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Last Updated Feb 2024 – Choosing between multi-clad cookware lines isn’t easy. Pretty much every modern company makes cookware to a similar set of specifications: you get alternating steel and aluminum for heat distribution and durability, a stainless cooking surface that will last more-or-less forever, and metal handles and lids for improved oven safety.
The things that separate one brand from another are often smaller details, like the lack of rolled rims or the exact length of a warranty.
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Demeyere seems to mock the status quo with each of their cookware lines. Each and every feature of their pots and pans challenges the competition by being very slightly better than the rest of the market.

Instead of a normal stainless exterior, for example, many of their lines have an electrochemical treatment called Silvinox that makes 18/10 steel a bit shinier, harder, and more resistant to corrosion.

Their multi-ply cookware often features an extra layer or two of stainless to protect the softer magnetic core, while the rolled rims and stay-cool handles have a bit of extra flair to them that other brands can’t manage.

The thing that most impresses me about Demeyere, however, is its warranty support. While some brands offer “lifetime” warranties, these aren’t always useful to me as a consumer. Many companies claim to offer “lifetime” support while rejecting most warranty claims due to “product misuse.”

Demeyere does not do that. Instead, their warranty tells you how long they expect their cookware to last: thirty years. Should your pots or pans warp, break, or fail during those thirty years, they’ll be replaced.

So how does an actual cookware set hold up?

Here are some of the top Demeyere sets available right now, and why I think they’re worth considering over options like All-Clad and Zwilling.


Atlantis Intro Set

If you’ve got an induction range, they’re better and faster at heating up than most steel pots and pans.

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Industry 5-ply Set

If you’re after a slightly bigger set, this one offers more pots and pans without adding a lot of extra cost.

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Atlantis Fry Pan

If you’d like to try out Demeyere quality without buying a whole cookware set, this skillet is a perfect choice.

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5-ply Saute Pan

If you’d prefer something a bit more versatile for a wider range of recipes and cooking styles, try out this saute pan.

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Demeyere Atlantis Intro Set

best stainless steel pots and pans set, stainless steel pots and pans reviewsAtlantis is one of Demeyere’s most distinctive lines. It’s a 7-ply collection that features the signature Silvinoux exteriors and extra induction layers that set Demeyere apart from other cookware brands. This set is somewhat pricey and small, but it’s one of the finest cookware sets you can buy, period.

If you’ve read my other cookware reviews you might have noticed that I’m not usually a fan of 5-ply cookware. I’ll go on about the benefits of 3-ply for quite a while, but when it comes to adding an extra two layers, I’m not the world’s biggest fan. I’m not entirely convinced the benefits of going from 3 to 5 layers of metal is worth the additional cost. So why am I so enthused with this 7-ply set?

For starters, one of the biggest reasons I like this set is the way it handles on an induction range. It’s not massively better than the competition — actual tests show that it’s maybe 10% more efficient than All-Clad on an induction range — but induction cooking with a proper pot or pan is already a wonderfully pleasant and efficient experience. The fact that Demeyere has somehow made their pots and pans even better is frankly amazing.

The other big reason is that 7 is a lot more than 3. When people talk up 5-ply cookware, they usually mention the superior heat distribution and retention. In my experience, it’s tough to notice a big difference going from 3-ply to 5-ply. Going from 3 to 7, however, is a pretty big jump. These pots and pans can retain heat nearly as well as cast iron, at least from a theoretical perspective. This means that they won’t cool down a lot when you add a cold steak or a bunch of frozen vegetables to a hot pan.

While these pots and pans are expensive, they’re quite durable. They’re made entirely from durable metals that won’t bend, warp, or break during normal kitchen use. Each pot and pan is covered by a 30-year warranty, giving you a clear indication that Demeyere expects their products to last for literal decades.

It’s worth noting that while these pots and pans are noticeably well-made and durable, they’re also quite heavy. This is mostly due to the extra layers of metal involved in the jump to 7-ply. Most home cooks shouldn’t notice a big difference in how they use their pots and pans, but if you regularly juggle food while you sautee or otherwise move your pans around a lot, you might want to supplement this set with a lighter frying pan or two.

stainless steel pots and pans on sale, stainless steel pots and pans set reviewsOverall, this is one of my favorite cookware sets, period. The extra material used in these pots and pans makes them great at retaining heat, while the unique finish makes them shinier and more durable than the competition.

