For those looking to go green for the environment, why not try to go green in your kitchen with Cuisinart Green Gourmet cookware?

There are many companies in the market presently that are trying to keep their cookware as toxic-free as possible. That means they are trying to use recycled material in the making of their cookware.

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Cuisinart provides a number of options to choose from and our Cuisinart Green Gourmet review is going to help you learn more about their 12 piece cookware set.

When you look at the cookware products from Cuisinart, there are two types. One of them is hard anodized cookware and the other type is tri-ply stainless steel cookware.

The Cuisinart Green Gourmet is hard anodized and hence is highly durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. You will be able to use the 12-piece cookware set without any kind of restrictions.

Here is a detailed review of the Cuisinart Green Gourmet which will included details like its specifications, important features, cleaning, and maintenance information, pros and cons of using this cookware, and a little more useful information. Hopefully, by the end of the review, we will have helped you decide whether it is right for you.

So, without wasting any more time, let us get into the review of this 12 piece cookware set from Cuisinart.

Reviewing the Cuisinart Green Gourmet Cookware

Cuisinart GG-12 GreenGourmet Cookware set

Cuisinart is a brand that is popular for making different kinds of kitchen appliances. But this brand is also popular for manufacturing cookware. They entered the cookware manufacturing market 35 years ago. Since then, this brand has provided high quality and highly durable products for their customers.

The Cuisinart Green Gourmet cookware set is comprised of twelve pieces which can be used for different cooking purposes. The best part of all the cookware in this set is they are compatible with any kind of cooktops. You can use them on your gas stoves and also on your induction cooktops.

Either way, they are durable and easy to use.

Continue reading if you wish to know more about this Green Gourmet cookware set. We have provided all the relevant information in this review and hope it can help you in making the right choice for your kitchen.


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Item Dimensions: 22.28 x 13.58 x 7.08 inches
  • Number of pieces: 12 pieces – 8-inch skillet, 10-inch lidded deep frying pan, 1 ½ and 2 ½ quart lidded sauce pans, 3-quart lidded pan, 6 quart lidded Dutch Oven and a steam inserter.
  • Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum without the use of PFOA and PTFE
  • Color: Black
  • Finish: Non-stick finish
  • Weight: 24.9 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty


Have a look at some of the useful features of Cuisinart Green Gourmet 12 piece cookware that I found. These features should help you make your choice…

  1. Non-Stick interior:
  • The interior of the Cuisinart green gourmet is smooth and hence makes cooking easy.
  • You need not use a lot of oil or, in fact, you can cook without oil. Using just a little oil to add flavor to the food is sufficient.
  1. Energy efficient cooking:
  • You do not need a stove with a large burner size like you have to with some cookware of this kind.
  • A medium size burner is sufficient to maintain the heat of the cookware. That means you will use less gas and energy when cooking with this cookware.
  1. Simple Stainless handles:
  • The handles of the cookware are simple and sleek, which makes it easy for you to handle.
  • The handles do not become hot even while cooking and hence it can be cooked and handled without worry.
  1. Non-stick ceramic exterior technology:
  • The exterior of the 12 piece cookware is smooth and non-stick.
  • The design and look of the smooth cookware add a nice look to your kitchen.
  • The smooth surface of the cookware is easy to clean. Some hot, soapy water and a soft scrub pad will clean all the excess food residue outside the cookware.
  1. Broiler and oven safe:
  • The Cuisinart Green Gourmet 12-piece cookware set is safe to use both in the oven and also in the broiler.
  • You need to take care of the temperature and make sure that you do not exceed the temperature limits set. While using the pans alone, you can use it up to 500 °F and with lids you can use it up to a temperature of 350 °F.
  1. Disher washer safe:
  • According to the manufacturer, this set of 12 piece cookware is dishwasher safe so you can wash with ease in a dishwasher.
  • It is even easy to clean by hand as the cookware is a nonstick with a smooth finish.
  1. Eco-friendly:
  • This cookware is made of 100 percent recycled material and is eco-friendly or environmentally friendly.
  • They are toxin-free cookware and hence safe for you to use.

