Granite cookware is trending now. A switch from your non-stick Teflon products to a granite cookware set can happen as you become aware of the components in the former product that can harm your health.

Since people are health conscious nowadays and concerned about the products used in Teflon, this has paved the way for PFOA-free, non-stick, and non-toxic cookware coming into the market.

One of the types of cookware on the rise is granite cookware, and if you’re leaning into purchasing your own set, then it’s always better to have a look at an intensive granite cookware review before you can make a final verdict.

Granite Cookware Set Review

Granite Rock Non-Stick Cookware

This cookware fits every home-cooks standard since it’s non-stick and dishwasher friendly.

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Granitestone Non-stick Cookware Set

If you want a durable set with great heat distribution, this product is an excellent choice.

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Bialetti Non-Stick Cookware Set

If you’d prefer something a bit more versatile for a wider range of cooking styles, try out this set.

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Michelangelo Granite Cookware Set

If you need a frying pan that can be used on induction stoves, this is a wonderful option.

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If you’re looking for a granite pan that also has granite coating, then the Granite Rock pan set is the answer to your prayers. A frying pan doesn’t seem to be enough with this brand as they’ve decided to venture onto other cookware as well. The products come in different sizes, from a 12-inch pan to a 10 inch one, and there are even pots included. If you have a preference for square pans, they actually have that too.

Granite Rock creates its product by using high-grade aluminum as the inner layer (which isn’t special in and of itself as there are other brands that use the same thing). This is because, like cast iron, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and has the ability to distribute it evenly. As for the surface, it is non-stick because of the triple granite layer that it’s coated with and also the natural mineral coat that it has.

The product is recommended for its durability, and as shown on TV, even if you slam a rock against it, there will be no dents or damage to the product. This proves just how durable the product is.

You can do anything to this granite cookware: whether it’s frying or searing, sauteing, or baking. It’s also oven-safe as long as you stick to the 500°F threshold. It’s not just oven-safe, but it can also be put in the dishwasher and is guaranteed to be PFOA-free.

Granite Rock Cookware

Telebrands have marketed numerous products over the years, and recently, they’ve decided that they should start selling non-stick frying pans. There has been a number of healthy non-stick cookware options that have enticed viewers to purchase products, and now companies have started advertising safe granite cookware to anyone who’s watching advertisements.

Although it’s advertised in the same way that’s typical in ads, the granite frying pan may actually stand a chance against other competition on the market.

The ad claims–using these keywords to entice viewers to purchase the product–that nothing sticks on the granite pan; it can be easily washed, and the oils, butter, or fat needed in the past to grease the surface is no longer necessary. Advertisers may even prove that the pan is durable by smashing rocks against the pan to test if that damages it.

✔️ Granite Rock Non-Stick Ultra Durable (Scratch Free) Cookware

Granite Rock doesn’t only sell granite frying pans–they actually have an entire Granite Rock pan set that might be a good investment for home-cooks. This cookware fits every home-cook’s standard since it’s non-stick, dishwasher-friendly, and it even comes with handles that make the pieces easier to pick up when hot. Lids are also included.

According to Telebrands, their product is so non-stick that it doesn’t require the use of oil or butter to ensures food won’t stick on the surface. Since it’s dishwasher safe, then that means it’s also easy to clean, too. You can also use these pans in ways other than frying since you can use them when you want to bake, sear, and sauté food.


  • It’s affordable. The Granite Rock pans are being sold at a reasonable price and they are just as good as other brands like Copper Chef. There are other pricey non-stick pans, and if you have a budget that you want to stick to, then Granite Rock solves your issue.
  • It’s non-stick. Most people opt to have a non-stick pan in their kitchen since it’s less of hassle when you have one. If it’s possible for food to simply slide off the pan and onto your plate, then why not choose that option? Although they advertise that you don’t have to use oil or butter for the pan, it actually works better if you use some.
  • It’s not heavy. Home-cooks would rather have a lightweight frying pan over one that’s heavy-duty to prevent a strain on the arm. Cooking, frying, and cleaning the pan will also be done easier if it’s lightweight.


  • It isn’t as advertised. While each pan is being advertised as a non-stick pan that doesn’t require oil during the cooking process, there have been users that claimed that this is false. Oil or butter is needed when you want to cook or else you suffer the consequence of food being stuck on the surface of your pan.
  • Food gets stuck. Although some users claim that it can be used well if you add oil on the surface of the pan before you cook, this isn’t the case for some users, since they suffered the consequence of food getting stuck on the pan. There were some who claimed that no matter what they did, the food just stuck on the surface. This is a bummer because if it was the first time that they used it, frying eggs on the pan should have slid off easily and not stuck.

