If you’ve seen a Telebrand for slip stone, you’re probably wondering how much truth there is in that commercial. The market may offer a wide array of affordable frying pans, but you still have to look for a product description and review of how good that pan is.

This is where Telebrands have an edge because they give thorough information and reviews about the product so the customer can make a more informed decision on whether or not to purchase their own slip stone cookware. But despite this, even Telebrands fail to point out a few crucial things. In this article, we will give you a thorough review for the as seen on TV cookware.

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Slip Stone Pan – A Detailed Review

Claiming it’s non-stick cookware, the slip stone frying pan not only assures you that food won’t be stuck on the surface of the pan, but that the natural flavors will also be sealed in.

It’s also a folding handle pan which gives it another advantage, and it’s also 100% PFOA-free. But while all of those descriptions make this non-stick frying pan desirable, you’re probably wondering if Telebrands are stating the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them God.

✔️ Slip Stone Cookware Non-Stick Frying Pan

This 11.8 x 10 x 2 inches frying pan has the ability to cook like a real stone surface pan would and also looks the part too. It’s able to cook meat and poultry without the user having to add oil, butter or grease/fat which makes it a healthier cooking option for everyone. Sticky cheese and chocolate can be wiped right off because of the non-stick surface of the pan and it’s also PFOA-free so it guarantees safety.

It also features an innovative handle that has the ability to be folded which allows for easy storage and gives you enough space for other cookware too. The four-layer surface also allows user to cut meat on it and guarantees no damage on the pan.


  • The design is different other budget-friendly frying pans.
  • It has an innovative handle that can be folded and allows for easier storage.
  • The pan has the ability to seal the natural flavor of the food and guarantees flavorful dishes.
  • Without having to use actual stone-based products, the Slip Stone pan gives off a similar taste as if the food has been baked on a stone-based product.
  • The product is durable and is said to be able to last for years.


  • The foldable handle can become loose after twisting it too much.
  • It’s not dishwasher safe.
  • The component that it’s made of is unnamed.

The Pan Pitch

The target audience of the stone slip pan are those home-cooks and chefs who aren’t a fan of cleaning up their pan after use. Most of the time, you’d see them cooking something on the pan and the camera would zoom in on the scrumptious food that’s being made. They would even give you a bit of a show by wiggling the food around the pan just so you could see how non-stick the pan can actually be.

The commercial would even go as far as breaking coconuts on the pan just to prove its durability and how it’s able to take years of abuse. It’s even subjected to extremely high temperature just to prove a point to viewers. Right after that, they claim that the pan work just as fine as the first time.

There a few things that they fail to point out, though, like the components that made the pan. They state that the product is 100% PFOA-free which is the component found in Teflon, a cancerous component. Still, the fact remains that they haven’t really stated the other components that the pan is made of.

How it Works

Although it was named as the slip stone pan, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the pan is made out of stone. It’s actually made out of a ‘high-end’ aluminum base that consists of four layers of non-stick surface that’s made of unknown material.

The speckled design gives it a look as if it’s made out of granite.

The high-end aluminum base is the reason why the pan heats up fairly fast and the surface allows for even distribution of heat on the pan. This allows users to cook food on even heat and wouldn’t give you the problem of food sticking on the surface of the pan.

In the infomercial, they also claim that users no longer need to add oil, butter or fat because users can stone sear meat and poultry on the pan, and this makes the pan a healthier cooking option for users.

What they fail to point out, though, are some facts stated on their website about the pan and how to properly use it. According to their website, gently wash the pan if it’s the first time that you’re going to use it and only use either low heat or medium temperature. It’s also not advisable to use metal utensils on the pan because it may cause damage on the product, but on TV, they claim that you can use a metal knife to slice the meat on the pan.

They also fail to mention how a user can clean their pan and they don’t even state if the pan is dishwasher safe. According to the manufacturer’s site, wash the pan with soap and water, fold the handle and then you can store it until the next time you’re in need of it. With that said, note that the Slip Stone frying pan isn’t dishwasher safe because there’s no statement that it is whatsoever.

The foldable handle that it features also isn’t that durable, since it starts to loosen after a while. It’s solid and doesn’t provide the support that it should for the pan.

How is it Different from Others?

There are a lot of frying pans you can choose that are being sold in the market and all of them have their own specific advantages. The slip stone cookware’s advantage is that it’s non-stick and budget-friendly for most people. The innovative handle can also be considered as an advantage for slip stone since it allows for easy storing.

The appearance also isn’t too shabby and could even be considered as an expensive frying pan. The non-stick layer surface is given a speckled design which makes it look like it was made out of granite. With that in mind, it’s a good addition in your kitchenware and it is also easy on the eyes.

How Long Can it Last?

As previously mentioned in the article, in the infomercial, they would hit the pan with coconuts to test its durability which can also be a sentiment on how long this product can last.

Most frying pan products don’t last too long because the over-usage of them causes damage to the pan and eventually renders it useless. With the slip stone, since it’s able to withstand coconuts, then it can probably endure the test of time.

Final Thoughts on Slip Stone Cookware

Hundreds of people buy the Slip Stone Cookware and they have left their valuable thoughts regarding the product. Going through many of the reviews that are available online, I have come up with the following excerpt.

