When it comes to preparing a meal, some people really prefer to make their meals experience. When I was a young woman, I could not fathom that the food I prepared would taste better or different just because of the pan I cooked it in.

Having been married for 22 years now, I am here to tell you that making something as simple as eggs can taste better and even get cooked better if you have the right pan.

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What Is the Tramontina 80114/535ds?

The Tramontina 80114/535ds is a restaurant-quality frying pain made of galvanized aluminum with non-stick properties that are exclusive to the Tramontina pan.

Now, what does that mean?

It means that you can rest assured that when you cook something as simple as an egg, you have the opportunity to taste the best egg you may have tasted in your life.

Aside from being able to cook great eggs, this skillet is an excellent example of craftsmanship that provides you the ability to make a meal and taste food in a whole new way.

Why Choose Tramontina?

As with anything you spend money on, you research the pros, cons, and reviews. Well, lucky for me, this was an easy process when I set out to research good, quality cookware.

Looking at several options available, the Tramontina was above the rest because this was made for everyday use. The construction and the easy to handle design make this pan a great addition to any kitchen. Aside from being easy to clean, it will last through the years as well.


Even Heat Distribution: Because of using galvanized aluminum, the company has designed the pan to cook your food evenly. It will ensure your food will not be burnt or charred. The construction allows the heat to be even.

Heat Resistant: This may sound weird but being heat resistant will allow your pan to withstand higher heat without warping and maintain shape. When you are frying foods, this is especially helpful.

Who Is the Tramontina for?

The Tramontina is for housewives starting out, busy moms on the go, and good enough for five-star restaurants. It is made to be restaurant quality, being made from commercial-grade 3004 aluminum.

It will ensure that this pan will last as well. Aside from being made with high-grade aluminum, it also has a silicone grip for ease of use, and it slips off, so it is easy to keep clean.

If you are a cook who likes to make a gourmet meal every day, you have found the right pan to do the job.

Having the ability to be able to handle it easy ensures that when you are trying to Sautee finely chopped vegetables o

r searing meat to perfection, you definitely will not have to worry about not being able to lift and handle your pan easily.

Pros of the Tramontina Skillet

Pros of this pan include the following:

  • Commercial-grade aluminum to allow for high heat exposure without warping your pan or burning your food. This feature also allows your pan to distribute heat evenly when you are cooking.
  • The Tramontina is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • It comes with a slip-on silicone grip, which allows for better handling and is easy to clean.
  • Safe for oven use up to 400 degrees.
  • This pan has a lifetime warranty, which is comforting when investing in a high-quality pan.
  • Nonstick cook surface, which allows for easy cleaning and cooking.


After extensive research, the only disadvantage of this pan is that you cannot use it on an induction cooking surface. As far as pans go, that is amazing.

Tips to Help Your Tramontina Pan Last

While your pan is dishwasher safe, it is best to handwash it with quality soap that is not harsh.

You should coat your pan with oil so that it will cook better and help the non-stick coating last as well.

Other Factors to Consider

When considering a pan that is quality-made, this pan is a sound choice. When I am ready to look for a cooking pan, I consider warranty and customer service and read customer reviews.

Customers are raving about the ability to cook the perfect omelet and a sunny side up egg. Customers rave about the ability to cook finely chopped onions to perfection without burning them and making them taste bad. It is also easy to prepare sauces in a skillet such as this as well. You can feel safe knowing that you won’t burn your extras for the perfect meal.

When it comes to warranty and customer service, customers are raving that it is a straightforward process. If there ever comes a time you need to switch your pan out for any reason, you will not have a problem.

I feel that when a company is willing to back their product for life, that says a lot for the confidence they have in their product. I also appreciate that the customer service reps are knowledgeable about the product and information when it comes to answering questions and helping with the issues.

Also, I have found through research this pan has enough capacity to handle a large family. That is a crucial issue for me because I had four kids, and it was hard to find a pan large enough to cook in for six people. This pan will solve that problem.

Many customers rave because you can season this pan like you would a cast-iron skillet. It is a plus because, for those who enjoy preparing food, this is a massive plus. After all, seasoning brings out the flavor in your meal even more.

Logical Reasons to Get This Pan

I became a cook. Because, as a young mom, I could not afford to order out a lot or the luxury of burning food and wasting it because I have a bad pan that burns food and doesn’t last more than a month. If I had the chance back then to buy this pan, I definitely would have added it to my collection.

I found that when it comes to being frugal and sensible in the kitchen, a person who enjoys cooking will buy quality made pieces that live up to their name. I found this pan reviewed by a writer whose friend is a chef. He interviews potential chefs by having them prepare him eggs.

It is quite interesting that this pan can be used in a five-star restaurant for auditioning for a job, but I can serve up great eggs to my family right in my own kitchen. That impresses me.


In the end, would I recommend this to other people I know?


I would more than recommend it. I am considering buying it for a couple of family members because they love to cook and prepare meals for us all at family gatherings.

The final point to consider when I research a product to buy is one thing. Is the company going to put their money where their mouth is? Well, this company will and does. When you get anything accompanied with a lifetime warranty, snag that up.

?Check Out Current Price & Customer Reviews On Amazon?

It is not too often these days that good, durable, well-made products are available, and the company has confidence and pride in what they make. So, if you want to serve the best eggs, get this pan!!

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