Is It Safe to Use?

A venture into the world of non-stick pans would often lead users to Teflon made products, but since the general belief of people is that there are harmful components used to make said products, this notion has made users careful when it comes to purchasing a non-stick pan. With the Granite Rock Pan, according to the label on the product, users are guaranteed that the pan is PFOA-free, thereby deeming it safe to be used.

But a PFOA-free product doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s PTFE-free, too. Even though PFOA has been banned on the market and is no longer allowed to be used, it’s not necessarily the same thing with PTFE. There are a lot of non-stick pans that have PTFE added to their coating.

Is it Worth the Purchase?

The reviews from people who have purchased the product say either that they were very happy with their purchase or they felt like they were ripped off. Most complaints were due to the fact that the product isn’t as non-stick as it was advertised to be. No matter what lubricant people used to help the non-stick pan not have food stuck on it, they claim that it wouldn’t work.

There are some people who are quite satisfied with the product and claim that it’s truly non-stick, who haven’t found any issues with it, regardless of the complaints from others who have purchased the same item.

With that said, the “worth” of the purchase would totally depend on your opinion–if you thought you had gotten a quality experience with the product or if instead you felt just as ripped off as those who claimed the product wasn’t as advertised.

✔️ Granitestone Non-stick Cookware Set

Another as-seen-on-TV granite cookware option is a brand called Granitestone that guarantees no sticking, no scratching, and no dinging or warping. This brand promises durability and long-term use and also emphasizes the non-stick part of their product in their ads. A Granitestone pan can endure up to 500°F in the oven and can also be used as a baking pan.

The Granitestone cookware set includes an 8.5 inches and 10.25 inches frying pan, and the latter also includes a lid. Three saucepans with lid ranging from the sizes 1.5, 2.5 and 5 inches and a stainless steel steamer tray are also included in the set. All of these boast durability and non-stick triple layer granite coating.

The outer layer of the product is coated with a triple-layer granite while the inside surface is made out of high-quality aluminum. The triple granite layer gives the product extensive durability and is also the reason why the product has a longer lifespan than other non-stick frying pans.

The pressed aluminum that coats the surface of the product allows for even heat distribution across the surface of the frying pan and is also able to conduct high heat, making the product perfect for when you want to sear steak. The mineral-enforced coating is also deemed as oven-safe for up to 500°F or 260°C.


  • PFOA-free
  • Non-stick
  • Durable and can last for a long time because of the triple-granite layer coating the outside.
  • The high-grade aluminum that’s coating the inner layer of the product allows for high-heat conduction and even distribution.
  • Truly scratch resistant.


  • May still have a PTFE component.
  • May not be as non-stick as advertised on TV.

✔️ Bialetti Non-Stick Cookware Set

Bialetti is a brand that’s found in Italy, and it’s a common brand found in Italian homes. The product boasts simplicity and functionality while still adding beauty to the kitchen of the user. It’s now considered one of the leading brands of cookware in the world, and the company makes sure that it only releases high-quality products.

Through the years of serving high-quality products, they’ve expanded their products to more than just coffee pots meant for brewing, to more quality cookware products that are a welcome addition to anyone’s kitchen. Consider the fact that Bialetti ensures great quality products for anyone to afford.

This cookware set boasts products that are extra durable and meant to last longer than others. Their products are also easy to clean and non-stick. Due to the product being non-stick, the brand claims that less oil is required when cooking or frying and that the non-stick coating is absolutely PFOA-free. The pan has a thick surface which allows for even heat distribution, ensuring a great cooking experience for the user.

The cookware is also safe for any gas or glass countertops or stovetops and can endure up to 400°F of oven heat. It’s easy to clean although it is advised that it should be hand-washed rather than be put in the dishwasher, since it was never mentioned that the product was dishwasher safe. The brand also has a lifetime guarantee warranty in case anything happens to the product.


  • The coating allows for fast heat distribution which should result in a sped-up process of cooking for the user. It doesn’t matter if you’re frying or boiling on the pan because the heat distribution is just as fast either way.
  • One of the main selling points of the product is that since it’s created by a brand that wants to make sure they release high-quality products, the cookware is durable and guaranteed to last long. Additionally, you can cook just about anything with it. Versatility is one of the things that the brand seemed to aim for in this cookware.
  • Most non-stick cookware includes components that are toxic to a user’s health. This brand ensures that it doesn’t have any components similar to Teflon, which includes toxic components that can be harmful to anyone’s health.
  • The product is also oven-safe up to 400°F. Only two products of this brand are oven-safe, and this cookware set is one of those two.
  • It has convenient handles. The products that are included in this cookware set are meant to be convenient because of the handles that are attached to them.


