Epicurious Cookware is a real game-changer. Since I was a child, I have always been interested in cooking. There were different kinds of dishes that I wanted to make.

However, I always felt that I was lacking the right cookware. I spent countless hours trying to find the best ones. I needed pans, non-stick cookware, spatulas, etc. These were the ones that make a major impact when making a dish.

Little did I know this kind of cookware could be found in Epicurious’s line. Well, I got to give them a go, and the result is this Epicurious Cookware Review to give you a better understanding about the product.

Epicurious Cookware

Arctic Blue Aluminum Nonstick Set

These are eye-catching cookware that’ll also help in adding more color and diversity to your kitchen.

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Copper Aluminum Nonstick Set

This set houses 3 extra materials that guarantee an even better experience when cooking.

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There are a lot of options in choosing the best cookware. You have to filter them down based on different criteria like pfoa free cookware or even having colorful cookware sets.

I’ve used a lot of different cookware in the past, but I believe that Epicurious Aluminum Cookware has fixed all my cookware problems. Epicurious cookware has always given me the things that I need. Their cooking sets come in nice, cute colors — very easy on the eyes.

Epicurious cookware also has a wide array of usable items that give you a feeling of convenience when cooking. I have tried many other types of kitchen cookware out there, and none of them feel the same way as the Epicurious cookware does. Using this kind of cookware has given me an irresistible balance of comfort and convenience. If these are things that you are interested in, then this guide will surely help you achieve that goal.

Epicurious pots and pans

Epicurious has many different kinds of pots and pans in their range of products. They make sure that the users have lots of different kits in their arsenal.

* Epicurious Aluminum Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set in Arctic Blue

The first Epicurious product that we’re going to be reviewing will be the 11-piece set in arctic blue. The color alone should already be able to entice you. They have a serene color that reminds you of calmness and serenity. This is eye-catching cookware that’ll also help in adding more color and diversity to your kitchen.

These Epicurious pots are made with heavy-gauge aluminum that’ll guarantee longer-lasting cookware, along with a stainless-steel base that aids in quick distribution of heat along its surface.

These will aid you in cooking like a professional chef.

You might also be wondering: can these pots and pans also be used for baking? The answer is a definite yes. The arctic blue cookware can withstand heat up to 350ºF. This little cookware is a great asset when making something that’s too hot to handle.

Epicurious cookware also comes with a stainless-steel rim to ensure durability, and also a clear glass lid so you can monitor the process. This lessens the need of opening the lid to check the status of your dish, making it cook fast and keeping the moisture inside your pots.

What’s in the box?


Epicurious aluminum cookware comes with its own 1.5qt and 2.5qt saucepan. This is a round cooking device or utensil, normally equipped with a long handle. The lid is carefully designed to make it tight-fitting. The material used is aluminum with stainless steel and some cast iron. This saucepan has many different uses for cooking. One major use of it is for boiling water, braising food and even creating sauces and soups.


Epicurious comes with 2 fry pans. The ones provided are 8” and 10”. These are the shallow and flat-bottomed pans. Epicurious cookware makes their pans super lightweight.

Their frypans are created with cast iron and aluminum, a combination of which makes the pans easy to handle and evens out the heat. These fry pans are able to cook with high heat without damaging the pan itself. These fry pans are guaranteed to last longer because of their sturdiness.

Sauté Pan

These pans come in a 1-qt size with their own lid. The Epicurious saucepan is a medium length saucepan. Due to its elongated nature, the temperature inside occurs rapidly, making slow-cooked food cook faster.

Epicurious sauté pans have a way of evening the heat across the dish maintaining the same consistency and taste throughout the dish. The Epicurious sauté pan has great quality and durability that will last longer than expected.

Stock Pot

The stock pot by Epicurious cookware houses a large and deep pot with the size of 8qt. I have created different kinds of dishes using the Epicurious stockpot. This stock pot is technically designed for multiple purposes at home.

The size of this stock pot has made it easier to stir and deal with certain food ingredients for your stock or soup. The aluminum also conducts heat well enough within the pot, giving an even cooking for soups and dishes.

