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If you are a chef or even just a consummate home cook, then you probably take pride in your food and understand the importance of some high calibre blades aka chef’s “weapons of mass production” or more commonly – knives!

saber chef knife, cutting melonJust for our readers and culinary frenzies souls, we decided to take a look at the Saber F-12 Full Tang German Steel Working Chef Knives with Chef’s Knife Bag which are, from the first look of them, a class apart in terms of quality and consistency with shock and awe when it comes to the price tag they carry.

In this Saber knives review we will delve deeper into the details about these puppies, their pros, cons and everything else in between so you can decided for yourself if they are worthy of your hard earned cash.

What Are Saber Chef Knives all about ?

This Saber Chef Knives Set consists of 12 pieces of hot drop forged German steel that offers supreme stability and infallible performance. It will slice through the produce in the kitchen without ahitch. After years of experimenting by German metallurgical engineers, a high carbon stainless steel manufacturing process was pioneered and hence the Saber knives set cameinto existence.

Without compromising ondurability orlongevity, this knife set, as the punch line goes, is chef sharp! Its performance is secondary to none; the knives are flexible and soft enough to facilitate easy deburring when required;the carry bag has an industrial grade zipper and a padded carrying strap that makes it much simpler to carry them around.

Who these are for ?

cooking blade, blade setThese sharp culinary companions are a quintessential commodity to have in your kitty if you need flawless blade performance every time you step into the kitchen.

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Be it putting these 12 hot forged steel “devils” to some toiling use in a commercial kitchen, or spending some quality meal-time with your family in your backyard theSaber F-12 Full Tang German Steel Working Chef Knives with Chef’s Knife Bag canhelp you create unparalleled magic in the kitchen.

What are the key features and benefits?

cutting peppers, hollow edgeCrafted and not just manufactured;these Saber chef knives set a benchmark, both in terms of delivering fine performance and on taking care of your wallet – which is hard to beat. First, let’s take a look at the specs –

  • These 12 pieces are hot drop forged from the much revered proprietary German steel.
  • With a multitude of thoughts and plenty of time gone into making Saber chef knives, these effortstranslate into blades thatare soft enough to be honed, elastic enough not to get chipped and sturdy enough to hold an edge.
  • They are top-notch quality courtesy of a 38-step manufacturing process that ensures rust and corrosion are kept at bay throughout their time in your kitchen.
  • With a special Granton edge to reduce drag and fatigue, you have more streamline performance with every use.
  • They carry a ridiculously affordable Saber knives set price tag, which will make your jaw drop and eye pop.


kitchen cutting board, kitchen cutting board tablesThough a well-engineered piece of cutlerywhich is labelled as an indispensible aspect of a well-functional kitchen by many amazon reviewers, the Saber F-12 Full Tang German Steel Working Chef Knives with Chef’s Knife Bag does have some pitfalls-

  • In some cases, a few knives began to get rust specs when they came in contact with cast iron.
  • One user complained of handle breakage when these knives take a drop.

Bottom line

After reading and analysing hundres of Saber knives reviews, it seems that the 4.7 rating out of 5 on Amazon is no rut of impulsiveness mixed with a marketing ploy. These Saber chef knives can perform with great finesse when you require them to.

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