  • Handles can easily get hot. The thing is, although the handles are meant for convenience, it can be uncomfortable to use them when they get hot because of the potential for the user to get burned, which is not something anyone wants to happen to them while cooking.
  • It’s not meant for induction stovetops. Although the brand is a leading cookware brand all over the world, they haven’t really created their products to be versatile on other cooking tops since none of their products can be used on induction tops.
  • The exterior bottom of the pots and pans can peel. The only good thing about this is the fact that it’s the exterior part and nothing happens in the interior, meaning the pan should still be good to go although you won’t be able to show it off to any guests. Still, it won’t affect your cooking, so the pans can still be used despite that.
  • They can get damaged during delivery. The moment that the product reaches you, make sure that everything is in good shape because there’s a possible chance that the product can get damaged during the delivery process. If any damage does occur on your product, contact the person who sold you the item and have it exchanged as soon as possible. No one wants to cook on a pot or pan that isn’t flat on the bottom.

✔️ Michelangelo Granite Cookware Set

This brand has decided to start producing worldwide and also guarantees that their product is durable and can last long-term. They pay attention to detail and make sure that their product is crafted beautifully before it is released to the market.

The brand promises a non-stick inner surface that also happens to be scratch-resistant. This makes this cookware set more durable and allows for better cooking performance. It’s non-stick to the point that food easily slides off.

The product is also guaranteed to be chip-free and it doesn’t peel or flake. The ideal temperature should be within the low to medium heat range, and it does require the use of oil or butter although these can be used to a minimum.

The heat is distributed quickly and evenly because of the high-grade aluminum alloy that the product is made out of, which allows for quick heat conduction. It also has an anti-warp base that allows for resistance on warps, and it can be used on induction tops. The pan comes with a lid that’s heat resistant.


  • The product is guaranteed to be extremely non-stick and has a coating that guarantees it to be scratch resistant.
  • Heat distribution is done quickly and evenly.
  • It is designed with a lid made out of glass, allowing users to see the food easily. The lid is heat-resistant, and it is designed with a handle that allows for easy maneuvering of the product during cooking.
  • It’s compatible with induction tops and is also oven-safe for temperatures up to 500°F.
  • The product is PFOA free, PTFA-free, and lead and cadmium-free, meaning it is considered a healthy and safe cookware to be used.


  • Some customers claim that it’s not as non-stick as it is being advertised.
  • The grilling pan in the set doesn’t produce the grill marks that it’s supposed to.

The Importance of Safe Granite Cookware

People generally believe that there are certain foods that we should avoid because of the additives that have been added to these foods, which make them harmful for human consumption. Let’s consider this concern.

What people fail to remember is that even cookware has harmful components that could mix up with the food being cooked on it, therefore making this an equal concern for health.

It’s always important to be informed rather than to suffer the dire consequences due to ignorance. It’s always better to avoid the cookware products that have the potential of leaking harmful toxins into your food. Here are some of the possibly harmful cookware options that you should avoid:

  • Aluminum

Although aluminum is a fairly good component to use–especially for the surface of your pan because it’s a good conductor of heat and is able to distribute heat evenly–it’s not necessarily the most advisable product to use. This is because aluminum can leak very easily from your cookware and into your food after continued use, especially if you happened to cook any acidic food into your cookware, like tomato soup.

But it’s not like you should totally ban aluminum surface-based products from your kitchen. There are some that are still safe to use. For example, there are brands that encase the aluminum core into another cooking material that’s considered safer than aluminum. In that case, you can totally still use the product, even if it contains aluminum, because there’s a less likely chance that it will leak or leach into the food that you’re cooking on it.

  • Teflon or PTFE based non-stick surface

It’s a general belief of people that Teflon products have toxic components that make the surface of their product non-stick, and that therefore, non-stick products should be avoided because they can become harmful to a person’s health.

Teflon and PTFE have been said to release toxic fumes whenever they become too hot, and the issue is that people have the tendency to leave the pan for too long on the stove. Even if this wasn’t done on purpose–or let’s say, you’re not one to leave a pan on a stove for too long–you may have the tendency of putting the heat on full blast, which can still overheat the pan and cause fumes.

