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Shun Sora Knives Review: How To Get Shun Knives, Cheap

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Ask any professional cook or knife expert what features you should look for in a knife and you’ll get a pretty consistent set of answers. Everyone will agree that you want a high-quality steel, a blade design that suits the knife’s intended use, a comfortable handle, good balance, and ideally a long warranty that will cover any future mishaps. Shun’s Sora line has all of these features, at least at first glance. Why, then, is it so inexpensive compared to Shun’s other products?

Saber F-12 Chef Knives Review

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If you are a chef or even just a consummate home cook, then you probably take pride in your food and understand the importance of some high calibre blades aka chef’s “weapons of mass production” or more commonly – knives!

Forever Sharp Knife Reviews: Examining Surgical Steel

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It’s not easy to find surgical steel cutlery. If you go back a few years, surgical steel was all the rage — or at least it was possible to find. Nowadays, it’s tough to find newly made surgical steel knives online on sites like Amazon. You can still buy them, but you’ll often have to pay a premium for the discontinued products.