Cuisinart Knives Review: The Top Four Knives by Cuisinart that you can use

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A Cuisinart knife set is probably one of the fanciest items that you will find in any kitchen. And yes, we have to agree that it has tremendous utility.

There is a reason why the best kitchen knives are called chef knives. A chef is a person who often has to multi-task. So, a good chef knife set is the one that allows you to handle multiple cutting jobs.

When you are thinking of all the chopping and slicing involved in a chicken noodle soup or a beef stir-fry, you need a knife set that can handle it all. But a knife set cannot be defined by a single set of features. Read this Cuisinart knives review to know more about the features of knife sets.

Reviewing the Cuisinart Knife

Cuisinart is an American company that specializes in home appliances. They are responsible for manufacturing some of the best home products like toasters, grills, espresso makers, juice extractors, cookware, etc. They have also stepped into the field of kitchen knives recently. Some of the best Cuisinart knives are given below.

Cuisinart C77SS-15PK 15-Piece Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set

The Cuisinart C77SS is a great knife set for cutting ingredients like meat, fruits, and vegetables. This 15-piece hollow handle set will help you cut the toughest pieces of meat with the best efficiency. You will find a lot of different knives here that can help you prepare all types of food with high precision and accuracy.

You will find a knife for every use.

They are very easy to handle and looks very aesthetically pleasing as well. The hollow handle block also allows for easy storing. The block is also very portable. In the set, you will find a steak knife, a paring knife (bird’s beak), serrated utility knife, a pair of shears, a chef’s knife, a santoku knife, a slicing knife, and one sharpening steel.

The designs of the knives enable easy and safe handling. The blades are made of high carbon stainless steel, which facilitates flawless and accurate cutting. You can easily slice and cut the toughest fruits or vegetables with ease. The blade material also prevents their pitting or chipping. The handles of the knives are made of polymer, which is the best-grade plastic material.


  • The knives are very sharp and easy to handle
  • They have an ergonomic design, thereby making them perfect for different types of cuts
  • The customer service is appreciable
  • You get a limited lifetime warranty on the knife set


  • A lot of reviews state that the blades lose the sharpness within a few weeks of use
  • Some also state that the blades rust if the knives remain wet for a short span of time

Cuisinart Advantage Knife Set C55-01-12PCKS Advantage Color Collection

This knife set by Cuisinart is more of a colorful collection. The set consists of six knives with their respective covers. Also, the blades are made of stainless steel that holds the edge reasonably well.

They are also very easy to sharpen.

The Cuisinart ceramic knife set includes a paring knife (orange, with cover), a utility knife (yellow, with cover), a santoku knife (green, with cover), a serrated bread knife (red, with cover), a slicing knife (blue, with cover), and a chef knife (purple, with cover). The color code between each knife reduces the risk of cross-contamination between different food preparations.

The color coating in each knife helps in the slicing and chopping process, increasing the ease-of-use and the performances of the knives. It is priced very reasonably. They perform and look great as well. Also, the protective covers will ensure that they last for a very long time. The Cuisinart 12 piece knife set pretty much covers all the cutting tools that you might need in your kitchen.


  • The color-coded blades help identify the type of knife and prevent cross-contamination
  • The coloring of the blades also looks great in your kitchen
  • The knife set is priced very reasonably and is a great gift item
  • The coatings on the steel blades give off a ceramic finishing look


  • The color coating comes off easily, especially when you are sharpening the knives
  • While the knives may have a ceramic-like look, it is far away from the authentic ceramic performance
  • Some reviews state that the color begin to chip off after a few uses

Cuisinart Artiste Knife Set C77SS-17P 17-Piece Collection

This knife set is the 17-piece variant of Cuisinart’s C77SS range of knife sets. It is an amazing knife set that will enhance the look of your kitchen. These knives have an ergonomically designed handle that makes these knives more comfortable and supportive to grip.

This Cuisinart classic knife set is made from high-grade carbon stainless steel that ensures the best precision and accuracy. The set also comes with a block that will securely hold all the 17 knives. These ground blades are precision-tapered, extremely sharp and have fine edges.

