maslin pan reviews, pot for making jam, preserving pansLast Updated Feb 2024 – If you’ve ever looked at your selection of pots and pans and said, “nope, nothing’s big enough,” a maslin pan is the tool you need. Maslin pans (or maslin pots, if you prefer) are gigantic metal buckets with pouring spouts and quite a lot of internal volume. They’re made for use on the stove, which means you can boil a massive quantity of whatever you want (usually fruit for a preserve) and then easily pour it out into a more sensible container.

Let’s get started by taking a look at some of the best maslin pans on the market today.

Maslin Pan Reviews: Preserving Pans For Your Kitchen

CucinaPro Maslin Jam Pan

It’s a perfect choice for anyone who loves making jam or anyone who simply needs a really big, handy pot.

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Mauviel Copper Jam Pan

This jam pan is a wonderful choice for anyone serious about jam or candy making.

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Demeyere Resto Maslin Pan

If you want a more flexible maslin pan or you know you’ll need a lid, this is a great choice.

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* CucinaPro Stainless Steel Maslin Jam Pan

When you want an affordable maslin pan for basic jam making, this CucinaPro is the one to choose. It’s a pretty basic pan with more than 2 gallons of internal capacity. This gives you all of the space that you need for marmalade, preserves, and jam.

Most modern maslin pans come with a few extra features to make their use a bit easier, and this CucinaPro is no exception. It’s got handy markings on the inside that let you know how much liquid you have in the pan in both gallons and liters. Not only does this mean you don’t have to use an additional measuring device, it’s also incredibly useful for measuring large quantities of liquids. If a recipe calls for 1.5 gallons of water, for example, the markings in this maslin pot let you measure that quantity all at once, rather than measuring out 4 cups 8 times.

cucinapro cookware, stainless steel cookware potThere’s also a pouring spout on this maslin pan. Again, this is incredibly helpful, since you’ll usually conclude your recipe with a bunch of sticky, messy jam that you need to transfer to jars or other containers. Without a pouring spout, you’d almost certainly make a mess of your counters trying to get this jam where it belongs.

One final feature of this maslin pan (and other good maslin pans) is the helper handle. This pan is big and can be filled with a lot of water — well over 16 pounds worth. The helper handle will stay pretty cool and gives you an additional handhold to use as you move this big pot around. There’s also a traditional bucket-style handle you can use as well.

The CucinaPro maslin pan is made of stainless steel. This makes it durable and well suited to all types of preserves. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who loves making jam or anyone who simply needs a really big, handy pot.

* Mauviel Copper Jam Pan 

mauviel copper pot, mauviel copper cookwareMaslin pans were traditionally made of copper. In more recent years, however, changes in both metal prices and how people use cookware has inspired a wave of stainless steel and aluminum maslin pans. This Mauviel pan is made with copper instead, which helps it look beautiful while providing a big advantage in terms of heat conduction.

How big?

As far as heat transfer goes, at least double. Aluminum is the next-best metal that’s commonly used in cookware, and copper conducts heat about twice as well as aluminum. Stainless steel is hardly a contender, with less than one-tenth of the heat transfer capabilities of copper. In terms of your cooking, what this means is that your pot will heat up really quickly. It’ll also cool off very quickly when you turn the burner down. Finally, the heat will evenly spread throughout the entire pan with no problems whatsoever.

While this is a specialty jam pan, it doesn’t have a bucket handle like other Maslin pans. Still, the copper construction and beautiful aesthetic of this Mauviel jam pan make it a wonderful choice for anyone serious about jam or candy making. Be sure to check out both the 11-quart and 15-quart varieties: they’re often about the same price despite the size difference.
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* Demeyere Resto Maslin Pan

This is a 2.5 gallon maslin pan with lid. It’s made of high-gloss 18/10 stainless (said to be the best kind) and has a large helper handle as well as a maslin-style bucket handle. It’s got a pouring spout too, of course. Demeyere has elected to skip the measuring marks on the inside of the pan, which is a mild shame, but the quality of the workmanship more than makes up for this shortcoming.

Like other high-quality stainless steel cookware, this Demeyere maslin pan has a 5-ply base. This consists of durable steel encompassing layers of lighter aluminum. The aluminum helps heat spread through the pan quickly and evenly. The result is a pot that’s very responsive to changes in heat despite weighing nearly 8 lbs.

The stainless steel interior of this pan makes clean-up very easy. It’s totally non-reactive, meaning that you can cook preserves with lots of acid without worry. When you’re done, all you have to do is pour out your jam and wash the pan with some soap and water in the sink. It’s that easy!

preserved fruit recipes, preserved fruit decorative jarOne of the big advantages of having an actual maslin pan is the way the slopes sides contain boiling jam. There’s nothing worse than having your half-cooked preserve boil over your small pot and make a mess out of your stove. With a maslin pan like this Demeyre, you’ve got lots of headroom to keep things from boiling over.

This pan also comes with a lid. This makes it great for cooking soups, stews, and other large dishes, and also comes in handy with some jam recipes. A lid can help things boil a bit faster and reduce your downtime.

If you want a more flexible maslin pan or you know you’ll need a lid, this Demeyre is a perfect choice. It’s made of thick, beautiful high-quality steel and has plenty of room for all of the jam you want to make.

The Best Maslin Pot: Pots and Pans for Preserves

All three of the options above are great choices when you need a maslin pan. The CucinaPro is a wonderful entry-level option with all of the features you’d expect, while the Demeyere is made from beautiful polished steel with a thick, 5-ply base for better heat distribution. It comes with a lid, too, making it great for other types of cooking.

Finally, the Mauviel is made from copper, giving it unrivaled heat conduction. It’s the best way to make both candy and preserves in large quantities.

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