These products also scratch easily and can mix with your food, making them dangerous. You could end up ingesting the material or the food could be exposed to the inner surface of the product which is likely aluminum. As we’ve already covered, that’s dangerous to your health.

Safe Granite Cookware Options

It’s always better to go for a safer option when it comes to cookware. There are a number of cookware sets that guarantee safety in regard to health, and most likely, these won’t allow you to face dire consequences with your health in the end. Below is a list of safer options of cookware that you should take into consideration:

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel may not be the most popular cookware of choice, especially because it’s not non-stick as the majority are nowadays, but it’s a safer option when compared to aluminum and Teflon-based products. Besides, making the switch from the pans you have to a stainless-steel set won’t cause much of a dent in your budget, since stainless steel is an affordable kind of cookware.

Stainless steel isn’t as perfect as one might think, because for one thing, like previously mentioned, it isn’t non-stick as the others are, which would pose an issue whenever you need to fry something and especially if you want to cook eggs. Some users also claim that when exposed to acidic soups or overheating, stainless steel has the tendency to leach chromium and nickel, which can be toxic for your food, too.

Still, if you use stainless steel when you’re cooking rice or pasta, it’s a good option because it’s safer than Teflon or aluminum-based products.

  • Anodized aluminum

Aside from stainless steel, anodized aluminum-based pots and pans are also a safer bet compared to the other potentially toxic options aforementioned in this article. This cookware is also electrochemically anodized which gives you a firmer cooking surface. It’s durable enough to last longer, too. It’s also non-stick and scratch-resistant which gives it an upper hand when compared to the stainless-steel option.

Although care is still needed for the product when it comes to the cooking surface, it won’t have the same damaging effects as Teflon does. Also, make sure that the product is actually made of anodized aluminum because there are some who merely use the term as a selling point. Be sure that it’s not just on the outside portion of the product, and that the pan doesn’t still use Teflon as the non-stick surface.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic is considered as the healthiest and safest option when it comes to safe cookware. It may be considered more of a traditional product than others, but traditional products suggest that advancement hasn’t been done, which means that the products could be less harmful than the modern ones.

There are now brands that have ventured into creating non-stick ceramic cookware to keep up with the current trend. So far, there hasn’t been one that was truly non-stick, and they aren’t too durable either–they get damaged easily.

  • Cast Iron

Like ceramic cookware, cast iron is also considered a safer option when it comes to cookware that doesn’t release any toxic components. The cast iron that makes the surface is also capable of even heat distribution and heat retention which serve as advantages for it. Unlike stainless steel, it can also be considered non-stick, but that’s only if the seasoning is done properly.

The only problem with cast iron is that it can be on the heavier side of the scale and most people would opt for a lightweight pan for cooking. Cooking should be easy and free of hassle, right?

But, given the benefits of cast iron when it comes to cooking, it’s okay to endure the heaviness whenever you’re cooking if it means that you would be on the safer side of things. Another thing about cast iron is that it can endure the oven and the stovetop and wouldn’t be fazed if you used it in both.

  • Enameled Cast Iron


Enameled cast iron products can be considered an upgrade from previously created cast-iron products. The outer layer is painted with enamel which makes for a prettier appearance.

It’s also easy to use for cooking, and cleaning won’t be a hassle because it’s dishwasher-safe. The only issue that these pans seem to have is that they aren’t as non-stick as home-cooks would want them to be. However, you can always season them to make sure that the surface won’t be as sticky.

The only problem with enameled cast iron products is the fact that they are a tad bit pricey, but they’re definitely a good investment venture if considering the many benefits and advantage they have among other cookware.

Besides, the enamel coating comes in various colors which makes this pan a pretty addition to anyone’s kitchen. Some of the brands that have premium price tags offer a lifetime warranty, which can be considered as a win-win situation for anyone thinking of making the venture and purchase one of these.


Venturing to try safer cookware should be done by everyone. With how the world is going these days, it’s always better to stay on the safe side of the street. Granite cookware claims that its non-stick surface pans are made PFOA-free which guarantees safety for everyone. It’s a good investment and a wise switch to make for everyone who is conscious of their health.

Still, the decision remains in the hands of the person who wants to make the purchase and the switch. Bear in mind that not everything being guaranteed in the description is true, and one should always do plenty of research before diving into the switch.

Hopefully, other than that, this granite cookware review has been of help to you and has given you loads of information about granite cookware and other safe cookware options that are out there.


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