You might have dealt with a fair share of non-stick frying pans, looking for the perfect one until you saw the slip stone frying pan on television and thought you’d give it a go. You typically want to test out how non-stick this frying pan is; eventually, you rule out that it is a good investment and decide to purchase another for a backup pan whenever you need to cook more food all at once.

Speaking from experience, I’ve been using slip stone whenever I cook.

I’ve tried cooking bacon, eggs and even pork chops and potatoes on it. The results have been great, but I have to say that cast iron still takes the number one spot for me, and slip stone is just as good in terms of heat distribution. If they made more products other than a frying pan, I wouldn’t hesitate on getting my hands on those too.

Like most people out there, I made the venture and purchased the slip stone frying pan after seeing it advertised on TV. Since the purchase, I have been testing it out to see if there’s a semblance of truth of how non-stick it is. I didn’t even add any oil or butter to help it out. I had to cook a veggie burger on medium flame though, but it came out good although I had to stay alert while it cooked to make sure nothing went wrong.

I did encounter some issues when I made a white egg omelet because a burnt brown coating was left on the pan and it gave off a burning smell the third time I cooked cheese and eggs on it, which worries me because there may be some components and chemicals that I’m unaware of with the pan. In conclusion, it’s a good purchase since there’s no hassle when it comes to cleaning it and it’s easy to remove food.

Another concern for me, even though the non-stick feature does seem to work fine, was the fact that the coating or plating (whatever it is) is breaking down. Small chips are appearing across the flat part of the frying area. But my major concern is, “Where are the chips going? ” Most likely in the food being cooked. I have sent my concerns to the manufacturer with no response! Surprise, surprise!

Nonetheless, it is a great product and works as close to as advertised on TV. Even though I was unaware of the brand even a few days ago until I saw the advert on TV, I have been searching the full range cookware of Slip Stone, but I couldn’t find any.

Things to Take Note About

Although slip stone cookware can be considered a quality and affordable frying pan for most, there are a few key things that need to be pointed out. Most of the things to take note of have already been mentioned throughout the article but it doesn’t hurt to point them out again, just in case you have skipped over that part of have forgotten what had been stated.

Here are the things that you need to remember or consider:

  • The pan cannot be used in extreme heat and the advertising of the Telebrand is false on that front. The heat should only be within low-to-medium and anything further than that can cause damage to your pan and shorten its lifespan.
  • Things that are being advertised on television by Telebrands are often exaggerated to entice viewers. Most of the features of the product are overstated and it’s always better to check on the product online for honest reviews from people that have purchased the product and experienced it as a user of the said product. This is to avoid being ripped-off by the ones that are selling the product and losing your money for an investment that wasn’t even worth it.
  • Stone-like cooking pans like cast iron ones require seasoning with oil before being used. If the product surface was coated with enamel and it was mentioned that the product has already been pre-seasoned, then that’s the time that you won’t have to season the product yourself. With the slip stone, it is said that the user no longer has to use oils and butter to grease up the pan since it does it by itself and this makes one question if their advertisement on that part is true or if it’s false and you end up with food sticking on the surface because you opted on not using oil, believing them.
  • Although it was stated that the slip stone pan is considered PFOA-free, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t made out of other potentially toxic components since the components that it’s made out of haven’t been mentioned in the advertisement. PFTE, lead and cadmium are elements that are normally found in inexpensive pans. With that in mind, users have to be careful because the elements have the potential of being toxic and these toxic elements also have the potential to mix with the food that’s being cooked on the pan.

Is it Worth it?

The slip-stone frying pan has a lot of advantages and is considered as one of the innovative frying pans made. Although the sales pitch of the product that is being advertised on TV is not entirely true, there are some truths about it still.

It is still an affordable non-stick frying pan that chefs and home-cooks could benefit from because it lessens the hassle in the kitchen and since it is a non-stick pan, it also lessens the possibility of a thorough and long clean-up process after cooking, which is a big advantage on the slip stone pan from other products.

Most frying pans that are budget-friendly are not the non-stick ones and the non-stick pans can be out of the budget sometimes. Also, most frying pans are not durable and with the constant use of it, it could wear the pan down and eventually the pan would have to give up on the user. The slip stone pan has been commended by its durability; that and the fact that it’s an affordable non-stick pan make it a good investment.

Also, one can consider the innovative design of the product. Not all frying pans have a foldable handle and this one does. To some people, that’s already a selling point.

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When it comes to affordable cookware, the slip stone cookware might be on top of the list as one of the best that’s out there. This can be true since it has a lot of great benefits and advantages compared to other affordable frying pans in the market. Nevertheless, this cookware does have a few minor issues that might put off some (potential) customers.

But before making a purchase, you have to consider the pros and cons of the product first if you’re willing to make the investment. Slip Stone Cookware being a reasonable product, it can be a wise decision to go ahead and make the purchase. Even if you end up with a less-than-good experience, you will not have wasted too much.

Hopefully, this review has been of help for you and has given you more information than what the Telebrands have given. Thank you for sticking around until the end!


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