If you’ve got an induction range, they’re even better and faster at heating up than most steel pots and pans, giving you impressively low boiling times. Even on a gas or traditional electric range, the aluminum core ensures that you get quick, even heating for precise temperature control.

The only downsides to this set are the cost and the small number of pieces. For me, these aren’t major hurdles. This cookware set will last a lifetime with a modicum of care, and while it’s small, it still gives you everything you need to cook just about every type of dish. If you feel like you need more pots and pans, try supplementing this set with a midrange non-stick set from a brand like Kirkland Signature or Ballarini.

Demeyere makes several very slight variations on this line. Demeyere Silver7 is a version with slightly different handles and lids that’s sold at Sur La Table. If you’ve heard people talk about a Demeyere Proline Skillet, they’re referring to a product that’s essentially identical to the skillet in this set. It’s just sold under a different name. Feel free to pick up whichever version is cheaper in your area.

Demeyere Industry Stainless Steel Cookware Set

If you’re after a slightly bigger set, this 5-ply Demeyere line offers more pots and pans without adding a lot of extra cost. It’s still got the trademark Silivnox treatment that makes the exterior of each pot and pan more durable and shiny than competing brands.

high quality stainless steel pots and pans, stainless steel cooking pans for saleThere’s a lot in common between the 5-ply Industry line and the Atlantis (or Silver7 or Proline) line reviewed above. The big difference here is that the Industry collection doesn’t have the extra two layers that make the Atlantis line work with induction so well. Instead, it’s simply comparable to other steel pots and pans when it comes to induction efficiency.

For most people, this isn’t a huge downside. Even if you have an induction range, the Industry line will perform wonderfully. It just won’t have the heat turned up to “11.” Instead, you’ll be stuck with the “normal” fantastically quick heating of induction-compatible cookware.

The lack of these extra layers does reduce the ability of these pots and pans to retain heat by a little bit. In theory, this means that slapping a cold steak or some chilled vegetables on a hot Industry pan will drop the temperature of the pan a little bit more than if you had used 7-ply Atlantis cookware. In practice, you’re probably not going to notice this at all. The 5 layers used in Industry cookware are more than enough to retain plenty of heat for normal cooking.

Overall, this cookware set remains one of my favorites. It’s definitely worth buying over Atlantis if you’ve got a gas range and you’d like a slightly bigger cookware set. With high-quality Demeyere construction and a 30-year warranty, it’s a fantastically durable set that’s right at home in any kitchen.

Demeyere Atlantis Stainless Steel Fry Pan

good quality stainless steel pots and pans, best quality stainless steel pots and pansWhether you want a frying pan or two to round out your Atlantis set or you’d like to try out Demeyere quality without buying a whole cookware set, this Atlantis Proline skillet is a perfect choice.

You’ll get to try out the signature Silivnox exterior, the improved induction compatibility, and the trademark Demeyere quality without spending anywhere near as much money.

Best of all, the 7-ply construction makes this pan ideal for holding large amounts of heat, meaning that it’s a perfect pan for searing a steak.

Demeyere Stainless Steel Saute Pan

best stainless steel pots and pans 2024, stainless steel pots and pans safeIf you’d prefer something a bit more versatile, try out this 3-quart saute pan instead. The large, flat base is ideal for sauteing and searing, while the straight sides and lid make this pan a pretty good vessel for cooking liquid dishes.

This makes it ideal for cooking meat, making a pan sauce, and then reducing the sauce down to a thick liquid. It’s also perfect for 1-pot chilies, stews, and other dishes.

While you miss out on the full 7-layer experience, it’s a fantastic way to try out the Silivinox exterior with a wider range of recipes and cooking styles.

Demeyere: A Top-Quality Brand With Top-Quality Cookware

When it comes to multi-clad cookware, All-Clad is king. While you can beat All-Clad’s prices with brands like Kirkland, Viking, or Cuisinart, it’s harder to claim that those brands beat All-Clad on quality and features.

Demeyere can make that claim easily. Its cookware is impressively engineered, wonderfully durable, and possesses a unique set of features that gives All-Clad a run for its money. If you want the very best multi-clad cookware on the market, Demeyere is definitely one of the best choices.


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