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The Best Chef Knife Set For Culinary School • The Right Tools For The Job

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Last Updated Feb 2021 – There are many skills required to be a good chef. Among them, knife skills reign supreme. Mastery of cutting, chopping, and slicing techniques is critical to success as a chef in most commercial kitchens. Not only will these skills help you prepare food faster and better, they’re also very visual, meaning your colleagues and coworkers will be able to measure up your skills with a casual glance. Your culinary student knife set is an important first step on your journey to mastering knife skills.

Kasumi knife review: Delightful Damascus Chef’s Knives?

Last Updated Feb 2021 – A Kasumi chef knife is a wonderfully crafted work of art. Each blade is made in Seki, Japan by skilled artisans who manipulate high-quality VG-10 steel into a wonderful package. A Kasumi-brand knife is a solid addition to virtually any home cupboard and would not be out of place in most restaurants. Despite this impressive pedigree, however, I think that buyers should approach the Kasumi brand with moderation.

Dalstrong Knife Review: The Best Consumer Knives On The Market?

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Last Updated Feb 2021 – Good knives are defined by a scant few features. A perfect blade is sharp, holds an edge well, and is robust enough to stand up to regular kitchen use. It has a comfortable handle that’s well suited for multiple types of grips, it’s well balanced, letting you maneuver it around deftly, and it’s got a blade that’s shaped in a way that enables your favorite cutting techniques. Importantly, it’s also attractive, meaning you look forward to using it and showing it off, and it’s affordable.

The Best Sushi and Sashimi Knife (MAR 2021) – Crazy Sharp Japanese Knives For Home and Professional Chefs

These days, any serious sushi chef will have a dedicated knife for sushi. These special blades are sharper and thinner than a normal knife, making it easier to slice through a sushi roll without it collapsing and losing its distinctive round shape. Sushi knives are expensive, however, so it can be a daunting task to select the appropriate tool for your budget, kitchen, and skill level. Here’s a handy guide that outlines everything I’ve learned about the best knives for cutting sushi.