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StoneDine Cookware Review: The Stone-Age is Back!

Written by Peter Allen on . Posted in Cookware

My history with conventional cookware is somewhere between unpleasant and barely acceptable and all because I had yet to experience the high quality of stonedine cookware.

While I was in university, I made a conscious effort to cook for myself. In that time, I met a great deal of scorched pan bottoms and unevenly cooked food that was half soaked in oil because half the pan was hotten than the other half.

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The cycle would repeat itself over and over again until I would just end up driving to the nearest fast-food restaurant. I loved cooking for myself but dealing with the unreliable cookware made me avoid cooking more often than not. Little did I know, finding cookware that could stand the heat of my kitchen mishaps is as easy as just choosing a new type of cooking vessel.

Cooking with stone or stoneware can be misleading, but I assure you there is nothing outdated or inconvenient about this method of cooking. In fact, cooking with stone could be the more efficient, convenient and durable method you were looking for.

Our StoneDine cookware review takes a detailed look at the Stoneline 6588 Cookware set that combines the practical cooking methods of stone with a light-weight modern design that fits into anyone’s lifestyle.

Product Review

* Stoneline 6588 Cookware Set

This Stoneline 6588 Cookware set is a great alternative to conventional cookware.

With the original high-quality StoneDine non-stick coating with real stone particles, this eight-piece set is specially designed to give you healthy and flawless cooking results. Stonedine cookware is the original non-fat, vitamin friendly cooking and frying cookware that is suitable for any household and any family.

Interior Features

This Stoneline 6588 Cookware Set comes with a roaster, a cooking pot, a small frying pan, a large frying pan, a stewing pan and three sizes of glass, heat-resistant lids. Designed in Germany, the stonedine pans feature a cooking surface made up of crushed stone particles combined with a non-stick component.

This functions better than conventional cookware because this micro-stone coating provides a natural hot stone cooking surface that is heavy duty and durable. There is no need to worry about your food sticking to these pans and scratches cannot stand up to the strength of StoneDine.

Also, stone works a lot like cast iron in that it distributes heat evenly and allows for quick, efficient cooking. An even cook all around ensures that you get the best flavor out of your food, and at the very least, stone has been used as a cooking surface for thousands of years. If it has stuck around for this long, it must be for a very good reason.

Environmentally Conscious Cookware

Moreso, stonedine non-stick cookware have a PFOA-free coating. What is PFOA, you may ask? PFOA or perfluorooctanoic acid is a man-made chemical often used to make products resistant to heat, water, grease and sticking. It is not an environmentally safe chemical.

PFOA can contaminate water, soil, and air and have a long-lasting impact on the environment. Some studies have found that PFOAs can have some negative affects on people and animals. Other than PFOAs, Teflon, a common non-stick component in cookware, poses some issues too.

While other non-stick cookware use Teflon as its non-stick component, Teflon can sometimes prove harmful if burned at high temperatures. Luckily for you, stonedine cookware safety eliminates PFOA and Teflon from its non-stick component and saves the you the trouble of worrying about unsavory chemicals leaching into your cookware and onto your food.

Exterior Features

With the StoneDine Cookware Set, what is on the inside matches what is on the outside. The inside of the Stonedine Cookware has great features that ease your cooking experience that the exterior of the cookware only further heightens and emphasizes.

The exterior of the stonedine pans is made up of die cast aluminium. Just like the natural stone interior coating, aluminium is a good conductor of heat and as such, helps heat your food evenly.

The aluminum works with the stone layer in your pots and pans so you have more than one layer to ensure your food is evenly heated and cooked. Also, stonedine cookware is reinforced by a strong base that is suitable for all induction, gas, electric, glass ceramic and halogen cooktops.

Meanwhile, the tough base ensures that no amount of heat from any kind of stovetop can distort the form of the pot or pan.

This cookware set can even withstand oven temperatures up to 180°C/350°F. This ensures that the Stonedine cookware has enough versatility for whatever menu you have in mind. Inside and out, the Stoneline 6588 Cookware Set is ready to make your cooking experience care-free and easy no matter what.