Also, you get your very own Universal stainless-steel steamer and more. The whole set is a must-have if you’ve decided to pursue a passion for cooking. In addition to being durable and convenient, this Epicurious cookware is also induction ready and easy to clean.


  • Stylish and easy on the eyes.
  • Induction heater ready.
  • Light and durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Non-stick cookware which means it is easy to clean.
  • Well-designed aluminum that cooks food evenly.
  • Different variety of sizes.


  • Some users are against the vivid color or arctic blue.
  • Some users experienced peeling of the color.
  • Lid replacements are hard to find.

* Epicurious 14-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set – Copper

For our next cookware set, this one offers more cooking ware. As compared to the 11-piece aluminum cookware set, this one has 14 pieces.

The copper color of this cookware focuses on basic and earthy tones. These guarantee an easier match with the earthy tones frequently used on the household kitchen’s nowadays. Having 3 extra more pieces of cookware helps with finding the perfect equipment necessary for the dish you are trying to create.

This aluminum cookware set is made with shatter-resistant lids and also a base that is bonded with steel. This guarantees that the product is durable and long-lasting. Using cookware that’s durable and lasts long will give you your bang for your buck.

Whether this product falls from your kitchen counter top or experiences any kinds of physical stress, it is guaranteed to withstand long lasting physical effects due to its shatter-resistant nature. These pans and pots are also coated with high quality paint and material that can withstand up to 350ºF.

This makes the cookware ideal for baking or high-heat dishes.

The Epicurious aluminum cookware is also well-designed and fits any cooking-top. The accurate shape and size make it suitable for any kind of household. All of the food will definitely be cooked evenly. The cookware is also lightweight and easy to store.

What’s in the box?

This variant of the Epicurious cookware houses 3 extra materials that guarantee an even better experience when cooking.

Stockpot with lid

This stockpot also provides the comfort and utility that is needed for when you are creating soups and stocks. The deep curvature and size of this pot makes it easier to add ingredients, stir, and even store leftover food.

Stainless Steel Pasta Insert

This is also known as the Pasta Pot. Epicurious cookware gives you this extra piece when you purchase the 14-piece aluminum cookware. This Pasta Insert is commonly used by food addicts because it makes pasta easier to cook.

The Epicurious pasta pot consists of a large pot, and in the inside, a smaller pot is provided. The smaller pot for the stainless-steel pasta insert is designed with a lot of little holes around its side. This small pot resembles a strainer. They not only make the cooking of the pasta simple, but they make it fun and easy.

Sauté Pans

For this variant of the Epicurious cookware, there are 2 sauté pans of different sizes: a 2.5qt pan and also a 4qt sauté pan. The different sizes are convenient for me, as I can use one or another depending on how much I want to cook. The sauté pans by Epicurious are sturdy and long-lasting as well. I have been using this most often because they are easy to use and very light.


Another great cooking utensil by Epicurious cookware.


The 12” skillet provided by epicurious cookware is a great addition to your cookware. It sports a very stylish design that utilizes the 12” width. This non-stick aluminum pan is oven safe, dishwasher safe, and also induction ready.

Making it a really efficient tool for your kitchen. I have personally used this over and over again when I want to cook different kinds of food on the same cookware. This is my go-to pan when I cook delicious breakfast for my family. The flat surface makes it easy for me to cook some pancakes and even flip them easily. Having an open area for the griddle has made sure that the food that I cook doesn’t have any leftover moisture.

Open Fry Pan

Sauté pans of different sizes, 2 saucepans of different sizes, a 12” skillet with a lid, 12” griddle and a 10” open fry pan.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Copper color gives an earthy tone pleasing to the eyes.
  • Even distribution of heat.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to wash because of the non-stick pans.


  • Users reported that the copper color can be easily scratched off.
  • Hard to find replacement lids.


Nowadays there are different kinds of cooking methods and cooking styles. All of which use different kinds of cookware necessary for a certain dish. Different kinds of cookware yield different results depending on which type of cookware.

If you believe in quality, durability and long-lasting cooking ware, then make sure to follow one of the Epicurious cookware reviews mentioned above.


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