Owning stylish and trendy cookware like Finnhomy cookware enhances the style quotient of your kitchen and makes cooking completely hassle-free.

The cookware models available on the market are high on promises but don’t deliver. Especially the ceramic coated models which easily chip and lose their shine after some time. And not to mention the harm non-stick coating chemicals can cause. We were initially wary of testing another cookware brand that spouted the same promises. But after we tested the pots and pans of Finnhomy Cookware we were really surprised.

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Of the various cookware sets available in the stores for use on gas stoves, we find Finnhomy is a good choice, especially when we’re talking economically priced aluminum cookware. This Finnhomy Cookware Reviews article will tell you everything about this cookware set. The cookware is serviceable and its non-stick coating makes cooking and cleaning easier than ever before.

What do people look for while shopping for cookware?

After experimenting with different cookware types and reading customer reviews, we find that safe and durable coating, convenient design, and sturdy construction are important things to look for in the best aluminum cookware.

Does Finnhomy cookware meet these requirements? We have put together a complete Finnhomy cookware review that gives detailed information on the product, so you can decide whether it satisfies what you are looking for in aluminum cookware.

Product Review

* Finnhomy Aluminum Cookware Set, 13-Piece

Finnhomy cookware set consists of different pans and pot sets with stylish color and design. The cookware has several features that make it an ideal addition to any home or professional kitchen.

Usually people do not prefer cookware sets as they may not need all the items that are included in the set. But we feel that this aluminum cookware set sports many desirable features that will sway your opinion in favor of purchasing it. Here is an overview of the features of this cookware:

  • Made of hard anodized aluminum
  • Two layers of non-stick coating
  • Can withstand oven temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees for stove top
  • Base is made of top quality aluminum
  • Handles made of soft silicone provide good heat insulation
  • Tempered glass covers for pots and pans enables easy visibility during cooking

The cookware set includes:

  • 3 saucepans of 1.5 quart, 3 quart and 3 quart capacity each with lid made of tempered glass
  • One Dutch oven of 6 quart capacity with tempered glass lid
  • 2 fry pans of 8 inches and 10 inches
  • 3 pieces of cooking utensils made of nylon

Sophisticated Aluminum Pots and Pan Design

Finnhomy cookware is designed to cater to the tastes of the technology savvy generation. The pans and pots are made of anodized Aluminum coating. The non-stick coating provided is of multiple layers that are like the petals of a lotus. This layered technology gives you good cooking convenience. The inner core is made of aluminum with outer non-stick layers. This makes the cookware easy to heat and at the same time convenient to cook with.

The coating is completely dishwasher safe.

The cookware design is sleek and has stay-cool handles made of soft silicone that does not heat while cooking. The sauce pans and cooking pots are fitted with convenient and sturdy handles that are fixed via a double riveted and contoured connection.

The lids are made of tempered glass that is transparent. The lid fits on the pan securely and keeps the heat locked inside and you can also see through the lid as the food cooks.

Efficient aluminum cookware

Quick heating and most importantly even heating of food is necessary to avoid undercooked or overcooked food and also charring of food. The hard anodized layer of aluminum used in Finnhomy cookware takes care of uniform and quick heating.

Since aluminum is a good heat conductor, the cookware heats up quickly and the anodized form makes sure the pan heats uniformly. So cooking is faster and efficient.

Due to the high quality build you can heat the aluminum pots and pans to a temperature of 500 degree Fahrenheit over stove tops and 350 degrees in the oven. Thus stir fries, deep fries, sautéing and other cooking can be done quickly without worries about the coating being damaged due to the high heat. Nevermind food getting contaminated.

Safe aluminum cookware

With the harmful and toxic nature of various non-stick coatings, people are wary about buying non-stick cookware sets. PFOA, Teflon and other coatings can cause severe harm to your health.

With Finnhomy aluminum cookware, you need not be concerned about such harmful coatings as the pots, pans and utensils in the set are all made of anti-abrasive and scratch resistant coating that is free of harmful PFOA, PTFE and Cadmium. Furthermore, the coating is FDA approved.

The well-designed stay cool handle makes it safe to lift the pan from the stove top to the table or to the oven when needed. The manufacturer guarantees that it is safe for cooking on stovetops and in ovens, but not on induction.

Convenient to cook

Convenience is one of the deciding factors in cookware. Improperly fitted or awkward to hold handles, too shallow pans, uneven heating or easy to wear cookware make your investment go to waste and also give you plenty of hassle. Fortunately, Finnhomy cookware does not exhibit any such inconvenient features.

The anodized aluminum coating makes the pan heat quickly. We were able to boil water, fry meat and sauté vegetables quickly due to the high heat bearing capacity of the pans. Further, the uniform spread of heat avoids charring or burnt food that is a pain to clean. We were relieved to find that the food did not stick or get burnt.

Any residual food stuck to the pan was easy to remove.

The handles are well placed. We were able to handle the pans and pots comfortably and safely during cooking or transferring them to the oven or the table. The double riveted connection for handles makes them sturdy so no worries about the handle coming off while using it. And the glass lids made it easy for us to view the cooking process instead of lifting the lid frequently, which lets out the heat and delays cooking.

Cleaning the Aluminum Cookware

Clean up after cooking is a chore that everyone abhors including us. The non-stick coated Finnhomy cookware set does not have any complaints in this aspect. We were able to clean the pans and pots quickly as we just needed to wipe the pan with a foam or soft rag after letting it cool completely.

However the manufacturer recommends soaking the cooked pans in boiling water for around 8 minutes when you use it for the first time and wipe the pan dry. Although the instructions say it is dishwasher safe, for longevity of the coating it is best to hand wash the cookware. Since washing is easy this will not be an issue.

Pros of Finnhomy cookware set

  • Non-stick covering of the aluminum cookware helps to cook food evenly without losing the natural taste
  • Aluminum base is of superior quality for proper heat distribution
  • Non-stick coating makes it easy to clean after cooking
  • The coating is resistant to abrasion and scratches and is FDA approved hence is a safe aluminum cookware set to use
  • Transparent and strong glass lid allows watching the food cook and the tight lid also seals the aroma and flavor of the food
  • Silicone handles are cool to touch while cooking making it easy to hold the pan during cooking or remove it from the stove after cooking is over.
  • The handles are ergonomically placed and connected to the pan by riveted connections so are sturdy when compared to the screwed handles commonly found in pans. This gives good grip.
  • The pans and pots can be used for different types of food.
  • The spoons and turners are slotted and well designed for convenient cooking
  • The porcelain coating is attractive and also ensures uniform heating of the cookware

Cons of Finnhomy cookware set

  • Although the cookware has pots and pans in different sizes, it is sufficient for a family of four or 5 people only. The pots are too small hence are not big enough to cook for more people
  • It is not designed for use on an induction cooktop
  • Non-stick coating wears off after using the cookware for some time

Final Thoughts

Cookware sets offer the advantage of giving you an all in one solution. With spoons and slotted turners the aluminum pots and pans cookware set from Finnhomy provides a full package. This will be handy if you are setting up a new kitchen. You need not look for any additional pots and pans. It is a good housewarming gift idea too.

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The anodized aluminum coating not only makes your cooking easier but is also appealing to look at. The color and design are sleek and modern.  Whether you are a newbie to the kitchen or a professional chef, this cookware set allows you to expand your cooking skills, try out new ideas, and have a great time cooking and cleaning with the high performance and convenience oriented features it presents.

Fast, efficient, and economic. We feel this Finnhomy cookware reviews article offers you a succinct look at this great set. If you are cooking for a small family or a medium one and are not very particular about its non-induction cooking capability, go for it.


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