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Best Oyster Knife: Top Product Reviews

best oyster knife, oyster shucking tool, how to shuck an oyster
Those of us who are fortunate enough to live near the coast have the privilege of enjoying fresh oysters. The gentle, sea-infused taste of an oyster is incredibly unique and worth going out of the way for. If you want to prepare oysters at home, however, you’ll want to get an oyster shucker knife. These specialty tools make the process of opening oysters up much easier, enabling you to spend less time picking out broken pieces of shell and more time enjoying your oysters.

Cutco Knives Review: Are They Worth It?

cutco knives, brand knife, cutco brand

Cutco has a fairly unique business model. Instead of relying on smart pricing, good advertising, and great web presence, it uses a direct marketing approach. Cutco hires many salespeople, mostly college students, to visit their friends and family members and demonstrate how good their knives are in-person. The power of these demonstrations is enough to drive sales, even with the high price-tag on Cutco knives.