The strong and durable bolster ensure stability and perfect control. Additionally, they are also easy to clean and include a lifetime warranty. The 17-piece knife set includes a knife block, 8 steak knives, an all-purpose household shear, sharpening steel, a paring knife (bird’s beak), a normal paring knife, a serrated utility knife, a santoku knife, a slicing knife, and a Cuisinart chef knife.


  • The high carbon stainless steel blades are extremely sharp
  • The strong bolster allows for perfect stability
  • The handle is very ergonomically designed and easy to clean
  • You get a lifetime warranty of the knife set


  • These knives are known to rust very easily, according to several reviews
  • The sharpness of the knives become dull over a span of time
  • Some reviews state that the knives arrived in broken conditions

Cuisinart C55-12PCKSAM 12 Piece Color Knife Set with Blade Guards

This is yet another Cuisinart colored knife set. This set contains a paring knife, a utility knife, a santoku knife, a serrated bread knife, a slicing knife, and a chef’s knife, each with their own protective covers. These knives can be used for cutting through almost anything, be it a tough piece of meat or a hard vegetable.

This Cuisinart knife set with blade guards is made of the best stainless steel that allows you to cut through any food material with flawlessness and accuracy. You also have the option to sharpen your blades whenever you wish to. The ergonomic handles and the matching blade guards look very pleasing to the eye and will make an excellent collection in your kitchen.

If you are preparing food items like juice, you can consider the chef knife or the santoku, which can easily cut open any type of fruit. The paring knife can help you with the peeling process. For cutting bread, you can make use of the slicing or bread knife. The best thing about each knife is that the color code prevents you from cross-contaminating different food items.


  • The coating on the stainless steel knives gives off a very ceramic feel and vibe
  • Priced reasonably, you can gift this knife set to your family and friends
  • Thanks to the different color coatings, this knife set will look great wherever you put it
  • The color on each knife will help you identify what kind of knife it is and prevent cross-contamination


  • You need to be careful while sharpening the knives; the color coating might come off
  • The color coating might chip off if you handle the knives roughly

Different Types of Knives

If you are a dedicated and professional chef or cook, it is not unusual to have big sets of more than a dozen different types of kitchen knives in use at once. While the whole process of remembering which knife is used for what might be complicated, using the knife that has been designed specifically for a particular task will just make every cut easier and faster while saving your headspace from needless envisioning and calculations.

A kitchen knife is not a one-fits-all solution.

For different purposes, there are specific types of knives. The knife that you use to cut fruits cannot be used to cut through meat or tough vegetables. In the same way, the knife that is used to cut meat or fish cannot be used to cut through bread. Some of the most popular ones are:

Chef’s Knife

This is one of the most important types of knives in a set. Typically, it is a broad blade that tapers on the way up to a point. This allows you to rock the knife back and mince a lot faster. The knife may measure somewhere between 6 and 12 inches normally; however, the longer the knife is, the better is the mincing and slicing experience. If your hands are small, then a shorter knife would allow for greater control.

A chef’s knife can be stamped or forged. They are mostly unserrated, but some brands have begun to manufacture serrated ones. This knife can be used for almost any kitchen task, right from cutting tofu and slicing steaks to dicing tomatoes and chopping squashes. This is one important type of knife in any knife set.

Bread Knife

As you might have already figured out, a bread knife is used to cut bread, cakes and, at times, seafood, poultry, and meat. These knives are designed in such a way that you can saw through the bread without squishing it or pushing down too hard.

These knives can reach up to ten inches in length since they are made to cut down large chunks of bread. The blades are serrated and narrow and fitted with smaller ‘teeth’; along the edges.

Steak Knife

This type of knife is often used as table knife. A steak knife is often used for cutting fish and meat. Alternatively, you can also use it to cut other cooked food and salad. A steak knife is also often used to spread butter as well.

