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Shinkō – More Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Written by The Kitchen Hand on . Posted in Cutlery

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Last Updated Nov 2019 – Shinkō is an interesting Kickstarter
as the product has a lot of things going for it. I’ll cover the key points later in the review.

However, when it comes to the overall package – simply put, each feature is great; but if you put it all together, you have something that is a truly awesome product.

Damascus Blade

If you don’t know, Damascus blade has this distinct pattern in its blade. The pattern itself can easily strike anyone’s attention, plus it has a good backstory. The Damascus blade is a lost ancient art that has recently been discovered.

damascus knife cooking, damascus chef knife japanese

The Blade Technicals

Shinkō has a near-perfect design. The size and the shape (including the handle) are able to tackle the most common home kitchen challenges. In fact, if you only have one knife in the kitchen, this would be it.

Last Thoughts

These guys are asking for money so they can start mass production. This is why I think its a good project as 80% of the product development is done. Specifically, the designing and refining of the product are finished.

It’s definitely good to fund this Kickstarter project as these guys are already showing their dedication to the product.

To help fund Shinkō, visit its Kickstarter funding page.

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