and pans have a ceramic layer and are PTFE and PFOA-Free to ensure that you are not at risk of ingesting any dangerous chemicals.

Instead, Copper Chef’s non-stick copper pans are designed a lot like cast iron pans. Initial “seasoning” with oil builds up the non-stick quality of your pans. As such, this copper cookware’s Cerami-tech ensures no additional oil or butter is needed with cooking or frying. This makes cooking with Copper Chef healthy.

Copper Chef are designed to endure hot oven temperatures up to 850°F.

Similarly, the tempered glass lids are heat-resistant up to 500°F in the oven and are microwave safe. With riveted handle also made for comfortable handling and designed to withstand high temperatures, oven mitts are not necessary.

Not only does this mean your cookware is protected against warping or damage from high temperatures, it also means that cooking and baking do not require more than one pot or pan. You can sear your steak in this pan and easily transfer it straight to the oven with little fuss.

Even Cooking Every Time

When looking for cookware, an important quality to look for is whether it cooks your food efficiently and evenly. Fortunately, the cooking surfaces of Copper Chef frying pans and pots are made with copper, ceramic, and stainless steel. Copper, ceramic, and stainless steel are known as great heat conductors. More specifically, copper is a well-known cooking material used throughout thousands of years of history.

Ancient Greeks, the Chinese and 1600s era Americans used ceramic as a reliable cooking vessel because it can withstand insanely high heat and can retain that heat for longer periods of time. Together, copper, ceramic, and stainless steel ensure that these non-stick copper pans are well-layered for an even distribution of heat throughout the pan. That means you do not have to worry about any parts of your food being undercooked or overcooked.

Additionally, while this non-stick copper cookware set can withstand high temperatures, a low to medium cooking heat is all that is needed to evenly and efficiently cook your food.

Moreover, the stainless steel and ceramic components allow this pan to adapt to any and all types of induction cooking surfaces. So, whether you have a gas or electric stovetop, the Copper Chef cookware set can be your favorite cooking companion.

Ideal Cooking Methods

The Copper Chef cookware set’s tolerance for high temperatures makes it a versatile tool for different methods of cooking. The deep set, oven-safe pans can handle roasting whole poultry, deep frying, baking and even steaming. Regardless of what pans you use, you are promised Copper Chef’s high quality throughout the life of each pot or pan.

Easy, No-Fuss Cleanup

The Copper Chef cookware sets’s Cerami-tech non-stick coating make sure cleaning up is not a pain in the butt. For days where you’ve only cooked lightly, a wipe from a cotton cloth or paper towel is more than enough to clean up your pot or pan. You can handwash these pots and pans as well but be sure to use a mild detergent and warm water only.

Harsh washing solutions or rough sponges can damage your non-stick coating. However, if you have a busy lifestyle and hand washing your dishes takes up time you cannot spare, these non-stick copper pans are dishwasher safe. Just as Copper Chef cookware strives to lessen the stress of cooking from typically low-quality pots and pans, it helps make washing up easier too.

Not to mention no leftover proof of potential cooking mishaps.

Overall, the Copper Chef pots and Copper Chef frying pans holds all the appeal of non-stick cooking in a stylish, elegant copper set that can elevate just about anyone’s kitchen, but with sturdiness that can endure over 800°F.

Moreover, its versatility encourages even the most inexperienced of cooks to continue to learn and try new recipes because it is so easy to use and convenient to clean. In the age of diets, Copper Chef cookware can help you be health-conscious without all the painstaking measuring and monitoring.

The Benefits and Downsides


  1. This copper cookware set is long-lasting and durable.
  2. It is a comprehensive set that reduces the need for any other type of cookware. You can get rid of any kitchenware taking up unnecessary space.
  3. Its non-stick, non-toxic coating makes cleanup easy.
  4. Copper Chef is heat-resistant up to 850°F.
  5. A double layer of cermaic and stainless steel ensures even heat distribution, meaning your food cooks faster and more efficiently.
  6. The non-stick coating ensures that you do not need additional oil or butter.
  7. It is oven and microwave-friendly.
  8. It has an elegant design.


  1. This cookware cannot be used with other metal cookware or tools.
  2. The cookware is not guaranteed scratch-resistant.

Analysing Red Copper

* BulbHead Red Copper 10-piece Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

Created by Bulbhead, a company geared towards finding smart and unique solutions for everyday problems, the Red Copper is a durable, copper-infused ceramic cookware set. This particular tough-grade cookware set provides ten essential pieces of cookware that any cook will need in their kitchen.

The Red Copper set includes an 8-inch Red Copper frypan, a 10-inch fry pan with a lid, a 1.5-quart sauce pot with a lid, a 2.5-quart sauce pot with a lid, a 6-quart sauce pot with a lid, and an aluminum steamer insert. This high-quality, non-stick cookware set is an accommodating and versatile addition that makes cooking a breeze.

Features of Red Copper Cookware

Non-stick & Scratch-Resistant

Red Copper pans and pots have sturdy, copper-infused, ceramic coating that is non-stick and scratch-resistant. Like cast iron pans, an initial “seasoning” of oil on your Red Copper pan or cookware ensures and further enforces its non-stick quality.

With a simple coating of olive oil or vegetable oil and 20 minutes in the oven at 350°F, your non-stick copper pans prevent food from sticking and ensures your food easily slides from the pan while leaving nothing behind.

