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Last Updated Feb 2024 – Shopping for cookware set can be hard. There are many types of cookware set options on the market, including staple brands like All-Clad, Cuisinart, and Calphalon. Tramontina is another old competitor on the market. Founded in Brazil in 1911, it makes some of the most cost-effective nonstick cookware set you can find today.

Tramontina makes nonstick cookware lines for many markets, including lines that you might find at Wal-Mart and even high-end sets that can compete with more expensive brands.

Options For All

The biggest difference between Tramontina and brands like NuWave or even Pioneer Woman is that Tramontina makes a pretty big variety of cookware sets. You can find both pieces and sets with ceramic, enamel, PTFE nonstick, or stainless steel cooking surfaces.

You also can choose between hard anodized carbon steel and stainless steel exteriors in a variety of colors and finishes, All of these alternatives are priced extremely competitively, meaning that Tramontina offers a great way for you to get the exact style of cookware sets you want on a tight budget.

Given the wide variety of alternatives that Tramontina offers, there aren’t too many general statements to be made about the nonstick cookware sets. So, don’t worry about what cookware set could suit you! Instead, let’s dive right into a few specific reviews!

Tramontina Pans Reviews: Two Top Cookware Sets

Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel 9-Piece Set

This stainless steel set is perfect for someone who’s more concerned about having durable pots and pans.

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Ceramic 11-Piece Deluxe Set

If you prefer a dishwasher safe set that you won’t feel bad about having to replace, this is a great choice.

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15-Piece Hard Anodized Set

If you want more pieces in your cookware set or you think that avoiding cooking oil will help your diet, choose this one.

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1. Tramontina Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel 9-Piece Cookware Set

tri-ply fry pan, tri-ply skillet

This 9-piece set set is made from the normal trifecta of materials. It’s got a cooking surface made of high nickel stainless steel, an anodized aluminum core for lighter weight and great heat distribution, and a stainless steel exterior that makes it easy to clean.

The outer layer is magnetic, too, meaning that this set works great with an induction cooktop.

This set includes quite a little utility with it. I believe that this is a great alternative to an All-Clad stainless set, especially if you’re on a budget. While this set is a tad heavy and you won’t get quite the same level of customer service from Tramontina that you might expect from All-Clad, the pots and pans themselves perform very similarly in the kitchen. This quality cookware is made with pretty similar materials, too, so you’d expect them to hold up to the rigors of everyday use about the same.

fried sandwich, cooking frying panNone of these pots or pans have a non-stick cooking surface which makes it highly resistant. Depending on your cooking style, this could be a plus or a minus. It implies you don’t have to worry about your nonstick cookware sets degrading over time, which is very nice, but you will have to manage your cooking temperatures and use enough fat to prevent food from sticking. With a little of practice, however, you can cook just about any dish in a stainless steel pan making it one of the best cookware sets out there. But don’t use too much of acidic food as they might decay your pans

This set has glass covers with steam vents and stainless steel handles. It’s not especially cooked safe, although you can probably use it at fairly high temperatures if you simply remove the lids before putting it in the dutch oven with lid. The handles use a pretty normal design and will stay cool during short cooking jobs, but you’ll definitely want to use potholders if you’re boiling something for a while.

cooking set, stainless steel cooking setNine piece sets tend to contain a weird item and this set is no different. In this case, the “weird” item is a steamer insert, which is probably my favorite thing to get in a nonstick cookware set. Steamer inserts are excellent for many types of classic vegetable and seafood meals. If you like mussels, clams, or most vegetables, a steamer basket will make your life a lot easier. Steel pans like this can be a handy edition to your kitchen.

As I mentioned before, the best part about Tramontina is that they make the best cookware line for every set of needs. This set is perfect for someone who’s more concerned about having a durable set of pots and pans than having a non-stick cooking surface. All of these easily makes it one of the best cookware sets out there. But, if you want an easier time cooking eggs, check out the other alternatives below and pick from them!

2. Tramontina Ceramic 11-piece Deluxe Cookware Set

This non-stick cookware set is comparable to a NuWave Duralon or Greenlife set. This set is made from aluminum and has a porcelain enamel exterior and a ceramic nonstick interior. It comes with soft-grip handles, glass covers with steam vents, and a strainer.

Tramontina claims it’s dishwasher safe, although that may make the non-stick ceramic wear out a moment sooner than if you stick to hand washing only.

Non-sticks don’t last forever. This set is no different. Even with proper care (always using a small amount of oil, hand-washing with appropriate cleaners only, using medium or low heat for most cooking jobs), you can expect to replace this set after about 3 years. Unlike PTFE non-sticks, ceramic non-sticks simply become stickier over time by using over stove. This signifies that you can actually keep using the pots and pans for things like boiling water while you shop for a replacement set. This can actually get difficult to clean at times.

There’s a limited lifetime service warranty on this set (and pretty much every other Tramontina set), but you won’t be able to use it when the non-stick inevitably fails. Again, nonstick coatings all have a pretty similar lifespan. Whether you choose Tramontina, GreenPan, or T-Fal, you’ll still have to replace your pots and pans after a couple of cycles. So depending on nonstick coating alone isn’t recommended.

Leaving nonstick coating aside, let’s talk about cooking performance. There’s not a lot to complain about with this sets cooking performance. The aluminum interior gives it a super performance heat=wise, enabling the pots and pans to increase the temperature around quickly and evenly cool off when you turn the burner down. The enamel exteriors are very easy to wipe clean when you spill a bit of sauce, and the handles seem sturdy and are very comfortable to the touch, even on high heat. Best of all, this whole set is induction capable, so you can use it on any cooktop.

Overall, this set will fit right at home in most kitchens. Keep in mind that, if you prefer a ceramic-based non-stick or you want a dishwasher safe set that you won’t feel bad about having to replace, this Tramontina is the best cookware set for your kitchen.

