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Miyabi Koh Review - Unique Japanese Artistry

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Miyabi Koh Review – Unique Japanese Artistry

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Cutlery

Miyabi has brought together unique Japanese artistry and German engineering mastery to bring forth an exclusive and classic kitchen knife set.

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Seki, Japan, renowned for crafting elegant and distinct samurai swords, a collaboration of 46 experienced artisans meticulously created all knives, offering you knives of elite quality. In this Miyabi Koh Review, we will find out more about this knife set.

1 – Miyabi Koh Nakiri

A superb brand of Nakiri knife which is an essential tool in the kitchen, the Mayobi Koh Nakiri is an excellent choice to carry out a variety of tasks in the kitchen.

Product Description

  • Sophisticated craftsmanship guarantees excellence in a Miyabi Koh Nakiri Knife, crafted to meet your rapid chopping, slicing, and dicing requirements in preparing any meal you prefer.
  • This unique knife offers both Western and Eastern hold, providing ultimate cutting precision. Enduring and resistant to corrosion, the Miyabi Koh Nakiri is crafted with blades that have been designed using ice-hardening technology and exquisitely polished to exhibit a remarkable mirror finish.
  • Japanese knives are distinguished for offering characteristic sharpness as they are crafted from pioneering FC61 fine carbide stainless steel. Chopping and rocking cuts using Western and Eastern methods are made simple with a comfortable, faceted pakkawood grip, offering a remarkable cutting experience.


  • The Miyabi Koh Nakiri boasts the Miyagi logo on the blade, skillfully hand-engraved for a distinctive look.
  • Fabrication of the Nakiri includes the use of cutting edge F61 fine carbide stainless steel (4000FC) and Rockwell hardness.
  • Resists corrosion and provides a simplified cutting experience with a 12-degree angled blade along with a rounded spine, bolster as well as its heel for accurate cutting agility.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty and cannot be placed in a dishwasher.
  • Designed to last a lifetime with the Friodur2 blade, full-tang ice-hardened along with sandblasting technology for the Katana edge.


  • Sharp and lightweight.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Carefully crafted by 46 Japanese expert artisans.


  •  This knife is not dishwasher friendly.

2 – Miyabi Koh Prep Knife

A 5.5² prep knife that is designed to simplify a multitude of kitchen tasks will definitely become the preferred knife in the kitchen.

Product Description

  • The Miyabi Koh range offers up this beautifully crafted 5.5² prep knife boasting an attractive-looking, contemporary appearance with its black pakkawood handle.
  • The knife also features an elegant sharp design, fabricated with the F61 super steel and embellished with the exquisitely engraved Miyabi logo and sophisticated pin.
  • The entire Miyabi range, including the Prep Knife, has been fabricated using ancient Japanese traditions together with innovative German engineering ingenuity.

Key Features

  • The Miyabi Koh 5.5² prep knife comes crafted in natural single tainted pakka-wood and beautifully adorned with a mosaic pin.
  • Boasts a slimline octagonal shaped handle for added comfort.
  • Katana end is strikingly hand-finished using a traditional three-step Honbazuke method for superb sharpness measuring at an angle of 9.5–12 degrees.


  • FC61 Fine Carbide Stainless Steel for superb quality and guaranteed extended use.
  • Resistant to corrosion and retains its cutting edge.
  • Ergonomic pakkawood handle for adequate comfort when cutting.


  •  This knife is not dishwasher friendly.

3 – Miyabi Koh Santoku

The Miyabi Koh Santoku, quite an impressive kitchen knife, also crafted in Seki, Japan, with leading-edge steels producing state-of-the-art kitchen knives. This knife is a great go-to for quickly chopping vegetables.

Product Description

  • The Miyabi Koh range includes the superb 5.5² Santoku knife fabricated with breakthrough fine carbide stainless steel, FC61, making it corrosion resistant and offering extended use for a lifetime.
  • The Friodur2 blade strengthened with remarkable ice-hardening technology, which provides robustness and sharp cutting experience.
  • The blades are also finished with the Katana edge and embellished with the Miyabi logo, makes for a stunning addition to a kitchen knife collection.
  • An ergonomic cutting experience is showcased with the Pakkawood grip. A silver mosaic pin is stamped on the handle, further enhancing its elegance.

Key Features

  • The Miyabi Koh 5.5² Santoku knife offers excellent cutting performance with its ice hardened Friodur2 blade.
  • Exhibits excellence with its outstanding sharpness due to the original, slimline Japanese blade measuring at a 9.5–12-degree angle.


  • Crafted with FC61 Fine Carbide Stainless Steel for long-lasting use.
  • Resistance to corrosion guarantees extended use.
  • Sharp cutting experience is offered with the Friodur2 blade.


  •  This knife is not dishwasher friendly.


Picking a great knife to suit your kitchen requirements can be a tough task. However, this Miyabi Koh Review conveys that the entire Miyabi range is a beautiful selection of quality knives.

All of these knives have the potential to simplify your preparation and cooking tasks and reduce your time in the kitchen, leaving you to focus on other important matters.

The knives have all been fabricated with the best material to ensure you gain long-lasting benefits from the Miyabi range.

You have to determine whether the different sized knives can all be a part of your kitchen based on the price points. Alternatively, even one of these knives would be an outstanding addition to any kitchen.

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