Pocket knives are not only a neat fashion accessory—they serve as useful tools. Getting the perfect one is a necessity, which is why you should try a Deejo pocket knife.

Customize Your Deejo Pocket Knife To Look Just Like Your Kitchen

We might not all have a pocket knife, but thing is, we’ve at one point in our lives thought of having one. Since you’re reading this right now, it means you’d probably like to own one. Luckily, this is the best time for you to make that pocket knife dream come true by purchasing a Deejo pocket knife.

If you are planning on replacing your old knife, then a Deejo pocket knife is right for you. This knife is the perfect balance of aestheticism and usefulness—overall a pretty utilitarian knife.

Why a Deejo Pocket Knife?

The Deejo pocket knife is not your average pocket knife. It’s got style, aesthetic beauty, usefulness, and it can come customized to your taste. And as a bonus, it gives you a really smooth edge. When looking for the right pocket knife for yourself, features such as the blade, ease of folding, color and material of the handle, and weight of the knife as a whole are the most important features to watch out for.

And that’s what the Deejo pocket knife brand is all about.

Deejo’s brand allows you to plan how these features should be by making their pocket knives customizable. An extra feature of this brand is that by being customizable, your knife can even be “tattooed,” not to mention you can ask for an engraving on the handle—a great opportunity to write something personally significant. The Deejo pocket knife isn’t just a brand knife—when it’s customized by you, it is your knife. And it can also be designed to look just like your kitchen.

  • The blade: This is like the first and most important thing to look out for in any knife, pocket knife or otherwise. Especially if you plan to use it for kitchen emergencies. Trust me, pocket knives are lifesavers when you’re not home and you need to slice up a fruit or to cut a piece of meat (when you’re in a restaurant with steak knives that have a dull blade).

So what makes a Deejo blade stand out?

As you already know, it’s sharp enough for any purpose. You have control over the blade’s finishing which you can have in grey titanium, black titanium, or mirror. And speaking of the blade, don’t forget you can have a brand tattooed on your blade.

The brand itself helps with this (just in case you have no idea what the perfect tattoo will be) as they have over 60 illustrations ready for you to choose from. In making your knife look very much like your kitchen, pick an illustration or tattoo that reflects your kitchen. With a tattoo that reflects and reminds you of your kitchen, your knife pretty much does look like your kitchen. It’s kind of like walking around with your kitchen in your pocket.

  • Is it easy to fold: Do not get a knife if you can’t fold it. It’s that simple—if you have to wrestle with it before folding it up, then you might as well ditch it. But with Deejo it’s super easy to do and even fun.
  • The handle: Deciding on the color and material of the handle can be tough unless you decide that you want your knife to look like your kitchen. In that case, picking the color of your kitchen for the handle is the way to go. As for picking between wood and carbon fiber for the material of the handle, go with what works best for you. Oh, and don’t forget to make an engraving on the handle.
  • The weight: This also depends on you and the materials you choose. The pocket knife could be light or ultra-light. Your choice.
  • Long-lasting: Some of us do get attached to our knives, especially if they were a gift. For example, knives can be a great a Father’s Day gift from a child to the father. And for such an attachment, replacing it is almost never an option. That’s why a long-lasting knife such as Deejo is perfect. With your Deejo knife sharpener, you can be sure that your blade will always remain sharp and the tattoo intact. The sharpener doesn’t hurt the engraving.

Is Buying A Pocket Knife Wasteful?

It’s easy to talk about owning a pocket knife because it’s sort of a fashion statement, and also because it portrays you as being able to defend yourself. Though they’re most times synonymous with a weapon, they don’t have to be weapons if you don’t want them to be. They are pretty versatile as they have over 100 uses.

So, it doesn’t have to just be a fashion accessory or a weapon—you could use it for the following:

  1. Cutting up fruits: I’d rather slice my fruits than take bites of them. Thus, when I was young, I walked around with a table knife (didn’t have a pocket knife then). Every single time I brought out the knife to cut a fruit, I felt really good. If you’re like me, a Deejo will make you feel even better.
  2. Picking out food from your teeth: Food (especially popcorn and meat) gets stuck in our teeth very frequently, and getting it out is only tough when you don’t have a pocket knife. You can also use it to pick up pieces of food.
  3. For cutting meat: If you ever end up with a dull knife in a restaurant, you’ll value your Deejo even more.
  4. For zesting your citrus fruits. If you don’t have a zester, just use your pocket knife.
  5. You can use it to open a can or a bottle of wine, however, this requires you to be careful and a little bit skilled.
  6. Gutting and filleting fish: Instead of your filleting knife, you can use a pocket knife to both gut and fillet the fish (usually a small one). Not so easy to do, but if you’re nowhere near a filleting knife, then this is your best bet.
  7. You can also use it to spread toppings over food and to peel potatoes without a peeler. Got any more kitchen-related uses? Share them with your fellow knife-users.

A Deejo For Father’s Day

As father’s day slowly approaches, getting a perfect gift for your father is definitely not as easy as getting one for your mother. This year’s Father’s Day should be different, all you have to do is get a custom made Deejo for your father and watch his love for you increase exponentially.

Deejo’s online platform, MyDeejo, is just one step away, waiting patiently for you to come order the perfect Father’s Day present. That definitely needs to be engraved. Without these the added features, it won’t be as perfect. Make the design match his style, and for the engravement, I’m sure you already know what to write.

After designing what your perfect present should look like, watch in awe as Deejo uses its advanced 3D technology to make your perfect design into the perfect gift to celebrate a truly wonderful father.


Get yourself a Deejo pocket knife that looks like your kitchen or at least reflects it. It doesn’t even have to be about your kitchen—it can also be about your father. Make Father’s Day exciting and different by gifting a Deejo to your father. Deejo is not only beautifully made to your customized order, but it also serves well as a useful kitchen tool.


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