Simple Cooking and Cleanup

The advantages of stoneline/stonedine cookware do not just start and end in its attention to durability, non-stick quality, and heat distribution. Stonedine pans encourage a much healthier version of cooking and frying that lessens the amount of fat and oil you use. Like I said before, cooking with stones works like cooking with cast iron.

With cast iron pans, you “season” it with a thin but thorough layer of oil which, given time, will eventually give your pan a nonstick layer. The same concept works with the stonedine cookware. Simply wipe a thin layer of oil at the start of cooking and you are set to cook more than one dish without additional fats or oils. It helps that there is already a non-stick component to the pans, but ideally, there is no need to add more oil when you are cooking.

If you are trying to be healthier and be more in control of what you eat, this is an uncomplicated way to control your oil and fat intake. It is so simple because it is literally built-in to your cookware. No extra ingredient measuring or painstaking math to figure out how to balance your healthy foods with your fats. Just cook and enjoy. Now, that is what I call that an easy healthy life hack.

Here is another easy life hack for you.

To clean up your stonedine cookware, you only need to do two things: rinse with hot water and dry. For those seeking an even easier cleaning hack, they are also dishwasher safe.

Because it is non-stick, there should be no need for any extra scrubbing. As a matter of fact, scrubbing will get rid of that extra non-stick oil layer you already put on that is actually a benefit to the longevity of your cookware.

Say goodbye to dreading your sink or pointing fingers at people to avoid washing the dishes. Simply cook, rinse, dry and finished. Truly, stonedine wants to take the frustration and trouble out of cooking.The great variety of pots and pans that come in this eight-piece set is the perfect collection of basic cookware than anybody should have in their home.

First, you have a Dutch oven style roaster. Many will tell you that Dutch Oven is a kitchen must-have because, by design, it is thick enough to conduct and retain heat and deep enough to handle large servings of meats and liquids.

Now imagine the quality of your Dutch Oven meals when cooked in the quicker, more efficient StoneDine cookware. The collection also has a cooking pot and saucepan, which are always helpful when throwing together a last-minute pasta or any other dish of your liking.

You also have two different sizes of frying pans that are perfect for sauteing a large batch of vegetables or if you are just making a grilled cheese or fried egg.

This eight-piece set equips you to cook all your normal meals but also enables you to be more innovative and creative with your tastes and cooking skills. The StoneDine Cookware set does not want to limit you. It wants to open you up to a world of delicious possibilities.


  1. The cooking surface is non-stick and easy to clean.
  2. It is a healthy cooking method because it eliminates the need to keep adding oil or fat to your pan, and it does not leach chemicals into your food.
  3. Despite its stone characteristics, the cookware is not too heavy.
  4. It is a set of eight useful pieces of cookware.


  1. Some users have complained that food did stick despite seasoning and oiling the pan as they were instructed. This may be due to washing methods. Regular dish soap can sometimes alter the stone quality of pan.
  2. It needs to be regularly seasoned to keep the non-stick layer.
  3. While it does claim to be scratch free, it seems only wooden and silicone utensils avoid scratching the interior of the pans.
  4. The cookware has bakelite handles which are essentially plastic and might not be durable.

What Makes StoneDine Cookwares Special?

Although there are multiple other non-stick, stone-based cookware sets out there, you cannot go wrong with a classic like the StoneDine Cookware Set. StoneDine non-stick cookware was first a staple in Germany before it became a household name throughout European kitchens.

The company designed cookware that makes it incredibly easy to eliminate unnecessary fats and oils from food at the cost of rich, natural gourmet flavor.

StoneDine Cookware seeks to combine sleek, chef-quality style with the practical uses of a micro-stone non-stick surface. StoneLine understands that people deserve to enjoy delicious, flawlessly cooked meals without the having to worry about the unnecessary fats and oils.

