Ceramic versus Teflon is a debate that will get a chef talking in no time due to the advantages and disadvantages to each. Teflon is great because it’s engineered to be non-stick, while ceramic has a natural beauty and functionality to it.

Each one is great depending on your own personal needs. After all, the best case is not having to use unhealthy amounts of fats or oil when you cook. Stay with us, and we will show you the advantages of Teflon versus ceramic.

GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Set

If your color is turquoise, this lovely looking cookware set with cermaic non-stick is for you.

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WearEver Ceramic Nonstick Set

If you prefer soft touch riveted handles that are easy to grip, this cookware set is a great choice.

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CO-Z Teflon-Coated Non-stick Set

If you want a sturdy forged aluminum set suitable for induction stovetops, this is a fine pick.

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Mainstays Teflon Non-Stick Set

If you're a fan of Teflon, this cookware set brings out the best non-stick coating you've ever seen.

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Ceramic Cookware – A review

Ceramic is great for those of you who want a natural approach and a green method of doing things in your kitchen. Ceramic coatings make it easy to cook meals with minimal stick.

Most people buy ceramic cookware because of how nice it looks. You can get them in colors that match your kitchen and look pretty on your table when serving your family. Ceramic can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, the broiler, the microwave — basically anywhere you like!

Ceramic cookware coatings are easy to clean thanks to the inclusion of silicon dioxide, which repels oil and water from the dish.

✔️ GreenLife Soft Grip 16 PC Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, Turquoise

The lovely sea-green color of this cool cookware set really captured my eye. It would look lovely in a seaside cottage kitchen or even a city high rise if your color is turquoise. But, colors aside, the quality speaks for itself.

The ceramic frying pan served us well when making some burgers. We were able to cook them just the way we like them: well done. This set can be used at relatively high temperatures with no worries. That being said, you do not need to use them at high heat; they heat up so evenly and nicely that you don’t need to go all out with the heat setting.

I also loved the handles that were included on these great pots and pans. The handles are soft to the touch and the silicone is high quality. The nonstick nature of these pans has your food basically sliding off the pan, with no need to use huge amounts of oil or butter in getting things to cook without sticking.


  • Reinforced aluminum body which conducts heat really well
  • They are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup
  • No use of PFOA or PFAS in this set


  • Handle may burn if near a gas stove which uses a flame.
  • Metal utensils will chip away the ceramic coating.
  • Pans tend to stain easily on the inside.

✔️ WearEver 15 Piece Ceramic PTFE PFOA Free Cookware Set

I really liked this particular pot and pan set. They came in a nice red color and were just so lovely set out on my counter. Using them was a joy, too. We made omelets and then some bacon in the fry pans. The ceramic non-stick coating made it so easy for me to flip the omelets with ease, and we didn’t even need bacon grease.

You will really like the soft touch riveted handles; they are so easy to grip. You do not have to worry about PTFE or PFOA, either. The pots and pans feel nice and heavy in your hands. You can absolutely feel the quality of these cookware pieces.

The aluminum base heats up so nicely and evenly.

Our bacon came out nice and crispy, and the omelets were just the right amount of brown on the bottom, but nothing was burned. The cheese of our omelets melted so perfectly. We even made some rice in the smaller saucepan later in the week, and it turned out lovely and fluffy.



  • Safe and easy to clean ceramic coating
  • Handles made with silicone
  • Steamer insert included for making some great veggies or steamed buns


  • Some users reported the color flaked off over time
  • Some users reported the ceramic came off
  • Cannot use metal utensils or else ceramic will chip.

Teflon Cookware – A review

Some might argue that Teflon cookware is dangerous because of PTFE and PFOA. These are chemicals that are released when the cookware is heated over 680 degrees F.

You should also avoid using metal utensils when you cook with your Teflon gear, for maximum Teflon safety. Just keep it low and do not heat it over 500 degrees F. Also, use wooden or silicone utensils to avoid chipping the Teflon.

Teflon cookware can also be used in the oven, too. You cannot put your cookware in there over 350 degrees F, however, as the handle of your pots and pans cannot withstand such high heat.

✔️ CO-Z 12-PCS Cookware Set Teflon-Coated Non-stick Pots and Pans Set

You will really love how sturdy and well-constructed the forged aluminum of these pots and pans is. You will also really love how these pots and pans are LFGB and FDA listed for your family’s good health.

You get 12 great pieces inside this set, and the curved edges make them really nice to look at. The clear glass lid is a dream come true and made it easy for us to look in on our pasta sauce that we were making from scratch. We even liked the rust color of the pots. It was a little different than what you normally get as far as the color goes, but they sure do look nice!

You can use this on any stovetop you can think of: induction, infrared, electric, ceramic and gas stovetops. So, no matter what stove you or a friend might have, they will work.  One disadvantage that we noted is that the set cannot be used inside the oven, as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

We noted that the pots and pans heated up evenly when in use. We cooked up some stir-fry one night using the fry pan, and it was a dream. The veggies and the chicken were heated just the way we liked it, and there was no need to use a huge amount of oil.


  • The pots and pans are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
  • Handles are easy and comfortable to hold in hands during cooking.
  • Lids for pots are interchangeable.


  • Cannot be used inside the oven.
  • One user reported the 6-inch pan did not work on the induction cooktop.

✔️ Non-Stick Mainstays 18 Piece Cookware Set

Here we have another great cookware set that gives you all the joy of Teflon non-stick pans without breaking the bank. The set itself has everything you need to get started. We gave a set of these to our goddaughter who was having her bridal shower. To make a long story short, they work very well and are just what she needs to get started.

The red color is very bright and looks nice anywhere.

You can easily put these pans right inside the dishwasher and not worry about them getting damaged. The lids are heat- and shatter-resistant; plus, you can see inside, making it very easy to check on your food without having to lift the lid.

Our goddaughter reported that they were nice, but they tended to warp when used at high temperatures. So, be sure that you keep your stove at a medium temperature when you use these pans.


  • Stay-cool handles make it safe to use
  • Nylon spoons are included with the set
  • Interior non-stick coating; food slides off!


  • Pans tend to warp at high temps
  • Steamer is difficult to open up


No matter if you choose Teflon versus ceramic, you will be getting a good deal. Your family will love how the good food you put into the pot does not stick, and you will love the easy cleanup!


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