3. Tramontina 15-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware

non stick cooking set, kitchen cooking set
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This nonstick cookware set utilizes hard-anodized aluminum, PTFE nonstick, saucepans with lids, glass lids with steam vents, and stainless steel handles. It’s a magnificent all-purpose set that you can use in the kitchen to make pretty much any dish. You get a wide variety of frying pans, pots, and saute pan that enable you to cook dishes of all shapes and sizes without worry.

Traditional PTFE (Teflon-Esque) nonstick set like these are incredibly effective. They’re arguably better than ceramic non-sticks when it comes to cooking healthy. This is because you really ought to use a small bit of fat to cook with ceramic non-stick, while Teflon-style non-stick tends to perform fine with no oil at all. In other words, these pots and pans can help you lose weight.

Like the other non-stick set, you will have to replace this set after a few years. The PTFE will eventually begin to scratch and flake off. This will make the pans and pots much less non-stick. You can make this set last longer by avoiding metal utensils and high temperatures, but it will still degrade over time.

cooking meat in a pot, non stick cooking potThe anodized aluminum used in these Tramontina saute pan gives them great thermal conductivity. The lack of a porcelain exterior means that it should be very slightly better than the set above, in theory. In practice, there’s not really a difference. You get exceptional, even heat distribution after a very short time on the burner, but it’s not remarkably better than any other aluminum-core set. That’s why you need to make sure what kind of cookware set you want!

I would absolutely recommend this set over the ceramic non-stick set above if you want more pieces in your nonstick cookware set or you believe that avoiding cooking oil will help your diet. If not, I believe the ceramic may be a trivially better choice due to the way it degrades. Feel free to choose the set that you believe fits your needs and kitchen best!

Tramontina Pots and Pans Reviews

Tramontina Professional Fry Pans (12-inch)

best cooking set brand, cooking set review

This frying pan is available in several sizes. It’s got a silicone handle, a sturdy aluminum base, and a modern PTFE nonstick called Eclipse. This is one of the best nonstick pans on the business.

It’s completely free of PFOA and other toxins.

professional fry pans, professional skillets
The primary advantage of a nonstick pan like this one is that it’s NSF certified for professional use. Many restaurant cooks and home cooks choose to buy this sauté pan with their own money in order to make cooking eggs and other delicate, sticky dishes easier at their restaurant.

It’s a bit more durable than a regular non-stick cooking pan, meaning that it might hold up longer in your kitchen. This presents it as one of the best nonstick pans

There is one downside to this nonstick pan, and that’s that it doesn’t work on induction cooktops. Otherwise, however, the excellent heat distribution, incredible non-stick, and superior durability make it an exceptional choice. Despite this, it’s still one of the best nonstick pans in the business.

Tramontina Stainless Steel Covered Stock Pot

I said earlier that Tramontina was an important choice of brand due to the sheer variety they offer. This stockpot is a great example of that. It’s available in 4 sizes ranging from 12 to 24 quarts. If you’re a fan of making big dishes, you’ll definitely want to choose the Tramontina stockpot that’s sized right for your kitchen.

covered stock pot, 6 quart covered stock potThis stockpot isn’t nonstick set, of course, because you’ll often be utilizing it for sauces, soups, and deep-frying anyway. Instead, it’s got an 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface and exterior. This lets it be completely dishwasher safe and even achieves induction compatibility, meaning that you can use your stockpot on the type of range that will boil its contents the fastest.

There’s an included stainless steel lid that helps keep steam and heat evenly trapped inside while you cook. And because of even heating, food can be processed quickly and easily! The entire package is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can even use it under most home broilers. This causes these stockpots a near-perfect option for most home kitchens.
stainless steel stock pot, large stainless steel stock pot
The only small snag that I can find is the lack of silicone handles. Stockpots tend to be used over the heat for a pretty long time, so the handles will become hot spots. You’ll have to use potholders (or towels) to move this stockpot. Still, it’s a pretty minor flaw. I’m very happy with these stockpots otherwise.

An aluminum core ensures that each size of the stockpot heats up quickly when you turn on the flame. This means that your soups, sauces, and other dishes won’t take forever to heat. Given the extra-high capacity of these stockpots, you’ll really love this extra bit of thermal conductivity. It takes a lot of heat to bring five gallons of liquid to a rolling boil.

Overall, I believe that these are some of the best stainless steel stockpots on the business today. You’ve got plenty of selections when it comes to size, and the sturdy construction and lifetime warranty are pretty hard to beat. If you’re a big fan of gumbo, chowder, or making your own stock at home, you’ll definitely want one of these pots.

Tramontina Frying Pans Review

Tramontina Ceramic-Reinforced Nonstick Fry Pans, Set of 3

Available in several colors, this set of frying pans is perfect for most kitchens. It’s a excellent option if you have a stainless steel cookware set and you just want some simple choices for cooking eggs and other dishes. It’s got most of the features you want, like handles stay cool, a PTFE and PFOA-free ceramic non-stick, and an aluminum body that gives you excellent heat distribution.

I’m not going to dive into too much detail about these pans. They’re very similar to the pieces in the full ceramic nonstick coating cookware set above. What I will mention is that getting 3 pans is an absolute lifesaver when it comes to non-stick. This is because non-stick fails over duration. If you primarily use one pan at once, however, it’ll increase the lifespan of this set by a factor of three. Given the incredibly low price of this set, it’s an excellent way to ensure that you’ll have a non-stick pan available for a very, very long duration.

As I said before, I believe that this is one of the very best sets to choose if you just want a simple non-stick frying pan for eggs and other sticky dishes. The sturdy construction, effective non-stick, and the fact that you get backup pans make this set an exceptional option.


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