StoneDine discovered a way to unite the age-old practical kitchen uses of stone with cooking with modern non-stick technology to address a common concern about eating and cooking healthy. If getting fit was on your New Years’ resolution this year, StoneDine could be the easiest first step to ensuring getting fit does not stay on the resolutions list until next New Years’ Eve.

Moreover, the StoneDine Cookware set has all the kitchen staples that you would need to cook the simplest to the most extravagant meals. Finally, you can finally host a fancy dinner party for your friends and sit back and accept the praise for slaving over pots and pans for a beautiful dinner when in reality you barely broke a sweat.

This cookware is friendly to those just starting to cook and those who have been cooking for years. They make sure your food comes out perfect and delicious every time and that you never have to worry about making a mess because their super non-stick pots and pans are always forgiving.

Stonedine does not stop at just stovetop cookware. Since the company has expanded from its roots in Germany, it boasts a diverse menu of other kitchenware. You can get the same high-quality, user-friendly StoneLine non-stick design in bakeware, kitchen knives, and kitchen utensils.

With each product, they truly wish to ensure your entire kitchen lifestyle is carefree but functional and efficient. With this article, we want to help you see that the world of cookware is wide, but it is full of friendly opportunities to grow and enrich your lifestyle.

How Good is the StoneDine Frying Pan?

As I have mentioned, StoneDine has a myriad of other kitchenware. But what if you are not prepared to dive head first into a full eight- or ten-piece set? What if you do not have the room to house a full set of cookware? To save space or just to test the waters, you should consider investing in just one of the StoneDine Frying pans.

The StoneDine frying pan is available in three sizes: 7 inches, 9 inches, and 11 inches.

The size you select depends on what you plan on cooking or the number of people you plan to cook for. Like the rest of the StoneDine cookware designs, the frying pan also uses the crushed micro-stone and non-stick component to coat the pan, so it is sturdy and scratch resistant.

Out of all the cookware you could pick from the collections and sets, a frying pan is a good place to start. It is a kitchen staple that can be used to cook almost anything from meat, veggies, pastas, eggs, and sandwiches. So, if, for example, you live alone, this could be your one Holy Grail pan.

Also, the frying pan has the same high-quality aluminium and steel exterior that help the micro-stone coating with even distribution of heat. This will be most useful because whatever you fry, or cook will have the best flavor notes because of the even cooking.

This is important because if you are going to invest in a high-quality frying pan on its own, you want to be sure that it gives you the best out of your food. If you want the best out of your food, you have to ask the best of your cookware.

Understandably buying a whole set right off the bat can have mixed outcomes. While this particular brand of cookware is incredibly user-friendly, the maintenance of the cookware can be particular. True, you only need to wipe it clean with a towel or rinse it with water, but if you do not season the pots and pans regularly you could lessen the longevity of the non-stick layer.

That being said, there is no harm in starting small with the StoneDine frying pan to not only experience its high quality and helpful features but also to see how you carry on with maintenance. At the end of the day, the StoneDine will give your food lifestyle an upgrade whether it is with eight pieces of cookware or just a frying pan.


Even though constant innovation continues to enhance life in the kitchen, the StoneDine Cookware serve as a reminder that the past can always be an important source of useful and relevant information. Its durability and unique heating qualities make stone an ideal kitchen companion.

Combine that with StoneDine’s unique non-stick component that is also environmentally friendly, you have a kitchen tool that can be equally wielded by the inexperienced college student, the busy mother, and the cooking connoisseur.

StoneDine’s non-stick cookware allows anyone to feel like a chef but just with less than half the effort and even less of the extra fats and oils.

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In a time where health seems to be at the top of everyone’s obsessions, StoneDine makes eating healthy a no-brainer. In every way of its design, StoneDine’s non-stick cookware is forgiving. It is forgiving with its clean up and maintenance, and it is forgiving with your waistline.

Even if you really just are trying to find a healthier, more painless way to cook or are just looking for cookware that is long-lasting, efficient and easy to use, then I invite you to consider our StoneDine cookware review above and see if this eight-piece set is just what you are looking for.

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