There is no need to roughly scrape or scratch at your cooking surface to remove food and potentially damage your cookware. And on the off chance that you handle your cookware too roughly, Red Copper cookware’s ceramic cooking surface can prevent moderate wear and tear and scratches.

Moreover, the seasoning paired with the non-stick coating requires little to no oil, butter, or grease to cook. Therefore, your meals become healthier because you are not dowsing it in extra grease just ensure it does not stick.

The non-stick coating of Red Copper pans and pots is also safe and non-toxic. Like Copper Chef, Red Copper’s non-stick coating is PTFE and PFOA-Free. As we mentioned above, when either of these chemicals are exposed to high temperatures, they disintegrate and break down.

As such, with cookware that uses PTFE or PFOA, it is much easier for dangerous chemicals to seep and leach into your food. It goes without saying that that is far from anyone’s preference when it comes to cooking. Fortunately, Red Copper guarantees that you can cook with the confidence that you, your family and anyone else you may be cooking for are not at risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.

Heat-Resistant & Even Cooking Every Time

While Copper Chef cookware is made with tried and true ceramic, copper, and stainless steel, Red Copper pans are double-layered with a copper-infused, non-stick layer and an aluminum layer. Similar to copper and stainless steel, aluminum is a good, light-weight heat conductor.

The bonding between the copper-infused ceramic layer and the aluminum layer guarantees that heat is evenly distributed throughout your non-stick copper pans.

This way your food is not only safe from sticking and burning to the bottom of your pan, it is also safe from pesky uneven cooking. You never have to worry about wasting a good cut of meat or fish due to different spots in your pan being hotter or colder. The Red Copper cookware’s double-layering promises evenly, well-cooked food every time.

The Red Copper non-stick pans are also oven-safe.

This copper cookware can withstand hot oven temperatures up to 500°F. Like the Copper Chef cookware set, transitioning between stovetop cooking and oven baking is an easy feat and does not require any extra dishes or cookware.

As such, your mess and cleanup time are minimized and you can finally declutter your kitchen from unnecessary pots, pans, and dishes. However, it should be noted that unlike the Copper Chef set, the Red Copper’s glass lids and handles are not heatproof. While the cooking vessels themselves can endure a hot oven, the handles and lids cannot and should be handled with care.

Ideal Cooking Methods

The Red Copper pan is ideal for one of the most elaborate cooking techniques: flambeing. Flambeing uses a quick fire to burn ingredients in a short amount of time and to burn off any alcohol that is added to a dish, while producing a great crispy texture with strong flavor.

However, flambéing in the wrong type of cookware can leave users with quite a mess. Fortunately, the Red Copper cookware set is designed to endure high temperatures and a variety of ingredients. Other ideal cooking methods for the the Red Copper pans are broiling, shallow frying, stir frying, and whipping.

The 10-inch fry pan is perfect for cooking for large families and can be the equivalent of everyone’s favorite one-pot meal. Its 8-inch companion is much more compact and is perfect for cooking smaller individual meals. The three different sized sauce pots are perfect for boiling pasta and for making sauces and soups.

The possibilities are endless.

Easy Cleanup

These non-stick copper pans can easily be cleaned with just a cloth or a sheet of paper towel. It is highly suggested that users hand-wash their dishes with a mild detergent and warm water, but they are dishwasher safe as well. Just as your cooking experience will be put at ease with Red Copper fry pans, cleanup will be just as stress-free.

Overall, the Red Copper cookware set is an extremely useful and multifunctional set that makes easy and healthy cooking accessible. While it does not withstand the same high temperatures of the Copper Chef set, it is still very stylish and able to perform a variety of kitchen techniques.

Free of synthetic chemicals while being non-stick, and making sure cooking and clean up are not a hassle. What a dream. Just like the Copper Chef set, the Red Copper set does not need extra butter or oil to cook with and as such encourages a healthy cooking lifestyle without worry.

Advantages and disadvantages


  1. This copperware is non-stick and heat-resistant up to 500°F.
  2. A comprehensive set of cookware ensures versatility and lessens the need for other cookware.
  3. It is scratch-proof, easy to clean and dishwasher safe for those who are too busy to hand wash their pots and pans.
  4. The Red Copper’s non-stick coating is non-toxic.
  5. An aluminum layer paired with a copper-infused ceramic layer ensures even distribution.


  1. The handles and lids are not heat resistant and can burn you if not handled correctly.
  2. Metal utensils can damage and scratch the bottom of the pan. As such, you should only use silicon or wooden utensils with these pans.
  3. If the pan is not “seasoned” every three months or so, food can stick and burn.


While there may not be a perfect cooking tool or dish out there, Copper cookware is easily among the top innovations for non-stick cooking. Their durability, unique thermo-conductivity, and chemical-free non-stick components make copper cookware a good alternative to other non-stick cookware and an ideal kitchen tool that can make just about anyone feel like the most talented chef.

Whether you are a seasoned cook or a beginner, these copper cookware sets provide delicious and healthy meals with very little effort. Red Copper and Copper Chef will bring style and elegance to anyone’s kitchen while delivering delicious food without the burden of extra grease or fat, making healthy eating accessible to everyone.

If your experience with cookware has been abysmal or if you have found other non-stick cookwares cannot stand the heat of your kitchen, then we invite you to take a further look at our Copper Chef vs. Red Copper review above. See if either of these cookware sets satisfies your kitchen needs, and pick your new cookware set with confidence.


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