Utility Knife

The utility knife usually measures somewhere between 4 and 7 inches in length. This knife can be considered as the smaller version of a chef’s knife. It can come either serrated or straight and is great for cutting meat and vegetables that are too small for a chef’s knife.

The scalloped edge of utility knives allows greater flexibility while cutting. You can use this knife for cutting even the hardest vegetables like squash and tomatoes with precision and smoothness. You can also use it to prepare sandwich meat, cabbage, and lettuces.

Paring Knife

This knife is perfect if you love making garnishes for your drinks and food. It measures within four inches and has a very pointy tip. It is great for trimming excess fat and peeling and cutting vegetables and fruits with ease and precision.

Some common styles of paring knives are bird’s beak, sheep’s foot, and the spear point. These knives are named after the shape of the points.

Santoku Knife

The Santoku knife is the Japanese cousin of the chef’s knife. The name of the blade means the three virtues, namely mincing, dicing and slicing. It is usually thinner and shorter than a chef’s blade. Because it has a flat blade, the Santoku does not rock the cutting board. The knife is great for cutting thin vegetable slices.

At times, the Santoku is made with a hollow edge, thereby allowing you to cut through sticky materials like meat with minimal tearing and more precision. Some people make use of the Santoku rather than a chef’s knife because of the lighter and smaller blade.


The cleaver is probably the heaviest and bulkiest knife in the kitchen. It has a very strong blade and a thick spine, which makes it perfect for cutting through meat and bones in a chopping manner. The cleaver is also used for chopping down thick and hard materials like pumpkin or squash.

The heavy and wide blade is perfect for pulverizing uncooked or cooked meat, fish and poultry. You can also use it to crush certain food items like garlic.

Kitchen Shears

A kitchen shear is basically a pair of scissors that are used for a wide range of kitchen works like cutting vegetables and snipping herbs. Sometimes due to its extremely sharp and strong blades, the shears are also used for outdoor work.

There are also some shears that are designed specifically for certain types of herbs like green onion. They often have more than one blade.

Boning Knife

As the name suggests, the boning knife is used to separate the meat from the bones, cutting it up or filleting a fish. If you are a vegetarian, then you can also use this knife for trimming and peeling different vegetables and fruits.

Typically, a boning knife measures about 3 to 8 inches long and may have varying widths. These blades can be stiff, semi-flexible or entirely flexible.

Knives Buying Guide: Factors to consider

Every kitchen should be equipped with a set of knives that can help you prepare food for your family. From the above, we have seen a lot of different types of knives and their specific purposes. Here are some factors you need to consider while purchasing a set of kitchen knives.

Consider your budget

Before looking for any kitchen knife set in the market, you need to first sort your budget out. It might either be of concern to you or not. But you need to decide whether you wish to spend your entire allocated budget on a knife set or prioritize it with other materials you need. By setting a proper budget, you will eliminate any set that falls above the maximum amount you have allotted to your knife set.

Set size

It is very important that you consider the size of the knife set and what kinds of knife you would like to be a part of that set. Normally, a set consists of anywhere between 3 and 12 pieces. If you are in a tight budget, you can purchase a set of four to seven knives at the bargain price and buy the rest separately or whenever you can.

Materials used and construction

Consider the type of blade used in the knife set. They are made from a lot of different materials like ceramic, high-carbon stainless steel, high carbon steel, and stainless steel. You also need to know the type of handle with each knife. You need to consider non-slip handles so that the knife does not fall off your hands while cutting and cause major accidents.


Most kitchen knife sets come with some or the other form of storage. Some come with blocks made of glass, plastic, steel or wood. Others come in a knife apron. Some also come with a magnetic strip. The most important thing is storage. Leaving the knives around openly is not only dangerous but will also damage the blades and wear it down.

Final Word

Kitchen knives are very important appliances. Every household needs a few knives on hand. Knives are being used on a daily basis to mince and cut meat, scrape fruits, and cut vegetables. Cuisinart knives are some of the best in the market today. You will definitely not regret your choice when you buy a Cuisinart kitchen knife set. This Cuisinart knives review blog will help you to decide which knife set is the best for you.

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