Pros and Cons of Cuisinart Green Gourmet Cookware Set

Here is the list of the pros and cons of the Cuisinart Green Gourmet 12 piece cookware:


  • This Green Gourmet cookware is considered best for cooking on gas tops or electric cooktops as they can distribute heat evenly for perfect cooking.
  • If you wish to cook food with less oil or without using oil, then this nonstick cookware from Cuisinart is the best choice as it will release the food with ease.
  • This cookware is oven-safe and hence you can use the saucepans in the oven as well. The safe temperature is up to 500 °F only. Make sure that the temperature does not exceed this limit.
  • You can also use it with lids, which are safe up to 350 °F.
  • This cookware is completely dishwasher safe, but they can be cleaned easily by hand as well, as they are non-stick cookware.
  • Many people say “Go Green”, but Cuisinart has taken a step forward with this cookware as it is environmentally friendly. This is one of the best features of this cookware.
  • The cookware is sturdy, unlike other brands where the cookware is too heavy. But at the same time, it is not too light and thin either. They are pretty well-balanced.


  • The non-stick coating on the cookware erodes really fast. The coating has a short lifespan and hence there is a chance that it will wear off in a couple of years. If the coating wears off, then the cooking process becomes a pain as the food will begin getting stuck.
  • You will not be able to use the cookware with lids at a temperature over 350 °F. Sometimes, you will need a higher temperature than 350 to cook, so this can be problematic.
  • It stains easily with regular use so you need to make sure that you clean them properly.
  • The lids of the cookware become really hot when used on a gas stove.

Usage and Cleaning

  • You will have to make sure that you clean each piece of cookware thoroughly before you use them for the first time.  Wash them in warm water and clean with a soft cloth.
  • You can easily cook without using butter or oil in this Cuisinart cookware and hence cleaning is usually pretty simple with this set.
  • The exterior of the 12 piece cookware set, Green Gourmet pans are very smooth. That means the process of cleaning the outside is going to be pretty simple as well.
  • You will just need hot soapy water along with a soft scrub pad for cleaning the external food residue from the pans.
  • When using regularly, the exterior will wear off, but a little care while cleaning will maintain both the look and performance of the cookware for a very long time.
  • Scratches form very easily.

It is always safer to use utensils made of wood or plastic to maintain the performance and appearance of the cookware. It is good to avoid using sharp utensils like knives, forks, whisks or mashers inside the pans. They can damage the coating of the cookware.

Seasoning the cookware can help extend the life of the cookware by a long time. You should do the seasoning at least two times in one year. The process of seasoning is also quite simple to do yourself. You need to take half or one tablespoon of vegetable oil and apply that oil to the pans, including the rims.

Place them in the preheated oven at 300 °F.

Leave the pan in the oven for 30 minutes to one hour. Once you are done, you will have to remove them from the oven and leave them outside to cool down. Once the pans get cooled down, you can wipe off the vegetable oil from the surface and rim of the pans with a soft paper towel.

Also, you should avoid stacking of the pans on top of each other as that can affect the ceramic coating inside the cookware. It can create chipping and hence affect the durability of the cookware. Store them in a clean and spacious rack in your kitchen to improve their life-span.


If you have gone through this Cuisinart Green Gourmet review, you must have come away with some useful and important information about this cookware.

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This is not one of the most pocket-friendly cookware, but all 12 pieces of the cookware are very convenient for daily use and hence worth every penny. You also get a limited lifetime warranty, assuring all the money you spend on buying it won’t go to waste.

A complete user manual is provided along with the 12-piece cookware set. This manual will provide you with all the information about using, seasoning, cleaning, and maintaining it for a long time. Make sure to read the manual before you start using the cookware. Have fun!


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